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English - Turkish
proje destekleyicisi
-e kefil olmak
sponsorluğunu yapmak
destek sağlamak
(Ticaret) koruyuculuğunu yapan
(Ticaret) mali destek sağlayan
(Politika, Siyaset) destekçi
(Askeri) yükümlü
vaftiz baba
(Ticaret) himaye eden
vaftiz anne
{i} finansör
kefil olmak
ünalgı-sınalgı bağdarlamasının masraflarını karşılayıp reklam yapan firma
{f} destek sağ
bir radyo veya televizyon programının masraflarını karşılayıp reklam yapan firma
sponsorship kefalet
{i} radyo/televizyon programının veya bir sanat faaliyetinin maliyetini karşılayan firma, sponsor
manevi baba veya ana
(proje yönetimi) proje destekleyicisi
{i} vaftiz babası
{i} maddi destek sağlayan kimse
{i} hami
{f} arka çıkmak
(Askeri) YÜKÜMLÜ: Bakmakla yükümlü olduğu kişiler olan sivil veya askeri şahıs
{f} himaye etmek
{f} parasal destek sağlamak
{i} sponsor
{i} (Hristiyanlık) vaftiz babası; vaftiz annesi
{i} vaftiz anası
{f} finanse etmek
{i} arka çıkan kimse
(Askeri) (EXERCISE) TATBİKATI YAPTIRAN KOMUTAN: Özel bir tatbikatı tasarlayan veya kendi karargah heyeti ya da bir ast karargah tarafından planlanıp icrasını emreden komutan
vaftiz babası veya anası
{i} para sağlayan kimse
{f} desteklemek
(Ticaret) destekleyen
(Ticaret) arka olan
vaftiz annesi
sponsor, the sponsor of the project
sponsor, projenin sponsoru
sponsor form
(Ticaret) sponsor belgesi
sponsor form
(Ticaret) sponsor formu
be sponsor
sponsor olmak
(Pazarlama) sponsorluk
executive sponsor
yürütme sponsor
Joint Staff doctrine sponsor
(Askeri) Müşterek Karargah doktrin komutanı
exercise sponsor
(Askeri) tatbikat tertipleyicisi
exercise sponsor
(Askeri) TATBİKAT TERTİPLEYİCİSİ: Bir tatbikat görevini alıp, planlanması ve icraatını kendi personeli veya bir tali karargah tarafından yapılmasını emreden komutan
project sponsor
(Ticaret) proje sponsoru
project sponsor
(Politika, Siyaset) proje destekçisi
{i} destek
{i} himaye
{i} kefillik
Turkish - Turkish
Bir işin, bir faaliyetin maddi ve manevi yönünü üstlenen kimse veya kurum
English - English
To be a sponsor for
One that pays all or part of the cost of an event, a publication, or a media program, usually in exchange for advertising time

And now a word from our sponsor.

A person or organisation with some sort of responsibility for another person or organisation, especially where the responsibility has a religious, legal, or financial aspect

They were my sponsors for immigration.

{n} a surety, proxy, godfather
In benchmarking, organizations that initiate and participate in a benchmarking study Sponsors typically set the goals for a study as well as contribute their information by responding to questionnaires or participating in interviews In change or project management the sponsor is the customer, the person or organization paying for the project or for the change
A person or entity that initiates a clinical investigation of a drug-usually the drug manufacturer or research institution that developed the drug The sponsor does not actually conduct the investigation, but rather distributes the new drug to investigators and physicians for clinical trials The drug is administered to subjects under the immediate direction of an investigator who is not also a sponsor
– A person or entity that initiates a clinical investigation of a drug — usually the drug manufacturer or research institution that developed the drug The sponsor does not actually conduct the investigation, but rather distributes the new drug to investigators and physicians for clinical trials The drug is administered to subjects under the immediate direction of an investigator who is not also a sponsor A clinical investigator may, however, serve as a sponsor-investigator The sponsor assumes responsibility for investigating the new drug, including responsibility for compliance with applicable laws and regulations The sponsor, for example, is responsible for obtaining FDA approval to conduct a trial and for reporting the results of the trial to the FDA
An organization which selects and manages the choice of health insurance products for a group of individuals Sponsors include employers, government and quasi-public organizations established to manage insurance choice (e g , HIPCs)
7. A sponsor is a person or organization that sponsors something or someone. I understand Coca-Cola are to be named as the new sponsors of the League Cup later this week
do one's shopping at; do business with; be a customer or client of
The pharmaceutical company, research institution, or healthcare organization that funds a clinical trial and designs the protocol
Many Web pages have organizations, businesses, institutions like universities or nonprofit foundations, or other interests which "sponsor" the page Frequently you can find a link titled "Sponsors" or an "About us" link explaining who or what (if anyone) is sponsoring the page Sometimes the advertisers on the page (banner ads, links, buttons to sites that sell or promote something) are "sponsors " WHY is this important? Sponsors and the funding they provide may, or may not, influence what can be said on the page or site -- can bias what you find, by excluding some opposing viewpoint or causing some other imbalanced information The site is not bad because of sponsors, but you they should alert you to the need to evaluate a page or site very carefully
an individual, company, institution, or organisation which takes responsibility for the initiation, management, and/or financing of a clinical trial
If you sponsor a proposal or suggestion, you officially put it forward and support it. Eight senators sponsored legislation to stop the military funding
To donate money to
When people refer to a sponsor for immigration purposes, they usually mean a petitioner A sponsor can be a U S citizen, U S permanent resident or U S employer who undertakes to bring an immigrant legally into the U S Close U S relatives or U S employers who need your services in their businesses are the only ones with the legal ability to act as sponsors When they do so, they are called petitioners Years ago, any willing U S citizen could bring any foreigner into the U S simply by vouching for his or her character and guaranteeing his or her financial support Under the present U S immigration laws, this type of financial sponsorship is no longer possible
An external funding source that enters into an agreement with the university to support research, instruction, public service, or other sponsored activities Sponsors include private businesses, corporations, foundations and other not-for-profit organizations, other universities, and federal, state, and local governments
assume sponsorship of assume responsibility for or leadership of; "The senator announced that he would sponsor the health care plan
The legislator(s), state agency, or legislative committee which introduces a measure The name of this person or committee is printed at the top of the measure
a sponsor is an individual other than the parents of a child that takes responsibility for the child's religious education Sponsors are usually present at a child's baptism Sponsors are often referred to as godparents
assume sponsorship of
An individual or business establishment that financially supports a race driver, team, race or series of races in return for advertising and marketing benefits
If a company or organization sponsors a television programme, they pay to have a special advertisement shown at the beginning and end of the programme, and at each commercial break. Companies will now be able to sponsor programmes on ITV and Channel
assume responsibility for or leadership of; "The senator announced that he would sponsor the health care plan"
an advocate who presents a person (as for an award or a degree or an introduction etc )
The legislator, private individual, or group who developed a piece of legislation and advocates its passage
A person or entity that initiates, funds, or is responsible for a research study Under some circumstances, e g , cooperative agreements, as well as some commercially sponsored research, a sponsor also may participate in conducting the study A sponsor may be an individual; a pharmaceutical company, device manufacturer, or other company; a governmental agency; an academic institution; a foundation or other public or private organization For research that is regulated by FDA, the sponsor is the entity responsible for meeting FDA requirements in initiating and conducting a study, submitting annual reports and safety reports, and in preparing and presenting an application for approval to market a new drug or device 21 CFR 50 3(e)
The legislator who guides the bill through the legislative process after the bill has passed the originating chamber The sponsor must be a member of the opposite chamber of the one in which the bill was filed
Similar to a presenter However, "sponsor" is used when organizations have artists in residence rather than in a performance situation
someone who supports or champions something
A person or organisation with some sort of responsibility for another person or organisation, especially where the responsibility has a religious or financial aspect
any organization-federal and state agencies, private foundations, business and industry, nonprofit associations, local government-that funds or "sponsors" a research or training project ORDA and other SIUC units also sponsor various research activities (e g , Faculty Research/Creative Grants), but because these are internal awards they are not technically considered sponsored projects, which are externally funded
(Executive Sponsor and Project Sponsor) - The person who has ultimate authority over the project The Executive Sponsor provides project funding, resolves issues and scope changes, approves major deliverables and provides high-level direction They also champion the project within their organization Depending on the project, and the organizational level of the Executive Sponsor, they may delegate day-to-day tactical management to a Project Sponsor If assigned, the Project Sponsor represents the Executive Sponsor on a day-to-day basis, and makes most of the decisions requiring sponsor approval If the decision is large enough, the Project Sponsor will take it to the Executive Sponsor
If an organization or an individual sponsors something such as an event or someone's training, they pay some or all of the expenses connected with it, often in order to get publicity for themselves. The competition was sponsored by Ruinart Champagne = finance
An organization or individual, external to the College, that provides funds to carry out programs or projects
{f} back, support, finance, subsidize, promote
When a country or an organization such as the United Nations sponsors negotiations between countries, it suggests holding the negotiations and organizes them. Given the strength of pressure on both sides, the superpowers may well have difficulties sponsoring negotiations
The legislator who introduces a bill (or resolution) Other legislators may show their support by signing on as co-sponsors The principal sponsor of a bill controls that bill
One who at the baptism of an infant professes the Christian faith in its name, and guarantees its religious education; a godfather or godmother
{i} one who donates money; person or organization that promotes or supports (an event, program, candidate, etc.); godparent
This field was used only for World War II advertisements to note if a company or the government sponsored the ad or space in the magazine or newspaper, etc The same searching strategy as Company name applies
The organization that funds a research project
In Britain, if you sponsor someone who is doing something to raise money for charity, for example trying to walk a certain distance, you agree to give them a sum of money for the charity if they succeed in doing it. Please could you sponsor me for my school's campaign for Help the Aged?
If one country accuses another of sponsoring attacks on it, they mean that the other country does not do anything to prevent the attacks, and may even encourage them. We have to make the states that sponsor terrorism pay a price. = support
One who binds himself to answer for another, and is responsible for his default; a surety
The member of the House or the member of the Senate who introduces a bill The sponsor is sometimes called the author Also see "Co-sponsor "
The sponsor is the company, research institution, group, foundation, or government agency that funds a research study
(See also DesignShop Sponsor ) An individual or small group who hold primary responsibility or a principal stake in the outcome of a DesignShop® event, NavCenter™ System, Management Center™ environment, or session Often the sponsor is the champion of the idea which the shop or center is designed to address The sponsor may also be a manager or executive Often a sponsor team is assembled made up of representatives from various constituents who comprise the participants in the DesignShop
A sponsor of a bill or resolution who is not the principal sponsor
two or more companies or people that join together to help support, plan and carry out an activity Many companies will sponsor events as a good-will effort in their communities and in exchange for their sponsorship and support will receive recognition and limited advertising
v i to contribute to a secondary account - n a person who contributes to a secondary account
  The sponsor(s) of a bill or resolution in addition to the prime sponsor
Used in place of "Sponsor" when two or more members of the House or two or more members of the Senate jointly introduce a bill
executive sponsor
The management role that provides the corporate goal and budget for the project being considered Executive sponsors are typically directors, department heads or vice- presidents, and they operate from a project review or screening board during project selection
executive sponsor
An executive-level manager who interacts with the project team leader and acts as liaison with other executive staff members in taking high-level responsibility to champion, guide, and monitor a given project
executive sponsor
The person or group who has final authority over project wide decisions This person or group should be responsible for committing to a feature set, approving the user interface design, and deciding whether the software is ready to release to its users or customers If the decision-making authority is a group, each person in the group should represent a different interest - management, marketing, development, quality assurance, and so on Sometimes this group is the Change Board
{s} backed, supported, financed, subsidized, promoted
In Britain, a sponsored event is an event in which people try to do something such as walk or run a particular distance in order to raise money for charity. The sponsored walk will raise money for AIDS care
past of sponsor
present participle of sponsor
third-person singular of sponsor
(sponsors, sponsors html) • Sponsors of serraolaser site
Members of Congress who propose legislation; there is only one sponsor for each measure
Key organizations and individuals that offer strong initial support to an initiative
plural of , sponsor
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A legislator who proposes and urges adoption of a bill Choosing the right representative and/or senator to help push an interior design bill through the legislature is essential for a positive vote
A transaction between two parties in which financial consideration is exchanged for purchase of a tangible such as advertising, signage or event participation The funds usually come from the marketing budget with an expectation for a marketing return
Sponsorship is an association with a Web site in some way that gives an advertiser some particular visibility and advantage above that of run-of-site advertising When associated with specific content, sponsorship can provide a more targeted audience than run-of-site ad buys Sponsorship also implies a "synergy and resonance" between the Web site and the advertiser Some sponsorships are available as value-added opportunities for advertisers who buy a certain minimum amount of advertising
Affiliation with an existing nonprofit organization for the purpose of receiving grants Grantseekers may either apply for federal tax-exempt status or affiliate with a nonprofit sponsor
The state or practice of being a sponsor
The relationship between a sponsor and a property, in which the sponsor pays a cash or in-kind fee in return for a marketing affiliated with the property Sponsee A property available for sponsorship
A person or group within an organization that funds, provides rationale, and takes responsibility for a project (back to top)
Some companies offer a sum of money to students during their studies   In return the student may work for them during their studies or during vacations and should have an interest in working for the company when they graduate Sponsorships are not only for students on vocational courses Click here for more information
The Green Alliance is about being involved and making a difference in our world In order to be successful at educating the community on how to integrate Green principles in all aspect of our lives, we must rely on strategic partnerships With financial support for the Alliance programming, the all too important mission of green is achievable Through these programs we create a broad-based understanding of Green Principals resulting in sustaining our resources, our economy, our natural beauty, and, most importantly, fostering a healthy environment resulting in a healthier lifestyle for our family, friends, and neighbors Your support is appreciated and your involvement is essential
the act of sponsoring (either officially or financially)
Sponsorships are increasing in popularity on the Internet A sponsorship is when an advertisers pays to sponsor content, usually a section of Web site oran e-mail newsletter In the case of a site, the sponship may include banners or buttons on the site, and possibly a tag line
Enhancing the demand for a stock through research and order flow
Sponsorships are increasing in popularity on the Internet A sponsorship is when an advertiser pays to sponsor content, usually a section of Web site or an e-mail newsletter In the case of a site, the sponsorship may include banners or buttons on the site, and possibly a tag line
Often an integral part of the "revenue" for a event/congress Sponsorship may come from a variety of sources, particularly from organisations wishing to build their presence and association with the delegate profiles This may take the form of money or the provision of certain necessary services and facilities for the event
Sponsorship of something is the act of sponsoring it. When it is done properly, arts sponsorship can be more effective than advertising
State of being a sponsor
This research is sponsored by the Advanced Research Project Agency, ARPA order number 018 (formerly 8230), monitored by the U S Army Research Laboratory under contract DAAB07-91-C-Q518
A "long term" advertising relationship that typically involves the payment of a fixed fee to display a banner or other graphic on a website, or be included in an email newsletter
Sponsorship may be regarded as a 'partnership' between an organisation and another organisation or event in which the sponsor publicly endorses an activity and ties its reputation with that of the organisation or event being sponsored
The aid or support provided by a sponsor; backing or patronage
is money given to an Amateur Competitor or to the Amateur Competitor's teacher to pay for dance lessons, travel expenses, competition expenses, etc for the purpose of supporting the Amateur Competitor
An organization or individual associates itself with an initiative or project through funding, endorsement, or another contribution
The financial or material support of an event, activity, person, organisation or product by an unrelated organisation or donor p 467
{i} funding, endorsement; position of a person who is responsible for the welfare of another; state of being a godparent
Advertisers sponsor content, usually a section of Web site or an email newsletter
Sponsorship is financial support given by a sponsor. Campbell is one of an ever-growing number of skiers in need of sponsorship
Turkish - English
(Bilgisayar) sponsored by
sponsor olmak
be sponsor
sponsor belgesi
(Ticaret) sponsor form
sponsor formu
(Ticaret) sponsor form