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English - Turkish
{i} kumaşçılık
{i} perdelik kumaş
{i} örtü
(Tekstil) 1. kumaş, perdelik kumaş 2. manifatura
{i} döşemelik kumaş
{i} güz. san. drape
{i} kıvrımlar halinde duran kumaş
{i} perde
(Sanat) drape
linen drapery
(Tekstil) manifaturacılık
English - English
A piece of cloth, hung vertically as a curtain; a drape
Cloth draped gracefully in folds
{n} clothwork, the dress of a picture or statue
hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)
cloth gracefully draped and arranged in loose folds
a speleothem which forms when drops of water run down along a slanted ceiling; also known as "bacon "
The occupation of a draper; cloth-making, or dealing in cloth
Drapery is cloth that you buy in a shop. My mother ran a couple of drapery shops
A draped fabric window treatment
Representation in painting or sculpture, of the various folds formed by cloth as it falls, especially in clothing or hangings
{i} cloth; fabric used for curtains
A textile fabric used for decorative purposes, especially when hung loosely and in folds carefully disturbed; as: (a) Garments or vestments of this character worn upon the body, or shown in the representations of the human figure in art
(b) Hangings of a room or hall, or about a bed
You can refer to cloth, curtains, or clothing hanging in folds as drapery or draperies. In the dining-room the draperies create an atmosphere of elegance
Cloth, or woolen stuffs in general
plural of drapery



    Turkish pronunciation



    /ˈdrāpərē/ /ˈdreɪpɜriː/


    [ 'drA-p(&-)rE ] (noun.) 14th century. Old French draperie, from drap (“drape, sheet, large cloth”), ultmately of Germanic origin.

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