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İngilizce - Türkçe

O, aslında müdür değildir. - He is actually not the manager.

Tom onu müdür olarak atadı. - Tom appointed her as manager.


Sizin başarınız daha çok sizin yöneticinizin ve bürodaki diğer insanların sizi nasıl algıladığına bağlıdır. - Your success depends a lot on how your manager and other people in the office perceive you.

O, banka yöneticisinde olumlu bir izlenim bıraktı. - He made a favorable impression on his bank manager.


Henüz bir menajere ihtiyacım yok. - I don't need a manager yet.

Evet, o bizim menajerimiz. - Yes, she's our manager.

{i} idareci
{i} işletmeci
(Askeri) İDARECİ, İŞLETMECİ, YÖNETİCİ: Bir tesise ait işlerin planlanmasına, düzenlenmesine, koordine ve kontrol edilmesine nezaret eden kimse
{i} yönetmen, müdür, direktör
yönetim kurulu
{i} menejer

Tom'un menejeri olmaktan nasıl vazgeçtin? - How did you end up being Tom's manager?

{i} menajer, bir sanatçı veya spor takımının işlerini yöneten kimse
{i} yönetmen
(Ticaret) amir
manager of social project
sosyal proje müdürü
manager trainee
Yönetici adayı
manager of hotel
otel müdürü
manager's name
(Bilgisayar) yönetici'nin adı
manager's name
(Bilgisayar) yönetici adı
manager's name
(Bilgisayar) yöneticinin adı
marketıng manager
Pazarlama müdürü
may i speak to the manager
yönetici ile görüşebilir miyim
Accounting and Finance Manager
Mâli işler müdürü
Accounting, Finance and Administrative Manager
Mâli ve idâri işler müdürü
procurement manager
Satınalma müdürü
floor manager
kat müdürü
vice manager
müdür muavini
commodity manager
(Askeri) emtia menajeri
computer manager
(Bilgisayar) bilgisayar işletmeni
construction manager
(İnşaat) inşaat müdürü
construction manager
(İnşaat) inşaat işletmecisi
deputy general manager
genel müdür vekili
district manager
bölge yöneticisi
division manager
kısım müdürü
driver manager
(Bilgisayar) sürücü yöneticisi
engineering manager
mühendislik müdürü
event manager
(Bilgisayar) organizasyon yöneticisi
front office manager
önbüro müdürü
inventory manager
(Askeri) stok mal yöneticisi
investment manager
(Ticaret) yatırım yöneticisi
investment manager
(Ticaret) yatırım uzmanı
item manager
(Askeri) mal sorumlusu
(Ticaret) yönetsel
(Ticaret) yöneticilik
network manager
(Bilgisayar) ağ işleticisi
presentation manager
sunuş yöneticisi
programme manager
(Askeri) program yöneticisi
purchasing manager
(Ticaret) satınalma müdürü
query manager
(Bilgisayar) sorgu yöneticisi
records manager
kayıt yöneticisi
regional sales manager
bölge satış sorumlusu
restaurant manager
(Gıda) restoran müdürü
senior general manager
(Ticaret) kıdemli genel müdür
senior manager
(Ticaret) üst düzey yönetici
team manager
(Bilgisayar) takım yöneticisi
tour manager
(Turizm) tur yöneticisi
training manager
(Askeri) eğitim yöneticisi
transaction manager
(Bilgisayar) hareket yöneticisi
utility manager
(Bilgisayar) hizmet programı yöneticisi
active manager
aktif yönetici
branch manager
şube müdürü
building manager
şantiye şefi
business manager

Hayır, o bizim işletme yöneticimiz. - No, he's our business manager.

business manager
business manager
city manager
belediye başkanı

Tom belediye başkanıydı. - Tom was city manager.

collection manager
tahsilat müdürü
compiler manager
derleyici yöneticisi
data base manager
veri tabanı yöneticisi
deputy manager
müdür yardımcısı
deputy production manager
üretim müdür yardımcısı
desktop manager
masaüstü yöneticisi
district manager
bölge müdürü
export manager
ihracat müdürü
factory manager
fabrika müdürü
floor manager
bölüm müdürü
general manager
umum müdür
general manager
genel müdür

Genel Müdür toplantı odasında. - The general manager is in the meeting room.

Merhaba, genel müdürle bir randevum var. Bu, röportajımın belgesi. - Hi, I have an appointment with the general manager. This is my interview notice.

hotel manager
konakçı müdürü
hotel manager
otel yöneticisi
lead manager
lider yönetici
yönetimle ilgili

O, idari bir göreve yükseltildi. - He was advanced to a managerial post.

office manager
büro müdürü
personnel manager
personel müdürü
product manager
üretim müdürü
product manager
ürün müdürü
production manager
üretim müdürü
publicity manager
reklam müdürü
sales manager
satış müdürü

Tom bir yazılım şirketi için bölge satış müdürüdür. - Tom is the district sales manager for a software company.

staff manager
personel müdürü
stage manager
sahne amiri
stage manager
sahne yöneticisi
traffic manager
trafik memuru
She´s an excellent manager
İşleri çok iyi çekip çeviriyor
account manager
Müşteri temsilcisi
account manager
Muhasebe müdürü
accountable manager
Mesul mudur, sorumlu mudur
administrative manager
idari mudur
application manager
uygulama sorumlusu
brand manager
(Pazarlama) Marka müdürü
case manager
vaka yöneticisi
civil registry manager
Nüfus müdürü
community manager
kamu yöneticisi
construction manager
inşaat yöneticisi
construction manager
yapı işletmecisi
corporate manager
(Finans) Anonim şirket yöneticisi
data security manager
veri güvenliği müdürü
deputy production manager
üretim mudur yardımcısı
device manager
(Bilgisayar) Aygıt yöneticisi
executive manager
Yönetici müdürü, idare müdürü
extended memory manager
genişletilmiş bellek yöneticisi
female manager
kadın yönetici
finance manager
finans yöneticisi
health services manager
sağlık hizmetleri yöneticisi
hr manager
hr yöneticisi
initiating manager
başlatılması yöneticisi
logistics manager
lojistik müdürü
network manager
ag yöneticisi
operation manager
operasyon yöneticisi
operations manager
operasyon sorumlusu
purchase manager
Satın alma müdürü
resource manager
kaynakları yöneticisi
room division manager
odalar bölüm müdürü
service manager
Servis yöneticisi
traning and development manager
Bir kurum ya da kuruluşta personelin eğitim ve geliştirilmesinden sorumlu memur
traning manager
Bir kurum ya da kuruluşta personelin eğitim ve geliştirilmesinden sorumlu memur
unit production manager
(Film) Yapım sorumlusu
yönetim ile ilgili
İngilizce - İngilizce
An administrator, for a singer or group
A person whose job is to manage something, such as a business, a restaurant, or a sports team
The head coach
{n} a conductor, leader, frugal person
{n} conduct, government, dealing, frugality, prudence, care
The person to whom an employee is responsible and who is authorised by the Secretary of the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations to exercise the powers and responsibilities of manager in relation to that employee
a person who is in charge of an organization or group of staff; a person who administers and regulates the activities, and training of a group
A person whose job is to manage something, such as a business, a restaurant or a sports team
In addition to standard user functionality, a manager also has access to viewing timesheets, expense reports and purchase orders A manager is also responsible for the approval, or disapproval, of the aforementioned
1} One who is in charge of the daily operations of a restaurant 2} One who performs such tasks as: scheduling, inventory, budgeting, and supervising 3} One who eats free food in the restaurant
The Manager Security role is a standard role in Zope A user with the Manager role has ALL permissions except the Take Ownership permission
or Batch System Manager is a person authorized to use all restricted capabilities of the batch system The manager may act upon the batch system, queues, or jobs Also called the administrator
The Firm that provides the fund with investment research and portfolio management services
An employee whose major duties involve providing technical and administrative direction for other employees and whose responsibilities include directing the work of an organizational unit and accountability for the success of specific functions
A manager is usually the software interface to a device Sometimes, they are interfaces to 'virtual' devices, software systems that perform some function like archiving sampler data or coordinating other managers They are either synchronous and asynchronous managers depending upon whether their actions need to be coordinated with other managers The way one interacts with a manager is through parameters, samplers, and manager methods See the YGOR Fundamentals documentation for further details
An LLC may be operated by a group of managers who act much like a board of directors If an LLC is to controlled by mangers this fact must be stated in the articles of organization
A manager is synonymous with an OSS The manager or OSS is the system that sends requests to and receives responses from an agent
(sports) someone in charge of training an athlete or a team
{i} one who manages, director, administrator; supervisor, overseer
An individual appointed by an associate director to manage a facility, program, or other organization Examples include facility managers, office managers, department heads, division leaders, program managers, and project leaders
A person who conducts business or household affairs with economy and frugality; a good economist
someone who controls resources and expenditures
A person with the responsibility for directing and controlling an organizational unit or program
A desktop-based organiser, provided as part of the Octimal suite and designed specifically as a message management tool for system users
The person or persons responsible for the overall investment decisions of a mutual fund
One of a group of widgets that can have children and can manage their geometry Managers provide colors and input dispatching for gadget children
The specific individual assigned by the Customer or their designated Management Company (Bentall) (See Property Manager)
The manager of a sports team is the person responsible for training the players and organizing the way they play. In American English, manager is only used for baseball; in other sports, coach is used instead
An individual charged with the responsibility for managing resources and processes
The head coach of the baseball team, who is responsible for the on-the-field performance of his or her team In professional baseball, the duties of some managers extend into the business side of the team
The manager of a pop star or other entertainer is the person who looks after their business interests
A contriver; an intriguer
A manager is a person who is responsible for running part of or the whole of a business organization. The chef, staff and managers are all Chinese. a retired bank manager
One who manages; a conductor or director; as, the manager of a theater
May refer to the DU Services Manager, a MOO Manager, or a character of the "manager" class in a MOO
A person who is in charge of an organization or group of staff; a person who administers and regulates the activities, and training of a group Topic areas: Governance, Staff Development and Organizational Capacity, Volunteer Management, Operations Management and Leadership
A common title for the head of an agency that is operated as a branch office, as opposed to being operated as a agency The manager is a salaried employee, usually with an incentive bonus based on the agency's volume (G)
Printer listings are managed The person with permission to modify the configuration of a printer is the Printer Manager Multiple managers for a single printer will be possible
A role that encompasses providing technical and administrative direction and control to individuals performing tasks or activities within the manager’s area of responsibility The traditional functions of a manager include planning, resourcing, organizing, directing, and controlling work within an area of responsibility
marketing manager
a manager who is in charge of marketing
mailing list manager
program whose function is to receive messages and distribute them to the users that are on a mailing list
manpower manager
one who manages the personnel department of a company
account manager
A person who is in charge of sales to one or more named customers or to a specified segment of the market, especially in B2B marketing; supposedly refers to a somewhat more responsible job than the term salesman
download manager
A computer program which aids the downloading of files, also known as downloader
first line manager
First-line managers of retail sales workers supervise the employees in the different specialty departments, such as produce, meat, and bakery. These managers train employees and schedule their hours; oversee ordering, inspection, pricing, and inventory of goods; monitor sales activity; and make reports to store managers
floor manager
A manager who works on the floor and may directly interacts with customers rather than one who works from a desk at a distance from the work
general manager
A manager with overall responsibility for an organisation or a distinct unit of an organisation
line manager
The manager who is directly responsible for an employee
In a managerial respect; with regard to management
micro manager
A manager who dictates rather than delegates job functionality to those they manage. A manager who is excessively concerned with specifying the details of how a task should be done rather than managing the big picture and allowing subordinates to do their job
middle manager
In a large organization, a manager or administrator who occupies a position in the organizational hierarchy which is above the level of a front-line supervisor but below the level of a vice-president or similar senior manager
project manager
one who project manages
seagull manager
A manager who comes into the workplace or office only on occasion, especially when a problem arises or to criticize or critique employees
stage manager
A person responsible for the organization of a stage production, and who is in charge of the stage during the performance
window manager
A piece of software that manages the layout of windows on the user's display
sale manager
The person designated by the auction company who is responsible for organizing the details of an auction Also known as project manager
purchasing manager
A procurement manager, also known as a purchasing manager or procurement specialist, is a person who is in charge of getting anything a company might need
account manager
An account manager is a person in a business who is responsible for the management of the sales and relationship with particular customers. They are allocated particular customer accounts, especially the key accounts which provide the most business
engagement manager
In large corporations, sales, delivery and support organizations collaborate to produce products and services. Engagement Managers typically work on complex project teams as the contact person for decisions about schedules. They resolve problems caused by dependencies. Through this work, these managers enable contract fulfillment, issue resolution and return on investment (ROI). An effective Engagement Manager ensures that people involved have a complete understanding of their roles and commitments
practice manager
A practice manager is a management professional in a field such as medicine, dentistry or law who coordinates all functions of a private practice. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Reference 1), a large medical practice includes doctors who work closely with a full-time manager to develop business plans and to run business operations
unit production manager
(Film) A Unit Production Manager (UPM) is an executive who is responsible for the administration of a film
A manager
a manager
{s} of or pertaining to a manager or management
Involving management-like duties
Of or pertaining to management or a manager; as, managerial qualities
of or relating to the function or responsibility or activity of management
Managerial means relating to the work of a manager. his managerial skills. a managerial career Some see themselves as the provider of ideas, while others view their role as essentially managerial. relating to the job of a manager
in a managerial manner, administratively
Has the right to perform management tasks (such as managing e-mail posting to the calendar), can customize the calendar, and can perform all tasks that Participants can do
Play of Lottery games by Managers is low compared to avid players Managers appear to like having more control over their destiny than playing the Lottery would allow On one hand, they feel that their chances of winning the Lottery are as good as anyone else's and their lives would be better if they won a big jackpot; but "deep down," they do not believe that they could win the Lottery They believe that those who are active Lottery players are throwing their money away and they often berate themselves after playing and losing They prefer playing games of skill where money is not involved
Controls various aspects of Progistics environments and communicates between other software components
Individuals within ICS organizational units that are assigned specific managerial responsibilities (e g , Staging Area Manager or Camp Manager)
plural of manager
The individuals who are responsible for the maintenance, administration and management of the affairs of a limited liability company (LLC) In most states, the managers serve a particular term and report to and serve at the discretion of the members Specific duties of the managers may be detailed in the articles of organization or the operating agreement of the LLC In some states, the members of an LLC may also serve as the managers
the position of manager
{i} position or duties of a manager
The office or position of a manager