telaffuz edilebilir

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Turkish - English
Capable of being distinctly enunciated or pronounced in speech
Capable of being expressed clearly in language

Even scientific propositions regarding entities like strange attractors or quarks are not understood by many people—and are accepted as real only when these abstruse ideas, often enunciable only as mathematical equations, have been translated into practical results..

Capable of being enunciated or expressed
telaffuz et

This word is difficult to pronounce. - Bu sözcüğü telaffuz etmek zordur.

I don't know how to pronounce Tom's last name. - Tom'un soyadını telaffuz etmeyi bilmiyorum.

telaffuz et
{f} enunciating
telaffuz et
telaffuz et
{f} pronounced

This is the first time I've ever pronounced this word correctly. - İlk defa bu kelimeyi doğru olarak telaffuz ettim.

Tom carefully pronounced the words. - Tom kelimeleri dikkatlice telaffuz etti.

telaffuz edilebilir