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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} mal

İnsanlar malların belirli bir öğesini ne kadar çok alırsa, onun fiyatı o kadar yüksek olur. - The more people buy a given item of merchandise, the higher its price.

Biz gerçek dünyanın malların bir dünyası olduğunu görüyoruz. - We see that the real world is becoming a world of merchandise.

{f} alışveriş etmek
{i} satılık eşya
(Ticaret) ticari mallar
(Ticaret) mal alım satımı
ticaret eşyası
satın almak
alıp satmak
-in ticaretini yapmak
(Ticaret) ticari mal
{f} satın al
ticaret eşyası,v.satın al: n.mal
{f} ticaret yapmak
ticari eşya

Ticari eşyayı elleme. - Don't handle the merchandise.

satış eşyası

Sen o ülkenin ürünlerini boykot ettin. - You boycotted merchandise from that country.

(Hukuk) satılmak üzere üretilmiş mal
merchandise exports
(Ticaret) mal ihracatı
merchandise trade
(Ticaret) mal ticareti
merchandise marine
ticaret filosu
merchandise transaction
satın alma(mal) işlemi
merchandise account
(Ticaret) mal hesabı
merchandise breath
(Ticaret) mal genişliği
merchandise composition
(Ticaret) mal bileşimi
merchandise cost
(Ticaret) satın alma net maliyeti
merchandise cost
(Ticaret) mal maliyeti
merchandise depth
(Ticaret) mal derinliği
merchandise discount on sales
(Ticaret) mal satış iskontosu
merchandise flows
(Ticaret) mal akımları
merchandise imports
(Ticaret) ithal malları
merchandise inventory
(Ticaret) mal sayımı
merchandise inventory
(Ticaret) mal envanteri
merchandise line
(Ticaret) mal türü
merchandise movements
(Ticaret) mal hareketleri
merchandise plan
(Ticaret) mal planı
merchandise sales
(Ticaret) mal satışları
merchandise stock
(Ticaret) mal stoku
merchandise trade balance
(Ticaret) dış ticaret bilançosu
merchandise trade balance
(Ticaret) mal ticaretinden
merchandise trade deficit
(Ticaret) dış ticaret açığı
merchandise trade surplus
(Ticaret) dış ticaret fazlası
merchandise turnover
(Ticaret) emtia cirosu
(Ticaret) merchandising
damaged merchandise
(Ticaret) hasarlı mal
(Ticaret) tacir
(Ticaret) teşhir tanzim
satın alarak
satın alma
ticari satış
export of merchandise
mal ihracı
line of merchandise
ticaret hattı
{f} satın al
{i} alış veriş
satışı geliştirme yöntemi
{f} satın al
decrease in merchandise
mal azalma
distress merchandise
muhataralı mal
satın alınmış
return the merchandise
mali iade etmek
approved merchandise
(Ticaret) bozulmayan mal
distress merchandise
(Ticaret) fiyatı düşürülmüş mal
f., bak. merchandise
pledged merchandise
rehin mal
pledged merchandise
rehine konulmuş mal
transit merchandise trade
(Ticaret) transit mal ticareti
visible merchandise
(Ticaret) görünen mal
İngilizce - İngilizce
to engage in the trade of
commodities offered for sale

good business depends on having good merchandise.

a commodity offered for sale; an article of commerce; a kind of merchandise
{f} trade, buy and sell goods; plan for and promote the sales of, market goods (also merchandize)
Test subjects whose bodies Mulder finds in a boxcar buried in the desert (Anasazi)
Merchandise is goods that are bought, sold, or traded. goods that are being sold (marcheandise, from marcheant; MERCHANT). to try to sell goods or services using methods such as advertising = market
Goods that any merchandising business purchases for resell
All movable goods such as cars, textiles, appliances, etc and 'f o b ' means free on board
The act or business of trading; trade; traffic
To make merchandise of; to buy and sell
Goods bought and sold in a business "Merchandise" or stock is a part of inventory
commodities offered for sale; "good business depends on having good merchandise"; "that store offers a variety of products"
commodities bought and sold
commodities offered for sale; "good business depends on having good merchandise"; "that store offers a variety of products
engage in the trade of; "he is merchandising telephone sets"
{i} goods, ware, stock
Items sold retail, examples are
- Merchandise includes goods, wares, and chattels of every description except prohibited merchandise (Building materials, production equipment and supplies for use in operation of a zone may not be considered "merchandise" ) Generally, inventory of merchandise is maintained by the zone user
(See merchandise inventory ) (See (p 162))
The objects of commerce; whatever is usually bought or sold in trade, or market, or by merchants; wares; goods; commodities
Goods for sale
Those goods which a commercial enterprise ordinarily sells to its customers
To trade; to carry on commerce
A trader or merchant, especially in the retail trade
Alternative spelling of merchandise
Alternative spelling of merchandise; to engage in selling of merchandise
Alternative spelling of merchandising
Present participle of merchandize; alternative spelling of merchandising
{n} trade, commerce, wares, goods
{v} torade, to traffick
past of merchandise
a businessperson engaged in retail trade
Entity that earns net income by buying and selling merchandise (See (p 162))
A sales organization that buys and sells embroidery, usually it has no embroidery equipment
A merchandiser is a person or company that sells goods to the public. In 1979, Liquor Barn thrived as a discount merchandiser
A trader
{i} trader; one who engages in retail trade; seller; merchant (also merchandizer)
plural of merchandiser
third-person singular of merchandise
{i} promotion of merchandise sales as an extensive function that includes market research and development of new products (also merchandizing)
To advertise, promote, and organize the sales of a particular product Generally involves both in-store and outside store activities that promote a product, including pricing, assortment, product placement, signage, displays, etc
The employment of the best means of item identification, segregation, lotting, description, display, planning and promotion, advertising and publicity, to sell surplus or foreign excess personal property
1 buying and selling goods and all their functions; sometimes excluding advertising and salesmanship; adjusting purchases to sales possibilities; product planning for profitable distribution 2 any activity that makes advertising or other promotion more effective, especially by calling it to the attention of influences that might otherwise overlook it as by means of preprints or reprints of ads, enlargements for point-of-sales material, furnish lists of dealers, etc
Promoting a company's in-store effort to the sales force, wholesalers, and dealers Also the promotion to consumers of the product by use of POS materials, in-store promotions, and stock maintenance
In-store advertising or activity e g show-cards, mass produced displays, etc
Non-filmic goods which are released under the film's theme, such as toys, T-shirts and posters
the exchange of goods for an agreed sum of money
the management of stock in supermarkets and other non-specialist sales outlets in order to ensure the display of the fastest selling titles
present participle of merchandise
Merchandising is used to refer to the way shops and businesses organize the sale of their products, for example the way they are displayed and the prices that are chosen. Company executives say revamped merchandising should help Macy's earnings to grow. Element of marketing concerned especially with the sale of goods and services to customers. One aspect of merchandising is advertising, which aims to capture the interest of the segment of the population most likely to buy the product. Merchandising also involves product display; companies provide retailers with display and promotional materials and negotiate shelf space for their products. The development of sales strategies includes the determination of pricing, discounts, and special offers; the invention of sales pitches; and the identification of avenues for sales, including store-based retailing and alternative means such as direct-mail marketing, telemarketing, commercial Web sites, vending machines, and door-to-door sales
Merchandising consists of goods such as toys and clothes that are linked with something such as a film, sports team, or pop group. We are selling the full range of World Cup merchandising The club says it will make increasing amounts from merchandising
Display of product through creative means that delivers a point of view shopping experience based on brand
A way to provide green and "logo" clothing items at cost to students and families Available at Booster meetings or call the Merchandising Manager
{f} trade, buy and sell goods; plan for and promote the sales of, market goods (also merchandise)
to engage in selling of merchandise
{i} promotion of merchandise sales as an extensive function that includes market research and development of new products (also merchandising)
Türkçe - İngilizce
{k} mdse
(Ticaret) merchandising