yukarı aşağı

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Turkish - English
up and down

They bounced up and down. - Onlar yukarı aşağı zıpladı.

He shook his head up and down. - O, başını yukarı aşağı salladı.

alternately upward and downward; "he eyed him up and down"
higher and lower; ascending and descending; back and forth
holed in two shots from off the green (most commonly thought of as a chip, pitch or sand shot followed by one putt, as in "up" onto the green and "down" into the hole) Example: His approach shot missed the mark, but he got up and down to save par
Vertical (said of the anchor rode)
moving backward and forward along a given course; "he walked up and down the locker room"; "all up and down the Eastern seaboard"
to put in the hole in two shots from off the green Example: a chip, pitch or sand shot followed by one putt, as in "up" onto the green and "down" into the hole
alternately upward and downward; "he eyed him up and down
Means missing the green in regulation but still achieving par Usually by playing one chip or bunker shot followed by just one putt
Holing out from off the green in two strokes: an approach shot and a single putt It is more common for players to go "up, across, beyond, next to, around and down" or "up, way over, under, into, through, along, onto, beside and down "
aşağı yukarı
more or less, at a guess, rough, roughly, about
aşağı yukarı işlemek
aşağı yukarı sallanmak
aşağı yukarı
aşağı tükürsem sakal/sakalım, yukarı tükürsem bıyık/bıyığım
(Konuşma Dili) I am faced with an impossible choice
aşağı tükürsen sakal, yukarı tükürsen bıyık
I have to choose between the devil and the deep (blue) sea
aşağı yukarı
in the neighborhood of
aşağı yukarı approximately, more or less
aşağı ... yukarı used in expressions such as: Hasan aşağı Hasan yukarı. It's "Hasan" all the time, nothing but "Hasan."
beş aşağı beş yukarı
after some bargaining
beş aşağı beş yukarı
after some haggling, approximately
bir aşağı bir yukarı
(to come and go) aimlessly
bir aşağı bir yukarı
chopping and changing
bir aşağı bir yukarı
to and fro
bir aşağı bir yukarı gitmek
pace up and down
bir yukarı bir aşağı
up and down
yukarı tükürsem bıyık, aşağı tükürsem sakal
(Konuşma Dili) I'm faced with an impossible choice./I'm damned if I don't (do it), and I'm damned if I do (do it)./I'm sitting on the horns of a dilemma
üç aşağı beş yukarı

It's better to be approximately right than completely wrong. - Tamamen yanlış olmasındansa üç aşağı beş yukarı doğru olması daha iyidir.

üç aşağı beş yukarı
roughly, approximately
üç aşağı beş yukarı anlaşmak
(for a buyer and a seller) to agree on a price (after bargaining)
üç aşağı beş yukarı dolaşmak
to pace or wander back and forth, pace or wander up and down. Ü
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aşağı yukarı
Tama yakın, yaklaşık olarak
aşağı yukarı
Bir baştan bir başa
yukarı aşağı