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İngilizce - Türkçe
(araba/vb.) sarsılmak
{i} titreme
{f} sarsılmak
şiddetle sallan
{i} titreşim
şiddetle sallanma
{f} titreşmek
brake judder
Frene basıldığında oluşan sarsılma

Vibrations can be caused by brake judder.

clutch judder
(Otomotiv) debriyaj ayırıcısı
İngilizce - İngilizce
To spasm or shake violently

Captain McGarrigle, however, seemed to be in trouble. He was breathing stertorously, his throat and chest juddering like those of an asthmatic.

Jerky playback caused by converting between frame rates; telecine judder|telecine judder]]
A spasmodic shaking
shake or vibrate rapidly and intensively; "The old engine was juddering"
{f} shake violently and quickly, vibrate violently and rapidly, shudder
shake or vibrate rapidly and intensively; "The old engine was juddering
{i} violent vibration, shudder, rapid shaking; intense vibration in an aircraft
If something judders, it shakes or vibrates violently. The lift started off, juddered, and went out of action. if a vehicle or machine judders, it shakes violently
To spasm, or shake violently
present participle of judder
plural of judder