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İngilizce - İngilizce
A stoneware or earthenware jar or storage container
To break something or injure someone

Ferreira ... peremptorily expunges England’s World Cup chances by crocking Wayne Rooney.

To cover the drain holes of a planter with stones or similar material, in order to ensure proper drainage

The pots should be crocked for drainage to one-half their depth and the plants made moderately firm in the compost, as already indicated.

To transfer coloring through abrasion from one item to another

In leather garments, lining also prevents crocking of color onto skin or garments worn underneath.

A piece of broken pottery, a shard
An old or broken-down vehicle (and formerly a horse). Old crocks race = veteran car rally
Silly talk, a foolish belief, a poor excuse, nonsense. (as in "that is a bunch of crock" or "the story is a crock")
A person who is physically limited by age or injury. Old crocks home = home for the aged
{n} an earthen pot, pan, black of a pot
{v} to blacken with foul matter
The loose black particles collected from combustion, as on pots and kettles, or in a chimney; soot; smut; also, coloring matter which rubs off from cloth
a crock of gold: see gold. To give off soot or color. To disable; wreck. Often used with up
A low stool
{i} clay jar; someone or something that is old and decrepit (person, horse, etc.); lie, nonsense
nonsense; foolish talk; "that's a crock"
an earthen jar (made of baked clay)
an earthen jar (made of baked clay) nonsense; foolish talk; "that's a crock"
To give off crock or smut
an earthen jar (made of baked clay) nonsense; foolish talk; "that's a crock" soil with or as with crock release color when rubbed, of badly dyed fabric
{f} break, damage, injure; make dirty
Any piece of crockery, especially of coarse earthenware; an earthen pot or pitcher
soil with or as with crock release color when rubbed, of badly dyed fabric
A crock is a clay pot or jar
soil with or as with crock
To soil by contact, as with soot, or with the coloring matter of badly dyed cloth
release color when rubbed, of badly dyed fabric
Silly talk, a foolish belief, a poor excuse. (short for crock of shit.)
disapproval If you describe what someone has said as a crock, you mean that you think it is foolish, wrong, or untrue
If you describe someone as an old crock, you mean that they are old and weak
To lay up in a crock; as, to crock butter
crock of gold
a valuable, but elusive treasure
crock of shit
false information

What a crock of shit.

crock pot
A slow cooker
crock pots
plural form of crock pot
{i} ® brand of electric slow cooker
crock pot
an electric cooker that maintains a relatively low temperature
crock pot
{i} electric slow cooker
drunk (of a person)
injured (of a person)
very drunk
Intoxicated; drunk
broken (of a thing)
{s} drunk, intoxicated (Slang); decrepit, broken-down
The transfer of dye stuff from one fabric to another by friction This problem is usually worse with darker shades Reds are often a problem in this respect This is a dyeing problem and can be dealt with in the dyehouse The red crocks, but the blue does not
The rubbing-off of dye from a fabric Crocking can be the result of lack of penetration of the dyeing agent, the use of incorrect dyes or dyeing procedures, or the lack of proper washing procedures and finishing treatments after the dyeing process
The rubbing off of coloring, finishing materials, or residual buffing dust from leather onto other materials that it comes in contact with
Rubbing off of unfixed dye from wet or dry fabric
Image rub-off that occurs when a pigment or dye is not adequately fixed in the substrate
Removing the crock, or excess coloring, that rubs off of a newly-dyed hide
present participle of crock
Coloring that rubs off and causes discoloration
A loss of dye color at points of friction or wear
The loss of transfer of leather coloring or finish by abrasion
Rubbing off of color as a result of improper dye, poor penetration, or fixation
Image rub-off that occurs when a pigment or dye is not adequately fixed on the substrate
the term used when dry fabric rubs excess dye onto an adjacent fabric This most often happens with very dark colors such as brown, black, navy and red
Excess coloring matter which rubs or chips off material because of improper penetration or fixation by the dyestuff
plural of crock

    Türkçe nasıl söylenir


    Eş anlamlılar

    vessel, pitcher, crockery, container, pot


    /ˈkräk/ /ˈkrɑːk/


    [ 'kräk ] (noun.) before 12th century. From Middle English crokke, from Old English crocc, crocca (“crock, pot, vessel”), from Proto-Germanic *krukkō, *krukkô (“vessel”), from Proto-Indo-European *k(')rōug(')-, *k(')rōuk(')- (“vessel”). Cognate with Dutch kruik (“jar, jug”), German Krug (“jug”), Danish krukke (“jar”), Icelandic krukka (“pot, jar”), Old English crōg, crōh (“crock, pitcher, vessel”). See also cruse.

    Ortak Eşdizimliler

    crock pot, crock skirt