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İngilizce - Türkçe
1. Çirkin, berbat, nahoş.2. Tehlikeli.3. Cazip, çekici
{s} tehlikeli

Radyoaktif maddeler tehlikelidir. - Radioactive matter is dangerous.

Bazen büyükanneler, KGB'den daha tehlikelidir. - Sometimes, Grandma is more dangerous than the KGB.

{s} riskli

Bu riskli deneye katılmak ister misin? - Do you like taking part in this dangerous experiment?

Bu riskli ve tehlikeli. - This is risky and dangerous.

dangerously tehlikeli bir şekilde
İngilizce - İngilizce
having or characterized by gnarls; gnarled

On the right of the station were two gnarly cottonwood trees... — Mark Goodwin, Last Words.

unpleasant, awful

We're not talking about a lame chick and a gnarly guy. We're talking about a couple of far-out dudes. — D. Jenkins, Baja Oklahoma.

excellent, attractive

There ain't nothing gnarlier (apparently) than slapping on some brightly coloured sunblock to ward off the blinding spectre of dangerous, snow-reflected sunlight. — Glasgow Sunday Herald, 16 January 2000.


When the swell struck, the North Shore got gnarly, and the wise ones hit the outer islands where the energy was just as juicy but a bit more organized. — Surfer Magazine, March 1977.

Of music or a sound, harsh

displays the same love of gnarly fuzztones and shout-it-out-loud choruses that began back in her daze with local all-girl rockers the Runaways. — Los Angeles Times, 12 October 1986.

1. gnarled. 2. dangerous or difficult. [orig. surfers' slang, perh. from the appearance of rough sea.]3. unpleasant or unattractive. 4. excellent
1. A gnarly tree or branch is rough and twisted with hard lumps, gnarled.2. (Gnarly hands or fingers are) twisted, rough, and difficult to move, usually because they are old, gnarled.3. (American English spoken) A word meaning very good or excellent, used by young people: ‘Look at the size of that wave.’ ‘Gnarly!’4. (American English spoken) A word meaning very bad, used by young people: "A gnarly car wreck"
Full of knots; knotty; twisted; crossgrained
to be very good; great
{s} knotty, tangled, twisted, contorted, gnarled
used of old persons or old trees; covered with knobs or knots; "gnarled and knotted hands"; "a knobbed stick"
Style of skating currently popular and popular in the 80s, involving "big" tricks that require not only skill, but balls of steel also These might involve ollieing a huge gap, or grinding a 20-30 stair handrail Tricks are often simple, the opposite of tech Typical of east coast skaters (See also: Going big)
That which is fun, scary, difficult and abusive all in one "That was one gnarly bit of single track "
Perceived as rough-edged, overly extracted young wine that has been left too long in contact with the grapeskins Applies only to red wines