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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} doktrin
özel bir doktorun veya meslek
{i} meslek
sonek Nationalism
{i} öğreti
İSM (ındustrial Scientific Medical band), birçok ülkede telsiz iletişimi için sertifika veya lisansa gerek olmadan belirli bir çıkış gücü sınırlamasına uyarak, üzerinden yayın yapılabilen banttır
optim ism
optim izm
twelver shi'ism
(Din) İsna-Aşeriyye Şiiliği

Twelver Shi'ism believes that the line of succession to the Prophet ended with the twelfth imam.

{i} Şiilik
Türkçe - Türkçe
Günah, suç
(Osmanlı Dönemi) (İsim) Ad, nâm
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Ist: Bilinen veya bilinmeyen, hissedilen veya hissedilmeyen herhangi bir şeyi birbirinden ayırmak, tanımak veyahut zihne getirmek için kullanılan söz veya lâfız
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Man: Tam mânalı ve hem mevzu, hem mahmul olabilen lâfızdır
İngilizce - İngilizce
Specifically, a form of discrimination, such as racism or sexism
A belief that can be described by a word ending in -ism

It is important to distinguish between an ism and a mere generalization about group differences. Generalizations that have statistical validity are not isms. An ism assumes that the generalization applies to an individual.

ISM stands for Industrial, Scientific and Medical Radio frequencies reserved for radiation by various equipment Available for use by communication equipment without license if that complies with maximum emitted power limits Equipment which uses the ISM band must tolerate interference from other such equipment
Internet Service Manager ISM is the administration tool for IIS that installs the client for managing Internet services, such as SMTP, POP3, World Wide Web, Gopher, FTP, and others
a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school
Industrial Scientific & Medical (unlicensed frequency bands 915 MHz, 2 4 & 5 725 GHz)
ISM is an acronym for Industrial, Scientific and Medical This refers to the unlicensed radio bands which are typically unused due to interference from medical, industrial and scientific equipment Technologies such as Bluetooth and Wireless LANs use these bands since no governmental approval is needed for transmission, making it a great deal cheaper Whilst interference is still an issue, technologies for overcoming it are built into most technologies using these bands
used to describe a set of ideas or beliefs whose name ends in 'ism', especially when you think that they are not sensible or practical (-ism)
The Industrial, Scientific, and Medicine (ISM) frequency bands were allocated by the FCC in the mid 1980’s The bands encompass the frequency ranges 902 - 928 MHz, 2400 - 2483 5 MHz, and 5725 - 5850 MHz The advantage of the ISM bands is that they are unlicensed As long as a device operating in the ISM bands meets special FCC regulations, it does not require a license Many devices operating in the ISM bands use spread spectrum modulation However, the FCC does permit narrowband modulation techniques to be used, provided that the respective device meets stringent power requirements
A suffix indicating an act, a process, the result of an act or a process, a state; also, a characteristic as a theory, doctrine, idiom, etc
Instrumentation, Scientific, and Medical band Instrumentation, Scientific, and Medical band
ICAP Shared Memory ISM is a block of memory that the IPEs on a quadnode share The ISR database, among other things, resides in ISM
as, baptism, galvanism, organism, hypnotism, socialism, sensualism, Anglicism
A doctrine or theory; especially, a wild or visionary theory
{i} method, outlook, principle, doctrine
industrial-scientific-medical frequency band (902-928 MHz, 2400-2483 MHz, 5725-5780 MHz)
Integrated Splitter Module
Interconnection Structure Module (component of the iMSS Call Agent)
Industrial Scientific and Medical band Frequencies in this band are 2 4 GHz to 2 4835 GHz and are unlicensed
¾ The Image Support Module An ARX application interface between AutoCAD and an image engine model For more information, see Appendix D, "Hardcopy "
Instrumentation, Scientific, and Medical band
  Abbreviation for industrial, scientific, and medical applications (of radio frequency energy)
Imperial Service Medal
Institute for Supply Management
ad hoc
the action or result of a verb
a principle, belief or movement

masculism (from masculus, Latin for male).

a disorder

hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism.

the defining attribute of a person or thing

Shakespeareanism (coined after William Shakespeare).

a form of prejudice or discrimination, either for or against a group

heterosexism (from heterosexual).

{i} teachings and practices of the Bahai religion
plural of ism

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    /ˈəzəm/ /ˈɪzəm/


    [ 'i-z&m ] (noun.) 1680. From suffix -ism (“belief”), particularly (in the 19th century) in the sense of “social movement”. Compare phobia, from -phobia, sophy, from -sophy, and ana, from -ana.

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