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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} sürahi

Sürahiyi ağzına kadar doldurdum. - I filled the jug to the brim.

Bir sürahi damla damla doldurur. - A jug fills drop by drop.

{i} testi
{f} güveçte pişirmek
hapishaneye tıkmak
{i} bülbül sesi
{i} çömlek

Bu küçük çömlek tarihidir; o seksen yaşından daha fazladır. - This little jug is historic; it's more than eighty years old.

{f} şakımak
jugfulbir testi dolusu
testi veya çömlek içine koymak
{i} kodes
{i} İng. (kulplu) sürahi
kodese at/haşla
{f} ötmek (bülbül)
{i} argo hapishane, kodes
{i} şakıma
{f} kodese tıkmak
(Argo) ketıl
jug line
line sürahi
(isim) testi dolusu
milk jug
sürahi şeklinde sütlük
water jug
(Gıda) su sürahisi
testi dolusu
water jug
su şişesini
wicker jug
Dışı hasırla kaplı sürahi, damacana vs
milk jug
İng. (sürahi şeklinde) sütlük
toby jug
adam şeklinde bira bardağı
İngilizce - İngilizce
The amount that a jug can hold
A kettle
To stew in an earthenware jug etc
A woman's breasts
A serving vessel or container, circular in cross-section and typically higher than it is wide, with a relatively small mouth or spout, a handle and often a stopper or top
To put into jail
A jug is a cylindrical container with a handle and is used for holding and pouring liquids. A jug of liquid is the amount that the jug contains. a jug of water
A pitcher; a ewer
{v} to dress a hare in a vessel by steam
{n} a large drinking vessel, note, meadow
{f} put in a jug; cook in a jug; imprison, put in jail (Slang)
stew in an earthenware jug; "jug the rabbit"
To utter a sound resembling this word, as certain birds do, especially the nightingale
A vessel, usually of coarse earthenware, with a swelling belly and narrow mouth, and having a handle on one side
To put into jail / gaol
the quantity contained in a jug
A prison; a jail; a lockup
lock up or confine, in or as in a jail; "The suspects were imprisoned without trial"; "the murderer was incarcerated for the rest of his life"
(A) or a Stone jug A prison (See Joggis )
jail / gaol
1 prison 2 a jug of beer, served in hotels
(a) A very large and secure hold also known as a bucket (b) The act of using ascenders, such as Jumars, to climb a fixed rope
To seethe or stew, as in a jug or jar placed in boiling water; as, to jug a hare
n a large easy to hold feature 2 (vb ) to use jummars to ascend a rope
Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and F Y R Macedonia (part of Ju; excluding Croatia and Slovenia)
a large bottle with a narrow mouth the quantity contained in a jug stew in an earthenware jug; "jug the rabbit
A womans breasts
Age; Middle Age
To nestle or collect together in a covey; said of quails and partridges
{i} pitcher, rounded vessel made to hold liquids; jail, prison (Slang)
(n ) a large easy to hold feature 2 (vb ) to use jummars to ascend a rope
A large round serving vessel, with a small mouth, a handle and often a stopper
a large bottle with a narrow mouth
To commit to jail; to imprison
jug band
Especially in the U. S., a group of rustic musicians, specializing in bluegrass or folk music, whose instruments include empty jugs, bottles, and similar containers of various sizes which produce musical sounds when the player blows across the openings at the tops of their necks

We present to you, the jug band! We pulled out straw hats, banjos, jugs, horrible buck-toothed dentures, and commenced to pickin' and grinnin'.

jug ears
Ears whose plane is markedly not parallel to the plane of the head

Wolfowitz, who is sixty-three, has jug ears, hazel eyes, a furrowed brow, and thinning gray hair that he combs to the right. -.

jug hold
A large climbing hold that is big enough to wrap a hand around, similar to the handle of a jug
jug holds
plural form of jug hold
With ears sticking out, usually said mockingly
jug band
a musical group that uses jugs and washboards and kazoos and other improvised instruments
jug band
A group that uses unconventional or improvised instruments, such as jugs, kazoos, and washboards
jug maker
potter, one who works in ceramics
jug wine
inexpensive wine sold in large bottles or jugs
jug wine
Inexpensive table wine sold in large bottles
Simple past tense and past participle of jug
Having a specified kind of jugs (breasts)

A large-jugged babe.

(Discuss() this sense) breasts; plural of jug as in breast

That chick has amazing jugs!.

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of jug
plural form of jug
measuring jug
A wide mouthed jug, normally of glass, with graduations up the side, for measuring liquids
put the plug in the jug
To cease drinking alcohol; to become teetotal
as much as a jug will hold
{i} full jug, amount which a jug can hold
plural of jugful
past of jug
present participle of jug
plural of jug
breasts; plural of jug as in breast
third-person singular of jug
toby jug
{i} drinking mug or beer jug shaped like a heavy man wearing a three-cornered hat
water jug
water pitcher, container for holding water
water jug
a jug that holds water
whiskey jug
a jug that contains whiskey