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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Ticaret) zararı ödeme
Kefalet, teminat, kefil olma, garanti
Ceza veya sorumluluktan af
Hasar tazminatı: araç ya da hayat sigortaları kapsamında kaza neticesi meydana gelen maddi hasarın karşılanması için yapılan para ödemesi
{i} kefalet, teminat, güvence
{i} tazmin
{i} güvence
{i} koruma
(Mukavele) tazminat, teminat
{i} zarar ödemesi
zararı karşılamak için ödenen para
{i} cezasını affetme
indemnity insurance
(Ticaret) mali mesuliyet sigortası
indemnity letter
Garanti mektubu
indemnity against liability
borca karşılık teminat
indemnity agreement
(Kanun) tazminat anlaşması
indemnity bond
teminât mektubu
indemnity for custody of funds
(Ticaret) kasa tazminatı
indemnity for dissolution
(Kanun) fesih tazminatı
indemnity from penalty
cezadan muaf
indemnity insurance
kefalet sigortası
indemnity payment
(Politika, Siyaset) tazminat ödemesi
indemnity payments
(Avrupa Birliği) tazminat ödemesi
indemnity period
(Sigorta) tazminat süresi
invalidity indemnity
maluliyet tazminatı
employee indemnity claim
(Ticaret) çalışanın tazminat talebi
lump sum indemnity
(Ticaret) götürü tazminat
claim for indemnity
tazminat talebi
fire indemnity
yangın tazminatı
letter of indemnity
tazminat mektubu
geri ödeme
seniority indemnity
kıdem tazminatı
counter indemnity
(Ekonomi) Karşılıklı güven, karşılıklı teminat
professional indemnity
profesyonel tazminat
accident and indemnity
(Sigorta) kaza ve tazminat
additional indemnity
(Ticaret) ilave tazminat
amount of indemnity
(Kanun) tazminat tutarı
daily indemnity
(Sigorta) günlük tazminat
dependency and indemnity compensation
(Askeri) AİLE VE TAZMİNAT BEDELİ: Faal görevde, eğitim için faal görevde, gayri faal görev eğitiminde iken görev başında -eğitim için faal göreve veya gayri faal görev eğitimine gidiş ve dönüş yolu dahil- ölen askeri personelin geride kalanlarına Emeklilik Dairesi'nce ödenen tazminat. Ölümün; böyle bir görev sırasında meydana gelmiş, vazife ile ilgili bir maluliyete direkt olarak bağlılığı halinde, bu tazminat, terhisten veya görevden ayrıldıktan sonra da ödenebilir
documentary taxes indemnity
(Ticaret) damga vergisi muafiyeti
gratuitous indemnity
(Askeri) ÖLÜM TAZMİNATI: Silahlı Kuvvetlerde iken ölen personelin hayatta kalan yakınlarına 27 Haziran 1950 tarihinden itibaren 10.000 dolar olarak verilen tazminat Silahlı Kuvvetlerdeki herhangi bir hükümet sigortası bu tazminata dahil değildir. Bu tazminat, yüzde ikibuçuk faizle ve eşit 120 taksitte ödenir
letter of indemnity
teminât mektubu
pension indemnity claim
(Ticaret) emeklilik tazminatı talebi
professional indemnity
(Ticaret) mesleki tazmin sigortası
professional indemnity
(Sigorta) mesleki tazminat
professional indemnity policy
(Sigorta) mesleki tazminat poliçesi
{i} geri verme
{i} ödeme

O sabırsızlıkla ödeme istedi. - He impatiently asked for repayment.

termination indemnity
(Kanun) fesih tazminatı
İngilizce - İngilizce
a principle of insurance which provides that when a loss occurs, the insured should be restored to the approximate financial condition occupied before the loss occurred, no better, no worse
the right of an injured party to shift the loss onto the party responsible for the loss
an obligation or duty upon an individual to incur the losses of another
A type of insurance policy that pays a specified dollar amount for a covered service without regard to the actual cost for the service
An indemnity is an amount of money paid to someone because of some damage or loss they have suffered. The government paid the family an indemnity for the missing pictures
If something provides indemnity, it provides insurance or protection against damage or loss. Political exiles had not been given indemnity from prosecution
One party's agreement to insure or otherwise defend another party against any claims by thrid parties resulting from performance under the agreement
Security; insurance; exemption from loss or damage, past or to come; immunity from penalty, or the punishment of past offenses; amnesty
Obligation of one party to reimburse another party for losses which have occurred or which may occur
Indemnification, compensation, or remuneration for loss, damage, or injury sustained
Legal principle that specifies an insured should not collect more than the actual cash value of a loss but should be restored to approximately the same financial position as existed before the loss Independent Adjustor: Claims adjustor who offers his or her services to insurance companies and is compensated by a fee
{i} payment for loss or damage, compensation; insurance against possible loss or damage
protection against future loss
Payment to reimburse a specific quantifiable monetary loss or expense incurred (Of commission) Paid in full at commencement of a contract on the assumption that this will remain in force for at least a certain minimum period If the contract is terminated within this period part of the commission may be required to be refunded
An insurance plan in which you are reimbursed for payment of services covered by the plan
(1) Benefits paid in a predetermined amount in the event of a covered loss (2) A traditional carrier that reimburses for medical services provided to patients based on bills submitted after the services are rendered Also known as fee-for-service
legal exemption from liability for damages protection against future loss
Indemnity is the traditional form of insurance in which a covered person is reimbursed for covered expenses Health insurance benefits are provided in the form of cash payments rather than services An indemnity insurance contract usually defines the maximum amounts which will be paid for covered services Indemnity insurance plans may have PPO option, UR and case management features or include a network or other preferred provider restrictions, but will not have an HMO plan
Insurance against possible loss or damage A title insurance policy is a contract of indemnity
A benefit paid by an insurance policy for an insured loss
Payment for services rendered Each encounter with the patient generates a charge in the expectation that the provider will be paid Also known as Fee for Service
Security against damage or loss, exemption from penalties, compensation for damage
an indemnity is a payment or compensation by one person to another to make up for a loss which the other has suffered
Compensation to the claimant for disability or illness suffered - security against loss
legal exemption from liability for damages
A fundamental concept governing insurance: compensation for loss or injury sustained
An obligation to provide compensation for a loss, hurt, or damage
Restoration to the victim of a loss by payment, repair, or replacement (G)
The principle upon which all property/casualty insurance contracts are based According to this principle, the objective of insurance is to restore the insured to the same financial position after a loss that he/she was in prior to the loss
An obligation to provide compensation (usually money) for a loss, injury, or damage
A document in which one party agrees to take responsibility for the losses and damages suffered by another party or parties
providing security against damage or loss, exemption from penalties
a sum of money paid in compensation for loss or injury
Health insurance benefits provided in the form of cash payments rather than services An indemnity insurance contract usually defines the maximum amounts which will be paid for covered services
Compensation for loss; a promise to pay for costs incurred by a person on the occurrence of an anticipated loss
An indemnity is a pre-determined sum paid for a covered loss Back to Top
An insurance company's payment to a plaintiff in settlement or adjudication of a claim Indemnity Reserves Claims reserves that are set aside to pay the portion of claims costs paid directly to claimants
indemnity letter
document which states the obligation to cover future expenses
double indemnity
A clause in an insurance policy in which the insurance company agrees to pay out double the normal coverage in certain specified circumstances, most often in case of accidental death
{n} an exemption from punishment
counter indemnity
(Ekonomi) Indemnification is the act of making another "whole" by paying any loss another might suffer. The party who pays the loss is called a guarantor. Counter indemnity agreements allow a guarantor to seek reimbursement in the event they have to pay a claim for any part of the guarantee amount they must pay in the event of a default in the primary agreement. Such agreements are governed by contract law and are used in such transactions as bonds and loans, etc
act of indemnity
(Law) act or law passed as to relieve people mainly in an official post) from punishment to which they are liable as a result of acting illegally (in case of ministers, as a result of exceeding the limits of their explicit constitutional powers)
double indemnity
A clause in an insurance policy that provides for payment of double the face value of the contract in case of accidental death. a feature of a life insurance policy that allows double the value of the contract to be paid in the case of death by accident
double indemnity
a clause in an insurance policy that provides for double the face value of the policy in the case of accidental death
letter of indemnity
When a bank refuses to accept a foul bill of lading, the shipper (so that there shall be nothing to prevent the questionable draft from being discounted, among other reasons) may obtain a clean bill of lading To acquire this, the shipper signs a letter of indemnity, which is an inducement to obtain the clean bill of lading through the dock or mate's receipt, given on delivery of the goods to dock or ship, showing that the shipment was damaged or in bad condition This acts as a form of guarantee whereby the shipper accords a claim settlement against a steamship by a bill of lading holder resulting from a clean bill being issued
letter of indemnity
A legally binding contract whereby one party agrees to reimburse another for loss resulting upon the occurrence of a stated event
letter of indemnity
European bank facility similar to U S steamship guaranty, used to indemnify carrier against loss from delivery of goods without surrender of negotiable bill of lading
letter of indemnity
Guarantee from the shipper or consignee to indemnify carrier for costs and/or loss, if any, in order to obtain favorable action by carrier, e g sometimes, it is used to allow consignee to take delivery of goods without surrendering B/L which has been delayed or become lost (for straight consignment case)
professional indemnity
Dealing with the area of insurance law which provides cover for liability incurred in the course of exercising a profession
professional indemnity
Covers a professional individual or firm against legal liability to compensate a third party who has sustained injury, loss, or damage caused by breach of duty as a member of a regulated profession It includes "defense, settlement and supplementary payments" similar to those provided under CGL
Türkçe - İngilizce

indemnity teriminin Türkçe İngilizce sözlükte anlamı

sigorta bedeli indemnity, compensation, money paid
by an insurance company to a policyholder in case of loss



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    /ənˈdemnətē/ /ɪnˈdɛmnətiː/


    [ in-'dem-n&-tE ] (noun.) 15th century. From Middle French indemnité, from Late Latin indemnitas (“security from damage”), from Latin indemnis (“undamaged”), from in- (“not”) + damnum (“damage”).

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