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the smaller of two bullies

I'll take on that chump, and you fight the other one.

the thick end (originally of a joint of meat)

They were shaped as if they had been unskillfully cut off the chump end of something.

someone lacking good sense - especially considered so for being scrupulous or unselfish

What a chump! He could have kept that money!.

a gullible person; a sucker; someone easily taken advantage of; the target of a scam

It shouldn't be hard to put one over on that chump.

an unintelligent person; a blockhead

That chump wouldn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

the opposite of a champ; a loser

Don't be such a chump.

{i} dummy, dupe, person who is easily deceived; lump of wood; mutton; (Slang) head
a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of
{n} a short piece of wood, a low
A short, thick, heavy piece of wood
{f} chomp, chew noisily, take large bites, bite and chew
disapproval If you call someone who you like a chump, you are telling them that they have done something rather stupid or foolish, or that they are always doing stupid things. The guy's a chump. I could do a better job myself. = idiot
chump change
An amount of remuneration, reward, or other monetary recompense considered to be insultingly small

I don't work for chump change. I quit!.

chump change
A sum of money considered to be insignificant

He spent $300,000 for his new car, but that's chump change for a billionaire like him.

chump chop
a type of lamb chop equivalent to rump steak
chump chops
plural form of chump chop
See chump change
Of or pertaining to something of little monetary value

These key principles apply nicely to nearly any negotiation, whether it is an international high-finance deal or a chump-change haggle.

chump change
A small amount of money
off one's chump
Crazy, insane

I'm going away. He's off his chump, he is.

plural of chump