listen to the pronunciation of inappreciable
İngilizce - İngilizce
insignificant, undetectable, not able to be noticed

genius marks its tract, not by the observation of quantities inappreciable to any but the acutest senses, but by placing Nature in such circumstances, that she is forced to record her minutest variations on so magnified a scale, that an observer, possessing ordinary faculties, shall find them legibly written.

Not appreciable; too small to be perceived; incapable of being duly valued or estimated
{s} imperceptible; insignificant, unimportant, of no consequence, trivial
too small to make a significant difference; "inappreciable fluctuations in temperature
{a} not to be duly estimated
imperceptibly; insignificantly, in an unimportant manner, trivially
In an inappreciable manner