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Alternative spelling of clear cut
To remove or cut all trees in a tract of timber at one time
A harvesting and regeneration method that removes all trees within a given area Most commonly used in pine and hardwood forests that require full sunlight to regenerate and grow efficiently
A unit of forest where all the trees are removed It is intended to produce a new even-aged forest stand
Cutting all trees in an area to a minimum diameter, such as 4 inches -All merchantable trees arc cut and removed
A harvest method where an entire stand of trees is removed in one cutting operation, leading to the establishment of an even-aged stand
A silvicultural method which removes all trees from a designated area at one time for the purpose of creating a new, even-aged stand This management system is usually used to regenerate shade-intolerant tree species Variations include patch and strip clearcutting
The removal, in a single cutting, of the entire stand of trees within a designated area Stand regeneration is accomplished by planting the site or by natural seeding from adjacent stands
an area of forest land from which all merchantable trees have recently been harvested
A harvesting technique which removes all the trees (regardless of size) on an are in one operation Clearcutting is most often uses with species which require full sunlight to reproduce and grow well Produces an even-aged forest stand
a harvesting and regeneration method which removes all the trees on in an area; used to produce an even-aged forest stand
A harvest and regeneration technique that removes all trees from an area Also called a regeneration cut
An area of forest land from which all merchantable trees have recently been harvested, usually in preparation for reforestation
Concisely and distinctly expressed
a silvicultural system that removes the entire stand of trees in a single harvesting operation from an area that is 1 hectare or greater and at least two tree heights in width, or is designed to manage the area as an even aged stand
(1)A harvest operation removing an entire stand (regardless of size)in one cut; (2) The area after such a cut
Having a sharp, distinct outline, like that of a cameo