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frail; unstable
To contradict, to provide proof that something is not

The thought is that you see an episode of observation, experiment, or reasoning as confirming or infirming a hypothesis depending on whether your probability for it increases or decreases during the episode.

Weak or ill, not in good health

He was infirm of body but still keen of mind, and though it looked like he couldn't walk across the room, he crushed me in debate.

insecure; irresolute
lacking in bodily or mental strength
lacking physical strength or vitality; "a feeble old woman"; "her body looked sapless"
To weaken; to enfeeble
Not firm or sound; weak; feeble; as, an infirm body; an infirm constitution
lacking firmness of will or character or purpose; "infirm of purpose; give me the daggers"
Weak of mind or will; irresolute; vacillating
confined to bed (by illness)
lacking firmness of will or character or purpose; "infirm of purpose; give me the daggers" - Shakespeare
{s} weak, feeble; in poor health, ailing; indecisive; unstable; not valid
Not solid or stable; insecure; precarious
A person who is infirm is weak or ill, and usually old. her aging, infirm husband. The infirm are people who are infirm. We are here to protect and assist the weak and infirm. + infirmity infirmities in·fir·mity In spite of his age and infirmity, he still writes plays and novels
- Shakespeare
weak and feeble; "I'm feeling seedy today"
infirm of purpose
lack of purpose or will
feebleness and frailty, especially due to old age
a physical, mental, or moral weakness or flaw
{v} to weaken, enfeeble, shake, shatter
{a} weak, feeble, crazy, sickly, irresolute
plural of infirmity
the state of being weak in health or body (especially from old age)
infirmities bad health or a particular illness
A personal frailty or failing; foible; eccentricity; a weakness or defect
{i} sickness, illness; physical weakness, frailty; lack of moral strength
an unsound, unhealthy, or debilitated state; a disease; a malady; as, infirmity of body or mind
The state of being infirm; feebleness; an imperfection or weakness; esp
In an infirm manner
In an infirm manner; feebly
in an infirm manner; weakly, feebly; in a shaky manner, unstably