fall on

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English - Turkish
(Fiili Deyim ) 1- hücum etmek , saldırmak 2- üzerine inmek , çökmek
-e hücum etmek, -e saldırmak. This month the twentieth fell on a Friday. Bu ayın yirmisi cumaya rastladı
hücum etmek
vahşice saldırmak
1. beklenmedik anda saldırmak. 2. (birinin gözleri) bir yöne çevrilmek. 3. -e düşmek, rastlamak
English - English
To experience; to suffer; to fall upon

With the rise of the Internet, some media fell on hard times.

If you fall on something when it arrives or appears, you eagerly seize it or welcome it. They fell on the sandwiches with alacrity
assault, attack; devour, attack (food)
if a duty or job falls on someone, they are responsible for doing it: The responsibility usually falls on the mother
1. attack fiercely or unexpectedly. 2. (of someone's eyes) be directed towards. 3. to meet with: "fell on hard times"
literary to suddenly attack or get hold of someone: Some of the older boys fell on him and broke his glasses
literary to eagerly start eating or using something: She fell on the food as if she hadn’t eaten for days
fall on


    Fall on

    Turkish pronunciation

    fôl ôn


    /ˈfôl ˈôn/ /ˈfɔːl ˈɔːn/


    [ 'fol ] (verb.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English feallan; akin to Old High German fallan to fall and perhaps to Lithuanian pulti.

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