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English - Turkish
{i} dengesizlik

Aşk basit bir hormonal dengesizliktir. - Love is simply a temporary hormonal imbalance.

(Ticaret) denksizlik
imbalance, insanity
dengesizlik, delilik
imbalance, lack of balance
denge dengesizliği, eksik
English - English
Is the displacement of the center of gravity from the geometric center of a bowling ball
A condition where the generation and interchange schedules do not match demand
If there is an imbalance in a situation, the things involved are not the same size, or are not the right size in proportion to each other. the imbalance between the two sides in this war. a lack of a fair or correct balance between two things, which results in problems or unfairness = inequality imbalance in
Unequal radial weight distribution on a rotor system; a shaft condition such that the mass and shaft geometric centerlines do not coincide
when a party receives or delivers a quantity of natural gas, then redelivers or uses a larger or smaller quantity of natural gas to another party
Unequal distribution of weight or mass on a rotor The geometric center of the mass is not where it should be: along the shaft centerline
Occurs when opposing or interacting forms are out of equilibrium in a pictorial composition
(mathematics) a lack of symmetry
{i} lack of balance, instability; unequal distribution of weight; lack of coordination
The condition that exists when a tire's mass is not evenly distributed around the rolling axis and centerline, causing bounce (static imbalance) or shake (dynamic imbalance)
The property of not being in balance
uneven distribution of weight resulting in rotating parts being out of balance Measured in inch-grams or inch-ounces
a state of disequilibrium (as may occur in cases of inner ear disease)
Displacement of the center of gravity from the geometric center of a bowling ball
Experiencing an imbalance, out of balance
autonomic imbalance
{i} autonomic ataxia; any distraction of the autonomic nervous system
correct imbalance
fix an imbalance, bring back into balance
If you describe a situation as imbalanced, you mean that the elements within it are not evenly or fairly arranged. the present imbalanced structure of world trade. = uneven
being or thrown out of equilibrium
{s} not balanced, lacking stability; uncoordinated
plural of imbalance