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Bu ülkeyi yine çok iyi yapmak için ileri görüşlü bir öndere ihtiyacımız var. - We need a forward-looking leader to make this country great again.


Cumhuriyetçi Parti liderleri Devlet Başkanı Hayes'i eleştirdiler. - Republican Party leaders criticized President Hayes.

Birçok lider uzlaşmayı destekledi. - Many leaders supported the compromise.

(Muzik) baş kemancı
orkestra şefi
baş makale
{i} müşteri çeken ucuz mal
orkestrada birinci keman
{i} başmakale
{i} kılavuz, rehber
solo kemancı
leadership ö
bando veya koro şefi
şerit kılavuzu
leader of the opposition
(Mitholoji) Ana muhalefet lideri
leader of group activities
leader character tab
sekme izi karakteri
leader of the party
parti başkanı
Leader of the Main Opposition
Ana Muhalefet Lideri
Leader of the Opposition
(Politika Siyaset) Muhalefet lideri
leader in
leader of
leader character
Öncül Damga
leader character
(sekme) İz Karakteri
leader character
Öncül Karakter
leader character
Dolgu Damgası
leader character
(tab) iz karakteri (sekme)
leader character
Dolgu Karakteri
leader fill
(Askeri) kritik personel
leader goods
deri mamulleri
leader lines
(Bilgisayar) öncü çizgiler
leader of a folk ritual
leader of its sector
sektörünün lideri
leader of the sector
sektörün lideri
leader pricing
(Ticaret) yol gösterici fiyatlama
leader products
deri mamulleri
leader stroke
(Meteoroloji) öncül boşalım
leader stroke
(Meteoroloji) öncül darbe
leader writer
leader's rule
(Askeri) KOMUTAN KAİDESİ: Hedef mesafesi 900 metrenin üstünde olduğu zaman, dost kıtalar üzerinden aşırma atışı yapan makinalı tüfekler için emniyetli atış mesafesini tayin usulü. Bak. "gunner's rule"
leader's rule
(Askeri) komutan kaidesi
leader; low data rate
(Askeri) lider; düşük veri oranı
cheer leader
amigo kızı
community leader
topluluk lideri
community leader
cemaat lideri
deputy station leader
(Ticaret) istasyon amir yardımcısı
film leader
global leader
küresel lider
majority leader
(Politika, Siyaset) çoğunluk lideri
opinion leader
kanaat lideri
opinion leader
kanaat önderi
sect leader
senior project leader
(Askeri) kıdemli proje lideri
world leader
dünya lideri
business leader
deputy leader of the party
parti başkan vekili
loss leader
yok pahasına satış
loss leader
zararına satış
opposition leader
muhalefet lideri
political leader
politik lider
religious leader
dini lider
spiritual leader
manevi lider
tape leader
bant amorsu
House Minority Leader
(Politika Siyaset) ABD'de temsilciler meclisi azınlık lideri

ABD'nın Temsilciler Meclisi Azınlık Lideri Cumhuriyetçi John Boehnerdir.

Team leader
(Spor) Takım kaptanı

She joined the school team last year, she is the team leader now.

a leader
excellent leader, outstanding chief
mükemmel lider, üstün şefi
film leader
lider, amors, kılavuz
forwarder, leader
iletici, lider
govern, rule, be the leader
Kural, lider olmak yönetecek
head leader
on amors, on kılavuz
identification leader
tanıtma amorsu, tanıtıcı kılavuz
labour leader
işçi lideri

O Japonya'da iş liderlerinden biridir. - He is one of the business leaders in Japan.

Cumhuriyetçi Parti liderleri Devlet Başkanı Hayes'i eleştirdiler. - Republican Party leaders criticized President Hayes.

military leader
Askerî lider
opinion leader
Fikir önderi
prayer leader
protective leader
koruyucu lider, koruyucu kılavuz
ring leader
ring lideri
team leader
Takım lideri
bear leader
yol arkadaşı
bear leader
cattle leader
burun halkası
cheer leader
tezahürat yaptıran kimse
cheer leader
clan leader
aşiret reisi
dart leader
(Meteoroloji) cirit boşalım
dominant leader
(Ticaret) müesseseyi yöneten kimse
dominant leader
(Ticaret) müesseseye hakim olan lider
drop zone support team leader
(Askeri) paraşütle atlama (atma) bölgesi destek takımı lideri E
file leader
floor leader
parti grup başkanı
follow my leader
baştakinin hareketlerinin taklit edildiği oyun
functional leader
(Ticaret) danışman
identification leader
(Sinema) tanıtma amorsu
identification leader
(Sinema) tanıtıcı kılavuz
instrumental leader
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) araçsal lider
labor leader
(Ticaret) işçi lideri
loss leader
müşteri çekmek için zararına satılan mal
minority leader
(Politika, Siyaset) azınlık lideri
persuasive leader
(Ticaret) ikna edici lider
platoon leader
(Askeri) TAKIM KOMUTANI: Bir takıma komuta eden subay ve astsubay
protective leader
(Sinema) koruyucu lider
protective leader
(Sinema) koruyucu kılavuz
squad leader
(Askeri) manga komutanı
squad leader
(Askeri) MANGA KOMUTANI: Bir manganın başında bulunan astsubay
squadron leader
hava binbaşı
squadron leader
binbaşı (havacı)
tab leader character
sekme boşluklarını doldurmak için
task leader
(Ticaret) iş önderi
television leader
(Televizyon) televizyon kılavuzu
television leader
(Televizyon) televizyon amorsu
wing leader
(Politika, Siyaset) kanat önderi
İngilizce - İngilizce
A pipe for conducting rain water from a roof to a cistern or to the ground
A loss leader or a popular product sold at a normal price
A row of dots, periods, or hyphens, used in tables of contents, etc., to lead the eye across a space to the right word or number
A fast-growing terminal shoot of a woody plant
One who leads a political party or group of elected party members; sometimes used in titles

Senate Majority Leader.

The first, or the principal, editorial article in a newspaper; a leading or main editorial article; a lead story
A piece of material at the beginning or end of a reel or roll to allow the material to the threaded or fed onto something, as a reel of film onto a projector or a roll of paper onto a rotary printing press
The dominant animal in a pack of animals, such as wolves or lions
A branch or small vein, not important in itself, but indicating the proximity of a better one
An animal placed in advance of others, especially on a team of horse, oxen, or dogs
A performer who leads a band, choir, or a section of an orchestra
Any person or thing that leads or conducts
A block of hard wood pierced with suitable holes for leading ropes in their proper places
A section of line between the main fishing line and the snell of a hook, intended to be more resistant to bites and harder for a fish to detect than the main fishing line
A person or thing that leads in a certain field in terms of excellence, success, etc

The company is the leader in home remodeling in the county.

The drive wheel in any kind of machinery
One having authority to direct

We elected her team leader.

A net for leading fish into a pound, weir, etc
One who goes first

Follow the leader.

A type having a dot or short row of dots upon its face
{n} a conductor, commander, captain, head
The leader among a range of products or companies is the one that is most successful. Procter & Gamble is the leader in the mass market cosmetics industry
to lead the eye across a space to the right word or number
A terminal leader is the uppermost branch or vertical tip of the tree It eventually becomes the tree stem or trunk
a featured article of merchandise sold at a loss in order to draw customers
One having authority to direct; a chief; a commander
The first, or the principal, editorial article in a newspaper; a leading or main editorial article
An individual who is recognized by others as a person they will follow
a row of dots, periods, or hyphens, used in tables of contents, etc
- the fuse that transfers fire from the day fuse/electrical igniter/flare to the lift charge of the shell
also, a line of gut, to which the snell of a fly hook is attached
Any film or strip of material used for threading a motion picture machine Leader may consist of short lengths of blank film attached to the ends of a print to protect the print from damage during the threading of a projector, or it may be a long length of any kind of film which is used to establish the film path in a processing machine before the use of the machine for processing film
A row of dots, periods or dashes used to lead the eye across the page
Control information at the beginning of a message or block of data In particular, in the ARPANET, the control information on an ARPANET message at the host-IMP interface
One who, or that which, leads or conducts; a guide; a conductor. Especially
An extra amount of film which is at the start and end of the roll to protect the exposed film and to enable it to be laced into the projector
On a tree trunk, the leader is the primary shoot --and usually the tallest
{i} person or thing that leads; head, chief, director; carrier; conductor (of an orchestra, chorus, etc.); head musician; main article, leading article; drainpipe, downspout; dotted line (Printing)
Most often, a piece of monofilament or flourocarbon, of unequal strength than that of the main line used to insure the ability to catch larger game fish on lighter lines
A stock or group of stocks that is the first to move in a market upsurge or downturn
The central stem or trunk that is longer and more vigorous than the side branches or lateral stems
The leader at a particular point in a race or competition is the person who is winning at that point. The world drivers' championship leader crossed the line ahead of the Swede
Data elements that primarily provide information for processing a record The data elements contain numbers or coded values and are identified by relative character position
n guide, conductor, pilot, director, pioneer, shepherd Person who influences and guides the direction, actions, opinions and attitudes of people Leaders are concerned with doing the right thing A leader is more concerned with being effective than being constrained by procedures In addition to being good planners and decision makers, leaders are good communicators and satisfy the needs of groups and individuals
The length of tree stem from the top of the tree down to the first set of branches, representing one year of growth and reflecting the tree's vigor and the site's growing potential
n The climber who ascends a route first putting up the rope and protection
A piece of blank film at the beginning of a movie to allow the film to be threaded in the projector
In caving, the person directing the activities of a caving party, and with responsibility for the safety of the group Speleology term Ref JJ
a person who rules or guides or inspires others
A leader in a newspaper is a piece of writing which gives the editor's opinion on an important news item
The principal wheel in any kind of machinery
A horse placed in advance of others; one of the forward pair of horses
A pipe for conducting rain water from a roof to a cistern or to the ground; a conductor
A stock or group of stocks that is the first to move in a market upsurge or down-turn
Sets direction (mission, vision, and goals) Expresses values which support the mission, vision, & goals The values are expressed in a manner that engages our emotional support Values, as decision criteria, must be clear and mutually understood Has followers Mutual trust Followers accept the vision as their own (shared vision) Leader listens Seeks new ideas and approaches that promote or strengthen the mission, vision, or goals Has the desire to achieve Encourages all to find self-fulfillment in the mission's direction Helps remove obstacles for successful achievement of mutual goals Plans May, but might not, have a well-defined plan Knowledge, belief, and commitment Leader knows both the theory and facts, believes in the mission and vision (that they will be good for people), and is committed (willing to spend years working towards) to achieving the best possible outcome
The initial fuse of a shell that transfers fire from the delay fuse (if any) to the lifting charge of the shell For small calibre shells the leader may be used to lower the shell to the bottom of the mortar tube, but this is not good practise with larger calibre shells
It refers to the two leading horses in a team of four, or a single horse harnessed in front of one or more horses The "near" leader is the left hand horse and the "off" leader is the right hand horse
A leader in a newspaper is the most important story in it
One who, or that which, leads or conducts; a guide; a conductor
A performer who leads a band or choir in music; also, in an orchestra, the principal violinist; the one who plays at the head of the first violins
Returns the hero number of the current leader
Generally, the main shoot at the tip of a branch that extends the branch growth In bonsai, this term usually indicates the uppermost continuation of the trunk
The directing member of a chamber group or ensemble of musicians In an orchestra, the leader is the principal first violinist
The leader of a group of people or an organization is the person who is in control of it or in charge of it. We now need a new leader of the party and a new style of leadership We are going to hold a rally next month to elect a new leader
A horizontal or vertical cylinder, usually made of metal, which carries water from the gutter to the ground
Leader of the Opposition
In countries having a Westminster parliamentary system the person who is the leader of the largest political party not forming the government
leader boards
plural form of leader board
leader of the free world
The President of the United States
leader of the opposition
Alternative form of Leader of the Opposition
leader sequence
The sequence at the 5' end of an mRNA molecule that is not translated into protein
Leader of the House
a member of the UK government who is responsible for organizing the work of the British Parliament. There are two Leaders of the House, one for the House of Commons and one for the House of Lords
Leader of the Opposition
the leader of the main party opposing the government in the British parliament
leader in prayer
one who begins prayer services for a congregation, one who announces which prayers will be said (or hymns sung, etc.)
leader of a tribe
tribal chief, person of authority within a tribe
leader of the discussion
person who introduces the questions and gives the participants in the discussion the permission to speak
Minority Leader
Alternative form of minority leader
Squadron Leader
A rank in the Royal Air Force and other Commonwealth air forces above Flight Lieutenant and below Wing Commander
Supreme Leader
The head of state and commander-in-chief of the entire armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the authority to dismiss the Iranian president. The Supreme Leader is also the highest-ranking spiritual leader in Iran
ape leader
An old maid; their punishment after death, for neglecting increase and multiply, will be, it is said, leading apes in hell. (1811 Dictionary of Vulgar Tongue)
chip leader
A player who has more chips than any other in a poker tournament
destroyer leader
a warship, a type of destroyer used to lead a division, flotilla or squadron at sea and in combat, a heavy destroyer variant with larger displacement for command and control
A children's game in which each person in a line replicates the actions of the one in front
Without a leader (either a person in authority or a beginning piece to form a starter)
plural form of leader
the two front horses of a team of four in front of a carriage
loss leader
An item that is sold at or below cost in an effort to stimulate other profitable sales
minority leader
In each of the legislative chambers of the United States Congress—the United States Senate and the House of Representatives—the elected member selected by the members of the political party with the second-largest number of elected members, who serves as principal spokesperson for the members of that party in that chamber and who plays a leading role in creating policies and strategies governing his or her party's business in that chamber
religious leader
In Catholicism, any of a number of individuals, including priests, Cardinals, Bishops, and the Supreme Pontiff
religious leader
A religious leader is one who is recognised by a religious body as having some authority within that body
religious leader
The leader of a religious order
spiritual leader
a person who gives religious or sacred leadership, though not necessarily the leader of a religious organization
a leader
{n} chief
a leader
big gun
Market Leader
(Reklam) A company that has achieved a dominant position - either in scale (e.g., British Airways) or influence (e.g., Virgin) - within its field. This leading position often comes about because the company was the first to market a certain type of product and, with the protection of a patent, has managed to consolidate its position before direct competition was possible. Alternatively, a company may overtake a previous market leader through greater efficiency and skilful positioning
american revolutionary leader
a nationalist leader in the American Revolution and in the creation of the United States
battery leader
head of a military artillery unit
brand leader
The brand leader of a particular product is the brand of it that most people choose to buy. In office supplies, we're the brand leader
charismatic leader
leader whose personal qualities give him influence or authority over large numbers of people, leader with magnetic appeal
civic leader
a leader in municipal affairs
civil rights leader
a leader of the political movement dedicated to securing equal opportunity for members of minority groups
community leader
head of a community, head of a racial or cultural group
faction leader
leader of a splinter group, head of a political camp or interest
floor leader
the legislator who organizes his party's strategy
floor leader
The member of a legislature chosen by fellow party members to be in charge of the party's activities on the floor
follow-the-'leader a children's game in which one of the players does actions which all the other players must copy
formation leader
airplane which flies at the head of a group of airplanes (to lead and direct)
great leader
excellent leader, outstanding chief
group leader
person that has been specially trained to direct group training sessions
labor leader
a leader of a labor movement
{s} without a leader, without leadership, lacking a guide
Brian Shire Jason Marsh
A series of characters (usually dots or dashes) between two widely spaced characters used to control eye movement from one character to the other more distant character
The downspouts that transfer water flow from gutters to the ground
Law Enforcement Administrative Data Entry and Retrieval System A computer network tying Monroe County law enforcement agencies together LEADERS is tied into the County DMV and criminal records systems and bridged to NYSPIN It also has an interagency message function
Growing shoots or sprouts of a plant or tree (26)
type and layout term
the body of people who lead a group; "the national leadership adopted his plan"
The people who co-ordinate and balance the interests of all those with a stake in the organisation, including the executive team, all other managers and those in team leadership positions or with a subject leadership role
Strings of a character, usually periods or dashes, to lead the eye across the space between items in adjacent columns Usually found in tables, such as tables of contents
The chief of state is the titular leader of the country who represents the state at official and ceremonial functions but is not involved with the day- to-day activities of the government The head of government is the administrative leader who manages the day-to-day activities of the government In the UK, the monarch is the chief of state, and the Prime Minister is the head of government In the US, the President is both the chief of state and the head of government
plural of leader
The dots or dashes used in type to guide the eye from one set of type to the next
In composition, rows of dashes or dots used to guide the eye across the page; used in tabular work, programs, tables of contents, etc to top
Lines (solid, dashed, or dotted) that appear in the blank space created by a tab and used to guide the reader's eye across the page
Dashes or dots arranged in a row to guide the eye across the page Leaders are commonly used in tabular work
Dotted or dashed lines that fill the space between tab settings
Single characters used to fill lines, usually to their end So called because they "lead" the eye from one element of the page to another For example, in the following (brief) Table of Contents, the periods (dots) are leaders Foreword 2 Chapter 1 5 Chapter 2 38 Chapter 3 60
In composition, rows of dashes or dots used to guide the eye across the page Used in tabular work, programs, tables of contents, etc
loss leader
A loss leader is an item that is sold at such a low price that it makes a loss in the hope that customers will be attracted by it and buy other goods at the same shop. A commodity offered especially by a retail store at cost or below cost to attract customers. a product that is sold at a very low price in order to attract customers into a shop
majority leader
leader of the majority party in a legislative body; House or Senate member from the majority party who directs party activity on the chamber floor
majority leader
leader of the majority party in a legislature
majority leader
The leader of the majority party in a legislature, as in the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives. the person who organizes the members of the political party that has the most people elected, in the US House of Representatives or Senate minority leader
market leader
the company whose products hold the largest market share See Market Challenger; Market Follower; Market Nicher
market leader
A market leader is a company that sells more of a particular product or service than most of its competitors do. We are becoming one of the market leaders in the fashion industry. the company that sells the most of a particular type of product, or the product that is the most successful one of its type
market leader
the store or company that controls the highest market share
market leader
the company with the largest market share
market leader
The store that controls the market share of merchandise or services
market leader
The single player enjoying the largest individual share in the market p 667
military leader
a leader of military forces
minority leader
The head of the minority party in a legislative body. the leader of the political party that has fewer politicians in congress than the leading party majority leader
minority leader
leader of the minority party in a legislature
minority leader
leader of a minority party in a legislative body; House or Senate member from a minority party who directs party activity on the chamber floor
nationalist leader
the leader of a nationalist movement
opposition leader
government leader of the political parties that are not in control
outstanding leader
gifted leader, greatly admired leader, leader who has greatly influenced history
popular leader
leader who is well respected by those he leads
project leader
A designated individual who manages the day-to-day activities of a project team
project leader
A term used to describe the person who is responsible for the monthly project taught at the regular meeting It is also used to describe the person leading a study group or a Group Correspondence Course
project leader
(Chef de projet) - This is the person appointed by the sponsoring department to be accountable for all external and internal aspects of a capital project
project leader
Responsible for project estimation, planning, oversight Provides direction at a technical level
project leader
The person with primary responsibility for insuring a project fulfills the purpose set out in a Project Guide, including its associated Project Plan and Project Component Plans Typically reports to a DU Services Unit Leader
project leader
The technical expert role that drives the detailed implementation of a specific aspect of the project, and is directly responsible for all project deliverables A large project may have multiple project leaders reporting to the same project manager
religious leader
leader of a religious order
spiritual leader
guru, spiritual father
spiritual leader
a leader in religious or sacred affairs
squadron leader
A squadron leader is an officer in the British air force who has a rank above that of flight lieutenant. an officer in the British air force below a wing commander
commander of pilots
strike leader
someone who leads a strike
world leader
A world leader is someone who is the leader of a country, especially an economically powerful country
world leader
A product, company, organization, or person that is a world leader is the most successful or advanced one in a particular area of activity. In the field of consumer electronics, Philips is determined to remain a world leader
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