inside out

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English - Turkish

Rüzgar o kadar güçlüydü ki Mary'nin şemsiyesini tersyüz etti. - The wind was so strong it blew Mary's umbrella inside out.

Tom çoraplarını tersyüz giymişti. - Tom had his socks on inside out.

içi dışına dönmüş

Gömleğinin içi dışına dönmüş. - Your shirt's on inside out.

turn inside out
içini dışına çıkar
know something inside out
(deyim) Bir konuyu A'dan Z'ye bilmek
turn inside out
turn inside out
tersyüz etmek
turn inside out
ters çevirmek
turn inside out
içini dışına çevirmek, tersyüz etmek
turning inside out
turning inside out
ters çevirme
wash inside out
ters yüz ederek yıkayın
English - English
Describes the hitting of a ball that pitched outside of leg stump to the off side of the field

He hit the ball inside out in an ugly manner, but scored a four.

With the inside surface turned to be on the outside

I now realise that I have my shirt on inside out.

Of knowledge: Thoroughly, extremely well

This is a contraction of the original phrase, 'inside and out', as in: She understands quantum mechanics inside and out.

as a backhand, a throw to the right that curves left; as a forehand, a throw to the left that curves right
thoroughly; from every perspective; "she knows this town inside out"
thoroughly; from every perspective; "she knows this town inside out
very well, thoroughly, perfectly; reversed (of an article of clothing)
with the inside facing outward; "she turned the shirt inside out"
Descriptive of a shot hit with sidespin so that it will curve and bounce away from the opponent
know something inside and out
To know something very thoroughly

He's still new to their system, but he knows databases inside and out and will understand the rest soon.

know something inside out
understand or know something very well and thoroughly, know something perfectly
turn inside out
completely invert, totally overturn
inside out