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English - Turkish
(İnşaat) rötre
{i} fire
(Askeri) çekme  payı
çekilme payı
(odun) çapçekme
{i} daralma
{i} değeri düşme
{i} çekme
{i} (kumaşta) çekme
(Tıp) Büzüşme derecesi, çekilme miktarı
{i} küçülme
{i} çekme payı
(Bilgisayar) fire sayısı
(Ticaret) çekmek
shrinkage allowance
(Mekanik) çekilme payı
shrinkage coefficient
(Gıda) büzülme katsayısı
shrinkage crack
(İnşaat) rötre çatlağı
shrinkage crack
büzülme çatlaması
shrinkage in length
(Tekstil) boyuna çekme
shrinkage in width
(Tekstil) enine çekme
shrinkage joint
rötre derzi
shrinkage limit
(Jeoloji) büzülme limiti
shrinkage limit
rötre limiti
shrinkage measuring device
(Tekstil) çekme ölçüm aleti
shrinkage of concrete
(İnşaat) betonun büzülmesi
shrinkage phenomena
rötre olayı
shrinkage prevention
rötre önlenmesi
shrinkage properties
rötre özellikleri
shrinkage ratio
rötre oranı
shrinkage reinforcement
rötre teçhizatı
shrinkage reinforcement
(İnşaat) rötre donatısı
shrinkage temperature
büzülme sıcaklığı
shrinkage tendency
rötre eğilimi
drying shrinkage
(İnşaat) kuruma rötresi
drying shrinkage
kuruma büzülmesi
amount of shrinkage
çekme miktarı
casting shrinkage
döküm firesi
compressive shrinkage
sıkıştırmalı çektirme
crack due to shrinkage
büzülmenin yol açtığı çatlak
economic shrinkage
ekonomik daralma
solidification shrinkage
katılaşma büzülmesi, katılaşma çekmesi
amount of shrinkage
büzülme miktarı
compressive shrinkage
(Teknik,Tekstil) kompresif çektirme
felting shrinkage
(Tekstil) keçelesme çekmesi
felting shrinkage
(Teknik,Tekstil) keçeleşme büzülmesi
felting shrinkage
(Tekstil) keçeli kumaş çekme payı
felting shrinkage
(Tekstil) keçelesme büzülmesi
felting shrinkage
(Teknik,Tekstil) keçeleşme çekmesi
initial shrinkage
başlangıç çekmesi
linear shrinkage
lineer büzülme (rötre)
linear shrinkage
boysal çekme
linear shrinkage
lineer rötre
lumber shrinkage
(Marangozluk) kerestenin çekmesi
radial shrinkage
radyal çekme
ultimate shrinkage
son büzülme
volumetric shrinkage
hacimsel çekme
English - English
The loss of merchandise through theft
The reduction in size of the male genitalia following immersion in cold water

And of course, one of the most important questions of all, especially among male plungers, is, What about shrinkage?!.

The act of shrinking, or the proportion by which something shrinks
a contraction of any material into less bulk or dimension
{n} a shrinking, contraction
loss in inventory or money, due to customer or employee theft
The gradual loss of inventory over time due to damage, misplacement, or theft
contraction of a coating film during the drying process Some shrinkage into the substrate can still occur also a few weeks after curing
It is the deviation of dimensions of the moulded part from the dimensions of cavity when measured on moulded part after certain hours Compressibility, thermal expansion and pvT characteristics influence the dimensions of moulded part
the amount by which something shrinks
the contraction of a material and consequent size reduction on exposure to environmental conditions, such as reduced temperature, increased temperature, lowered humidity, etc For fabrics, see Relaxation Shrinkage
Reductions or loss of inventory quantities from scrap, theft, deterioration, evaporation, etc
of clay is most evident during the drying process, as much as 10 percent, and additional shrinkage which occurs during firing depends, to a considerable extent, upon the end firing temperature, and it could be estimated at about one-half the initial shrinkage Thus, the total shrinkage which can be in the vicinity of 10 to 15 percent
Shrinkage causes the post-mold dimensions of plastic parts to differ from the mold cavity dimensions
Decrease in wood dimensions due to loss of water in the wood cell walls Shrinkage across the grain of wood occurs when the moisture content falls below 30 percent, the fiber saturation point Below the fiber saturation point, shrinkage is generally proportional to moisture content, down to a moisture content of zero percent Shrinkage is "pressed as a percentage of the green wood dimensions
-The decreasing in size of a log as it loses some of its moisture content over time Typically in our homes, we see no shrinkage since we use on Eastern White Pine and they are properly dried
An irreversible reduction in the size/volume of a ceramic piece or glaze which is caused during the drying and firing process This differs from expansion and contraction, which occurs naturally as a piece heats and cools All pieces usually undergo a small amount of shrinkage It takes a lot of experience and skill to select and work with the right types of clays and glazes so that shrinkage does not deform or otherwise damage a finished piece See also contraction
Reduction in any dimension of a tape
The amount of gas used by a pipeline and the lost and unaccounted for supply, both of which are a function of moving gas for a shipper
The decrease in dimension a molded article undergoes after being molded Shrinkage is caused by cooling and subsequent contraction of the plastic material
The amount of such contraction; the bulk or dimension lost by shrinking, as of grain, castings, etc
The act of shrinking; a contraction into less bulk or measurement
A reduction in length or width of a material caused by certain treatments, especially washing A loss of weight and volume of wool due to scouring when grease, sweat, and foreign matter are removed
The process of shrinking; depreciation in size
The loss generated by comparing an actual quantity to the expected or book amount; commonly refers to a physical count that reduces the perpetual inventory
process or result of becoming less or smaller; "the material lost 2 inches per yard in shrinkage"
The percentage change in the dimension of wood with respect to the swollen size as a basis
-term used to describe the undocumented loss of inventory
Shrinkage is a decrease in the size or amount of something. Allow for some shrinkage in both length and width. the act of shrinking, or the amount that something shrinks
The contraction of wood fibers caused by drying below the fiber saturation point Shrinkage--radial, tangential, and volumetric--is usually expressed as a percentage of the dimension of the wood when green
Inventory recorded on a company's books but not on hand, due to theft, loss or accounting error
Loss of weight or volume by evaporation (See also the term Desiccating goods)
Decreased volume of seal, usually caused by extraction of soluble constituents by fluids followed by air drying
{i} contraction, process of becoming smaller, process of shrinking; amount by which something becomes smaller; decrease in value, depreciation
contraction upon cooling of all or areas of the part Shrinkage occurs less is disorientated material and more across chains of molecules than along their lengths Lower pack area have lower areas of orientation and shrinkage
The dimensional change in wood caused by a decrease in the moisture content below the fiber saturation point
the act of stealing goods that are on display in a store; "shrinkage is the retail trade's euphemism for shoplifting"
Decrease in value; depreciation