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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} giriş

Yeni vergi girişinin tüm ekonomiyi etkilemesi bekleniyor. - The introduction of the new tax is expected to affect the entire economy.

Giriş bölümünde, yazar aşağıda gösterildiği gibi belirtiyor. - In the introduction, the author is stating as follows.


Yabancı bitkilerin ve hayvanların tanıtımı ekosistemler için ciddi hasara sebep olabilir. - The introduction of foreign plants and animals can cause severe damage to ecosystems.

Zaten tanıtımlar yapıldı. - Introductions have already been made.

{i} tanıştırma
{i} önsöz
(Tıp) İçeri sokma, içeri yerleştirme, geçirme (Nefes borusuna tüp geçirme veya cerahat bulunan boşluğa, boşaltma amacıyla tüp veya fitil yerleştirme gibi)
{i} başlangıç
{i} takdim
(Ticaret) sunuş
kılavuz kitap
{i} getirme
introduction stage
(Ticaret) giriş aşaması
introduction to algebra
(Eğitim) cebire giriş
introduction to archaeology
(Eğitim) arkeolojiye giriş
introduction to drama
(Eğitim) tiyatroya giriş
introduction to economics
(Eğitim) iktisada giriş
introduction to management
(Eğitim) işletmeye giriş
introduction to pharmacy
(Eğitim) eczacılığa giriş
introduction to philosophy i
(Eğitim) felsefeye giriş
introduction to psychology
(Eğitim) psikolojiye giriş
introduction to sociology
(Eğitim) sosyolojiye giriş
introduction film
tanıtım filmi
introduction of
introduction of powdered sugar
pudraseker çekişi
introduction to
giriş için
introduction of powdered sugar
(Gıda) pudraşeker çekişi
introduction training
letter of introduction
tavsiye mektubu
re introduction
yeniden tanıtım
brief introduction
kısa takdim
self introduction
kendini tanıtma
kendini tanıtma
the introduction

Evet. O önceki doktorundan bir giriş aldı ve bu hastaneye transfer edildi. - Yes. She got an introduction from her previous doctor and transferred to this hospital.

Giriş bölümünde, yazar aşağıda gösterildiği gibi belirtiyor. - In the introduction, the author is stating as follows.

basic introduction
(Askeri) temel öğretim
buccal introduction
(Tıp) bukal uygulama
letter of introduction
market introduction date
piyasaya sürülüş tarihi
İngilizce - İngilizce
The act or process of introducing
A means, such as a personal letter, of presenting one person to another
An initial section of a book or article, which introduces the subject material
The act of introducing, or bringing to notice
The official act of submittal of a proposed bill or resolution signed by the legislator who offers it for consideration by the Legislature which is in session
A preliminary section of a musical composition
These module documents or discussions do not contain every concept or nuance of the subject matter They contain general conceptual ideas, some examples and some pointers to further reading and research You are expected to read and research well beyond what is presented here and to take responsibility for filling in some gaps in the topics with your own investigations You can extend and enhance your knowldge, experience and understanding of the topics by reading from the prescribed text book, by reading other books available from libraries and bookshops and by searching for and reading materials available on the Internet In this module I outline the work on Document Type Definitions, creating conforming instances and parsing these instances to validate them against a DTD After reading the discussion presented here, you should attempt assignment 2
As an increasing number of adults return to college to obtain additional knowledge and skills needed for personal growth and professional advancement, the University needs to adapt our offerings to meet the needs of this changing student population As student demographics continue to change and new markets for higher education continue to emerge, the campus needs to carefully consider new types of program offerings that will utilize existing faculty expertise, existing classroom and laboratory facilities, and a wide range of available instructional technologies
The opening part of a piece of music This may be a simple chord or two, acting as a call to attention, or a lengthy section leading into the main theme
This RFC defines the format of new Resource Records (RRs) for the Domain Name System (DNS), and reserves corresponding DNS type mnemonics and numerical codes The definitions are in three independent sections: (1) location of AFS database servers, (2) location of responsible persons, and (3) representation of X 25 and ISDN addresses and route binding All are experimental
The introduction to a book or talk is the part that comes at the beginning and tells you what the rest of the book or talk is about. Ellen Malos, in her introduction to `The Politics of Housework', provides a summary of the debates
This Glossary includes definitions of the most common terms used in the laser display industry (laser light shows) This glossary is based on the ILDA (International Laser Display Association) official glossary of terminology It is important that laserists all speak the same language so all of the terms defined by ILDA are included herein In addition, other important terms are included here as they also need explanation Entries in Italics indicate a term that is defined by Laser F/X and is not necessarily an official ILDA term or definition The structure and layout of this glossary has been adapted from the ILDA glossary Laser F/X gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Patrick Murphy, Chair, ILDA Terminology Standardisation Committee, and the International Laser Display Association who provided the documentation on which most of this glossary is based
(in-troe-duk-chon) The introduction is the first part of a book or essay It gives the reader an indication of what the book or essay is about
The terms explained here are all used in this book and are part of the common language of critical writing You need to know their meaning so that you can understand them when they are used by others, and so that you can used them yourself in order to explain precisely what you mean when talking or writing about texts This is not a complete list of words that you might need to know - look out for other technical terms, and make sure that you find out their meanings The definitions given here apply to the words as used in the context of this book - they may have other meanings in different circumstances!
These four titles all link to the same database of information, the Logos Library System It contains key Christian documents and Biblical reference works, as well as Greek and Hebrew editions of the Bible (including the Septuagint)
The transmittal of a bill from a representative's or senator's office to the respective chief clerk's office for acceptance and numbering
  The presentation of a bill or resolution to the legislative body for its consideration   It is formally accomplished when the Secretary of the Senate or Clerk of the General Assembly, in open session, announces the bill's number and sponsor(s) and reads its title
I've written each of these definitions to help the novice understand some of the language he or she will hear when learning their way around computers It is by no means meant to be a "one stop shop" for your definition needs I highly recommend the Webopaedia and the Jargon File for further research
Possums are pests in New Zealand because they kill native trees and birds' eggs and chicks They also transmit tuberculosis to cows and deer New Zealand spends millions of dollars each year to control possums and tuberculosis
If you refer to a book as an introduction to a particular subject, you mean that it explains the basic facts about that subject. On balance, the book is a friendly, down-to-earth introduction to physics. see also introduce
The trading in "debt instruments" is a multi trillion dollar industry worldwide Top world banks (Money Center Banks) are authorized to issue blocks of debt instruments like Bank Purchase Orders (BPOs), Promissory Bank Notes or Mid-Term Notes (MTNs), Zero Coupon Bonds (Zeros), Documentary Letters of Credit (DLCs), Stand By Letters of Credit (SLCs), or Bank Debenture Instruments (BDls) under International Chamber of Commerce guidelines (ICC - 500 & 600)
the act of beginning something new; "they looked forward to the debut of their new product line"
That part of a book or discourse which introduces or leads the way to the main subject, or part; preliminary; matter; preface; proem; exordium
Frontmatter of a book written by someone other than the author of the main body of the work Works of fiction seldom have introductions while the author is still living, with the exception of the few novels in which the introduction is part of the fiction and is, in fact, written by the author, but attributed to a fictional person When an introduction is thought necessary, publishers often commission it separately
formally making a person known to another or to the public
Pidgin English is spoken mainly in the big cities of Ghana - Especially Accra It is a language composed of a mixture of Queen's English, America English and the local dialects W Wab: Mercedes Benz
The section of a research report that includes all relevant background information, such as the research problem, the objectives of the study, and appropriate published research that applies to the study
The ‘attention-grabber’ that tells who PBCC is Use this section to address the College’s history and strengths to convince the reviewer that PBCC can handle the project Be sure not to make the College sound too good, however, because the proposal is asking for assistance to solve some problem!
a basic or elementary instructional text
This category includes one entry, Background
The preparatory section, movement, or phrase of a musical work
{i} act of introducing; act of acquainting one person with another; preface, foreword (in a book or other work); something introduced, something new; basic textbook, introductory manual
A formal and elaborate preliminary treatise; specifically, a treatise introductory to other treatises, or to a course of study; a guide; as, an introduction to English literature
This pack aims to inform you about changes to the child support legislation It cannot answer every question that you might have about the new scheme, so if you need further help, please contact the National Helpline on 08457 133 133
the first section of a communication a basic or elementary instructional text a new proposal; "they resisted the introduction of impractical alternatives
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The presentation of a bill or resolution to the legislative body for its consideration
the act of putting one thing into another
the first section of a communication
a new proposal; "they resisted the introduction of impractical alternatives"
The act of formally making persons known to each other; a presentation or making known of one person to another by name; as, the introduction of one stranger to another
the act of beginning something new; "they looked forward to the debut of their new product line" the first section of a communication a basic or elementary instructional text a new proposal; "they resisted the introduction of impractical alternatives
the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new; "she looked forward to her initiation as an adult"; "the foundation of a new scientific society"; "he regards the fork as a modern introduction"
To instruct
an introduction
{n} prelude
an introduction
{n} preamble
an introduction
{n} preludium
{n} a bringing in or into, a preface
An introduction
An introduction
an introduction
To introduce
plural of introduction
lesson introduction
opening lesson in which the subject matter is presented in general terms using demonstrations
letter of introduction
letter listing one's credentials
product introduction
the introduction (usually by an advertising campaign) of a new product or product line
a proposal of something previously rejected; "they avoided a re-introduction of the old terminology