isim zikretme

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Turkish - English
To differentiate, make distinct from others
To make particular, as opposed to general; to restrict to a specific or individual case, class etc.; to single out
To be specific about (individual instances); to go into detail (about), to specify

Now it is his daily work to particularize, item by item, the iniquities of the system, and the petty manifestations of the tyranny here in Arras.

{v} to mention particulars, to specify
To be specific about an individual instance
{f} specify; be meticulous about details (also particularise)
To treat something in a particular, rather than a general, way
par·ticu·lar·ize particularizes particularizing particularized in BRIT, also use particularise If you particularize something that you have been talking about in a general way, you give details or specific examples of it. Mr Johnson particularizes the general points he wants to make A farmer is entitled to a certain particularized tax treatment. to give the details of something = itemize
To give as a particular, or as the particulars; to mention particularly; to give the particulars of; to enumerate or specify in detail
To go into detail about something, by giving particulars
To mention or attend to particulars; to give minute details; to be circumstantial; as, to particularize in a narrative
be specific about; "Could you please specify your criticism of my paper?"
isim zikretmek
isim zikretme