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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} örge
central motif
(Mimarlık) ana motif
adornment motif
(Mimarlık) bezeme örgesi süsleme motifi
village motif
köy motifi
Türkçe - Türkçe
Yan yana gelerek bir bezeme işini oluşturan ve kendi başlarına birer birlik olan ögelerden her biri
Bir eserde sık sık tekrarlanan süsleyici öğe
Bestenin bir parçasına çeşitli yönlerden birlik sağlayan belirleyici küçük birim
Bir eserde sık sık tekrarlanan süsleyici öge
Bestecinin yapıtında ele alıp yineleyerek kullandığı bir ezgi bölümü
ana motif
Bir sanat eserinde sık sık tekrarlanarak ona özellik kazandıran motif, laytmotif
İngilizce - İngilizce
A recurring or dominant element; a theme

See how the artist repeats the scroll motif throughout the work?.

A short melodic passage that is repeated in several parts of a work
A decorative figure that is repeated in a design
The physical object or objects repeated at each point of a lattice. Usually atoms or molecules
A conserved element of a protein sequence alignment that usually correlates with a particular function Motifs are generated from a local multiple protein sequence alignment corresponding to a region whose function or structure is known It is sufficient that it is conserved, and is hence likely to be predictive of any subsequent occurrence of such a structural/functional region in any other novel protein sequence mRNA - See messenger RNA Mutagen - An agent that increases the rate of mutations in an organism Mutation - An inheritable change of a gene, which includes genetic (point or single base) changes, from one allelic form to another; or larger scale alterations such as chromosomal deletions or rearrangements
A short musical idea, or melodic theme that runs through a piece
A distinctive element or theme, often repeated within a work of art
The duplicated design of vertical and horizontal repeats in a wallpaper pattern Motif refers to the recurring subject matter
a theme that is elaborated on in a piece of music
A motif is a design which is used as a decoration or as part of an artistic pattern. a rose motif
In literature and the fine arts, a salient feature or element of a composition or work; esp
a conspicuous recurring element, such as a type of incident, a device, a reference, or verbal formula, which appears frequently in works of literature For instance, the "loathly lady" who turns out to be a beautiful princess is a common motif in folklore, and the man fatally bewitched by a fairy lady is a common folkloric motif appearing in Keat's "La Belle Dame sans Merci " In medieval Latin lyrics, the "Ubi sunt?" [where are ?] motif is common, in which a speaker mourns the lost past by repeatedly asking, what happened to the good-old days? ("Where are the snows of yesteryear?") Frequently, critics use the word motif interchangeably with theme and leit-motif
(French) A short melodic or rhythmic idea that recurs within a work or movement
- A short conserved region in a protein sequence Motifs frequently form a recognition sequence or are highly conserved parts of domains Motif is sometimes used in a broder sense for all localized homology regions, independent of their size
The theme or dominant recurring visual element in an artistic composition
{i} main idea, predominant subject, recurring theme; unique design (of a piece of art, music, book, etc.)
A short conserved region in a protein sequence Motifs are frequently highly conserved parts of domains [NCBI Bioinformatics]
the theme, or central or dominant feature; specif
an image or action in a literary work that is shared by other works and that is sometimes thought to belong to a collective unconsciousness
A nucleic acid or protein sequence that is associated with a function
An element in a film that is repeated in a significant way
[n] a single decoration or image, such as a flower, a shell, or a circle, that is repeated in a design
A graphical user interface for the UNIX operating system
a design that consists of recurring shapes or colors a theme that is elaborated on in a piece of music
a unifying idea that is a recurrent element in a literary or artistic work; "it was the usual `boy gets girl' theme"
A dominant, usually recurring idea or element in a dance or sequence Motif development as a choreographic device involves using a single movement or short movement phrase that is manipulated (e g , by varying the elements of movement, by repetition, by fragmentation, using different body parts) to develop movement sequences for a dance
Crystallography: The physical object or objects repeated at each point of a lattice. Usually atoms or molecules
A GUI based on the X window system and distributed by the Open software foundation
Usually called OSF/Motif The UNIX industry's standard user interface originally developed by the Open Software Foundation (OSF) Motif is based on the X-Window system and is a Presentation Manager look- alike Motif is available for all IBM AIX workstations
A decorative theme, element or component
A decorative appliqué design or figure, as of lace or velvet, used in trimming
A recurring thematic element in a work of art or a single or repeated design or color
A meaningful pattern of nucleotides or amino acids that is shared by two or more molecules
(Also known as Motiv or Leitmotiv ) A theme, character type, image, Metaphor, or other verbal element that recurs throughout a single work of literature or occurs in a number of different works over a period of time For example, the various manifestations of the color white in Herman Melville's Moby Dick is a "specific" motif, while the trials of star-crossed lovers is a "conventional" motif from the literature of all periods
From the French for "motive " 1) A usually recurring distinctive feature or thematic element of design or ornament, especially a dominant idea or central theme 2) A single or repeated design or color
Any movement that has development possibilities
Graphical user interface specified by the Open Software Foundation and built on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's X Windows
- A powerful proprietary graphics library for GNU/Linux, developed by the Open Software Foundation (OSF) and used by programmers to create buttons, menus and other graphical objects for the X Window System (Also, see Gtk/Gtk+ and Qt )
(Music), a motive
a design that consists of recurring shapes or colors
BACH motif
A sequence of four notes (B flat, A, C, B natural), included in a piece of music as a homage to Johann Sebastian Bach
plural of motif
Türkçe - İngilizce
(Tekstil) ornament

I'm beginning to see a pattern. - Ben bir motif görmeye başlıyorum.

pattern, motif
motif ünite
motive unit
ana motif
ana motif
örgü biçiminde motif