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{n} the act of stealing, a thing stolen, dishonesty
The thing stolen
the act of taking something from someone unlawfully; "the thieving is awful at Kennedy International"
The willful taking of one person's property by another, wrongfully To recover indemnity, an intent permanently to deprive the owner of his/her property need not be established for there to be a theft under the policy
- Any act of stealing Theft includes larceny, burglary and robbery
The act of stealing property
Theft Act 1968, s 1 (1) "A person is guilty of theft if he dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it; and thief and steal shall be construed accordingly
Crime The act of stealing   It includes such acts are larceny, burglary, and robbery
(Vol) The wrongful taking of the property of another Any act of stealing, including larceny, pilfering, robbery or burglary
any act of stealing
The wrongful taking of the property of another It is a broad term and includes larceny, pilfering, hold-up, robbery and pick-pocketing
Any act of stealing, including burglary, robbery and larceny
Punished by restitution, the proportions of which are noted in 2 Sam 12: 6 If the thief could not pay the fine, he was to be sold to a Hebrew master till he could pay (Ex 22: 1-4) A night-thief might be smitten till he died, and there would be no blood-guiltiness for him (22: 2) A man-stealer was to be put to death (21: 16) All theft is forbidden (Ex 20: 15; 21: 16; Lev 19: 11; Deut 5: 19; 24: 7; Ps 50: 18; Zech 5: 3; Matt 19: 18; Rom 13: 9; Eph 4: 28; 1 Pet 4: 15)
This is a common word for "act of stealing " There is no precise meaning in law
When the vehicle has been taken without your consent or knowledge
Unlawful taking of money, securities, or other property to the deprivation of the insured; includes burglary, robbery See also Burglary; Robbery
In Crime Insurance, a broad term encompassing any unlawful taking of property, including burglary and robbery Usually excludes employee dishonesty and mysterious disappearance
Theft is the crime of stealing. Art theft is now part of organised crime. In law, the crime of taking the property or services of another without consent. Under most statutes, theft encompasses the crimes of larceny, robbery, and burglary. Larceny is the crime of taking and carrying away the goods of another with intent to steal. Grand larceny, or larceny of property of substantial value, is a felony, whereas petty larceny, or larceny of less valuable property, is a misdemeanour. The same principle applies to grand theft and petty theft, which need not necessarily involve the "carrying away" of property and may include the theft of services. Robbery is an aggravated form of larceny involving violence or the threat of violence directed against the victim in his presence. Burglary is defined as the breaking and entering of the premises of another with an intent to commit a felony within. Two offenses usually distinguished from theft are embezzlement and fraud
The act of stealing For example, claiming travel-allowance from two sources for the same trip
This is the common word for "acts of stealing " There is no precise meaning in law
Any act of stealing, including robbery and burglary
{i} robbery, burglary
Including attempted theft and loss of property from a known place when it is likely that the property has been stolen This peril does not include loss caused by theft: (a) committed by the insured; (b) in or to a dwelling under construction, or of materials and supplies for use in the construction until the dwelling is finished and occupied; or (c) from that part of a residence premises rented by an insured to other than an insured This peril does not include loss caused by theft that occurs off the residence premises of: (a) property while at any other residence owned by, rented to or occupied by an insured except while an insured is temporarily living there Property of a student who is an insured is covered while at a residence away from home of the students had been there at any time during the 45 days immediately before the loss; (b) watercraft, and their furnishings, equipment and outboard engines or motors; or (c) trailers and campers
The act of stealing; specifically, the felonious taking and removing of personal property, with an intent to deprive the rightful owner of the same; larceny
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grand theft auto
The criminal act of stealing or attempting to steal a motor vehicle
identity theft
The deliberate assumption of another person's identity, usually to gain access to that person's finances or to frame a person for a crime
petty theft
A theft of property having a value lower than a certain small amount set forth in a statute, and considered to be a less serious class of crime
{n} a theme, subject, proposition, position
grand theft
Grand theft is a felony crime in the United States defined as the theft of objects exceeding a certain monetary value, as set by statute or court ruling
A theft
anti-theft device
Select Recovery Device if the system has a device that is capable of tracking (homing) and recovering the vehicle These systems must automatically contact a response center where the process of vehicle recovery begins This does not include alarms which do not have contact with a center or vehicle tracking To receive an anti-theft discount, comprehensive and collision coverage must be present on your policy
anti-theft device
Devices designed either to reduce the chance an auto will be vandalized or stolen, or assist in its recovery Examples include car alarms, keyless entry, starter disablers, motion detectors, parts of the vehicle etched with the Vehicle Identification Number, and recovery systems
anti-theft device
Insurance companies sometimes give a discount for any type of electronic vehicle anti-theft device There are two types: passive and active Passive systems are self arming, usually at a specified interval after the last door is shut Active devices must be armed by the driver, usually by a remote activator
anti-theft device
A device that is capable of tracking and recovering the automobile, usually through a homing device This type of system will contact a response center to begin the process of recovering the stolen automobile
commit a theft
steal, rob, commit a burglary
foil a theft
{f} stop a theft, prevent someone from stealing
grand theft
{i} (Law) grand larceny, theft of property (including money) valued above a certain amount
identity theft
the co-option of another person's personal information e
identity theft
name, social security number, credit card number, passport without that person's knowledge and the fraudulent use of such knowledge
The unlawful taking or attempted taking of prop-erty other than a motor vehicle from the possession of another, by stealth, without force and without deceit, with intent to perma-nently deprive the owner of the property
The unlawful taking, carrying, leading or riding away of another person's property
petty theft
{i} (Law) petty larceny, theft of property valued below the grand larceny limit
prosecute for theft
take to court of charges of robbery
plural of theft