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İngilizce - Türkçe
bataklık arazi
(Madencilik) turbalık
(Çevre) düz bataklık arazi
{i} çayır
{i} düzlük
fen fire
bataklıktaki aldatıcı ışık
Türkçe - Türkçe
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Bak: Fenn
Bilim, bilgi
Deneylere ve tanıtlamalara dayanan bilimlerin genel adı
Fizik, kimya, matematik ve biyolojiye verilen ad
Hile, hilekârlık
Fizik, kimya, matematik ve biyolojiden elde edilen verileri iş ve yapım alanında uygulama, teknik
Hile, hilekârlık: "Erkeğin en budalası yine karısını aldatmak fennini bulur."- H. R. Gürpınar
Müspet bilimler
Bilim, bilgi: "Hocalar dinde, hekimler fende ayıp yok, derlerdi."- F. R. Atay
çin'de eskiden kullanılmış bir alan ölçüsü birimi
fen lisesi
Fen Liseleri, Türkiye'de az sayıda bulunan, sayısal ağırlıklı öğretim veren ve nitelikli bilim adamları yetiştirmek amaçlı kurulmuş liselerdir
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Bir kimsenin iyiliğini ve ihsanını söyleyip methetmek
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Malın çok olması
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Misk kokusunun etrafa yayılması
fen bilimi
Fenle ilgili konuları araştıran, inceleyen bilim dalı
İngilizce - İngilizce
A type of wetland fed by ground water and runoff, containing peat below the waterline
A plural form of fan used by enthusiasts of science fiction, fantasy, and anime, partly from whimsy and partly to distinguish themselves from fans of sport, etc
{n} a marsh, morass, bog, flat and moist land
{i} wet land, swamp, marsh
A type of wetland that accumulates peat deposits Fens are less acidic than bogs, deriving most of their water from groundwater rich in calcium and magnesium (See: wetlands )
A low marshy or flooded area of land
a type of wetland that builds up peat and receives some drainage from surrounding mineral soils and supports marsh like vegetation
A sedge or reed dominated peatland, often with some shrubs or small trees, characterized by mineral-rich, aerated waters at or near the surface Fens with lower calcium content often evolve into Sphagnum lawns and, eventually, acid bogs An Old English word
Plural form of fan, by analogy to man and men Usage: Obsolete
A type of wetland that accumulates peat deposits; they are less acidic than bogs, deriving most of their water from groundwater rich in calcium and magnesium (Source: Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, 1990)
Low marshy land, wetlands, or bog, often partially and/or periodically covered with water Fenland is similar to peat bog but generally has more nutrients in the water supply
A hyperspace alien species attracted to bright shinny objects and known to mate with space vessels This happened to the Excalibur An alternative definition : A synonym for Babylon 5 fan coined by JMS It is not known if they mate with him
A wetland that is at the watertable and has a direct hydraulic connection to it, fens accumulate peat and the vegetation is dominated by sphagnum moss and small herbs
wet peatland with water mainly coming from groundwater; without sphagnum moss
100 fen equal 1 yuan
a type of wetland that accumulates peat deposits, but not as much as a bog Fens are less acidic than bogs, deriving most of their water from groundwater rich in calcium and magnesium
A sedge-moss type of wetland produced where slightly alkaline water emerges at the surface (Bogs have similar types of vegetation but tend to be acid ) Peat-forming freshwater wetlands are generally non-acidic, receive nutrients mainly from groundwater sources, and are dominated by marsh-like vegetation
Nutrient rich, organic wetland influenced by mineral-bearing groundwater Forms a moderately decomposed peat near the top The surface is usually level and mostly covered with sedges, brown mosses, grasses and willow and birch trees and shrubs
A low, marshy or flooded area of land
Fen is used to refer to an area of low, flat, wet land, especially in the east of England. the flat fen lands near Cambridge. Low, flat, swampy land; a bog or marsh. fenland an area of low flat wet land, especially in Eastern England
A type of wetland having alkaline water and unique plant species (usually on top of limestone)
A peat accumulating wetland that receives some drainage from surrounding mineral soils and usually supports marsh-like vegetation These areas are richer in nutrients and less acidic than bogs The soils under fens are peat (Histosols) if the fen has been present for a while See also bog, pocosin, swamp, and wetland
wetlands that receive nutrients via direct contact with mineral enriched groundwater A "poor" fen has very low concentrations of plant nutrients and floristically resembles a bog A "rich" fen has relatively high concentrations of nutrients, but is still characterized by the accumulation of peat (though this is likely to be primarily from the remains of plants other than sphagnum mosses, such as sedges and brown mosses)
A MIRE that receives water from the surrounding land (unlike a BOG) and hence nutrients from rocks and soils Because of this, a fen supports different communities of plants and animals than a BOG
Low land overflowed, or covered wholly or partially with water, but producing sedge, coarse grasses, or other aquatic plants; boggy land; moor; marsh
low-lying wet land with grassy vegetation; usually is a transition zone between land and water; "thousands of acres of marshland"; "the fens of eastern England"
A plural form of fan used by enthusiasts of science fiction, fantasy, and anime, partly from whimsy and partly to distinguish themselves from fans of sport, etc. (by analogy with men as the plural of man)
A bog with springs as a water source other than precipitation
Plants found in chalky wetland areas typically composed of willowherbs, meadowsweet, reed canary grass and various sedges
an open or lightly treed wetland habitat, more mineral-rich than a bog due because of available groundwater; typically acidic to alkaline
A habitat composed of woodland and swamp
A wetland fed mainly by groundwater
A combination of two drugs formerly prescribed for weight loss
Fen River
River, Shanxi province, northern China. After rising in the Guancen Mountains in northwestern Shanxi, it flows southeast to Taiyuan and then southwest through the central valley of Shanxi to join the Huang near Hejin. Its total length is about 340 mi (550 km). With a torrential course and steep gradients, it is a useful waterway only in its lower reaches. Its valley was an early center of civilization and has remained an important route, linking the Beijing area with the strategically vital Shanxi province and the major land routes to Central Asia
fen cricket
The mole cricket
fen orchid
small terrestrial orchid of eastern North America and Europe having two nearly basal leaves and dull yellow-green racemose flowers
Silicon Fen
the area of high-tech businesses around Cambridge, England
A lowland district of eastern England west and south of the Wash. Early attempts by the Romans to drain the area were abandoned by Anglo-Saxon times. Modern-day reclamation of the Fens began in the 17th century. an area of flat land in eastern England which used to be partly covered by the sea and now produces good crops
a fen
plural of fen
{i} lowland district of reclaimed marshland in east England
Türkçe - İngilizce

Tom doesn't want to be a doctor, although he's very good in science. - Fen bilgisinde iyi olmasına rağmen, Tom bir doktor olmak istemiyor.

The lesson is science. - Dersimiz fen ve teknoloji.

technology, applied science
collective name for physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology
natural philosophy
fen bilgisi
(Eğitim) science

I'm an eighth-grade science teacher in Boston. - Boston'da sekizinci sınıf fen bilgisi öğretmeniyim.

Tom is a science teacher. - Tom bir fen bilgisi öğretmeni.

fen bilimleri
fen ve teknoloji
science and technology
fen bilgisi öğretmeni
(Eğitim) science teacher
fen bilimleri enstitüsü
(Eğitim) institute of science
fen bilimleri fakültesi
(Eğitim) faculty of sciences
fen bilimleri yüksek lisansı
(Eğitim) master of science
fen bilimlerinde kanun
fen edebiyat fakültesi
(Eğitim) faculty of science and letters
fen fakültesi
college of science
fen lisesi
science high school
fen-edebiyat fakültesi
faculty of science and letters
fen bilimi
of science
fen dersi
Science lesson
fen edebiyat fakültesi
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
fen Fakültesi
the College of Science (in Istanbul University)
fen fakültesi diploması
Bachelor of Science
fen fakültesi mezunu
Bachelor of Science
fen kulübü
fen kulübü
athenaeum [Brit.]
fen kulübü
fen laboratuvarı
science lab
fen zilyedlik
(Kanun) derivative possession
fen İşleri Müdürlüğü
municipal department of technical services
fen öğretmeni
science teacher
Fen bilimleri
life sciences
sanat fen okulu