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English - Turkish
{f} Noel ilahisi söylemek
neşeli şarkı
dini şarkı
Noel şarkısı

En sevdiğiniz Noel şarkısı nedir? - What's your favorite Christmas carol?

Tom ve Mary birlikte Noel şarkısı söylediler. - Tom and Mary sang Christmas carols together.

{i} şarkı (neşeli)
{i} ilahi

Bu yıl Noel ilahisi söylemeye gitmeyi planlıyor musun? - Are you planning to go Christmas caroling this year?

Noel ilahilerini seviyorum. - I love Christmas carols.

{f} şarkılarla kutlamak
şarkı söyleyerek kutlamak
caroler Noel şarkısı söyleyen gezginci kimse
Christmas carol Noel ilahisi
noel şarkı

En sevdiğiniz Noel şarkısı nedir? - What's your favorite Christmas carol?

Benim favori Noel şarkılarımdan dördü Silent Night , Joy to the World , The First Noel ve Away in the Manger. - Four of my favorite Christmas carols are Silent Night, Joy to the World, The First Noel and Away in the Manger.

neşeyle şarkı söyle
{i} Noel ilahisi

Bu yıl Noel ilahisi söylemeye gitmeyi planlıyor musun? - Are you planning to go Christmas caroling this year?

{f} şarkılar söylemek
halk şarkısı
Christmas carol
noel şarkısı
Christmas carol
(isim)el şarkısı
English - English
A female given name, popular in the middle of the 20th century

Holly, would you mind if I named my little girl 'Holly'? I mean, it's right around Christmas time, and I always think of holly with Christmas. I like the name Carol, too, like Christmas carol. I heard once that the name Carol means 'song of joy'.

A male given name

There's Carol like a rolling car.

A round dance accompanied by singing
A song of joy

The sunshine struck hot on his fur, soft breezes caressed his heated brow, and after the seclusion of the cellarage he had lived in so long the carol of happy birds fell on his dulled hearing almost like a shout.

To sing in a joyful manner
To praise (someone or something) in or with a song
To sing (a song) cheerfully
A religious song or ballad of joy

They sang a Christmas carol.

To sing carols, especially Christmas carols in a group
{v} to sing, warble, praise, extol, magnify
{n} a song of joy, devotion or praise
given name, male
also associated by name-givers with the English noun carol
A small closet or inclosure built against a window on the inner side, to sit in for study
A festival hymn, simple in tune, sung during the Christmas Season Traditional Episcopalians do not sing carols before sundown on December 24th, and will sing carols right up until Epiphany, at least two weeks after the rest of America has abandoned them
A song of joy, exultation, or mirth; a lay
{i} song of praise, song of joy; Christmas carol
Carols, or Nowells, were Christmas songs
To sing, especially with joyful notes
sing carols; "They went caroling on Christmas Day"
The word was used as late as the 16th century
To praise or celebrate in song
A round dance
The term was derived from a medieval French word, carole, a circle dance In England it was first associated with pagan songs celegrating the winter solstice It then developed into a song of praise and celebration, usually for Christmas
a hymn or poem often sung, as at Christmas, by a group, with an individual taking the changing stanzas and the group taking the burden or refrain Wynkyn de Worde, Caxton's assistant, printed the first collection of carols in 1521 An example is "I Saw Three Ships "
a joyful song (usually celebrating the birth of Christ)
Carols are Christian religious songs that are sung at Christmas. carol singers at the door. a traditional Christmas song (carol (13-17 centuries), from carole, probably from choraula , from , from choros ( CHORUS) + aulein 'to play a REED2 instrument'). carolled carolling caroled caroling to sing or say something in a happy way. born Oct. 15, 1893, Sinaia, Rom. died April 4, 1953, Estoril, Port. King of Romania (1930-40). He became crown prince on the death of his great uncle, Carol I, in 1914. Because of his scandalous affair with Magda Lupescu (1896?-1977), he was obliged to renounce his rights to the throne and go into exile in 1925, but he returned in 1930 and became king. He gradually undermined Romanian democracy and in 1938 proclaimed a corporatist dictatorship, but in 1940 he was forced to abdicate in favour of his son Michael. orig. Karl Eitel Friedrich, prince von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen born April 20, 1839, Sigmaringen, Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen died Oct. 10 1914, Sinaia, Rom. King of Romania (1881-1914). Originally a German prince, he became prince of Romania in 1866, and when Romania gained full independence from the Ottoman Empire he was crowned its first king. He brought notable military and economic development along Western lines, but his neglect of festering rural problems led to the bloody peasant rebellion of 1907. Popular song, usually of religious joy, associated with a season, especially Christmas. It typically alternates verses with a repeated refrain or chorus. The carol originated in medieval England, with texts in English or Latin or both, and it was often associated with dancing and processions. The French noë l, the German Weihnachtslied, and the Spanish villancico can also be regarded as carols. Burnett Carol Carol II Jemison Mae Carol Oates Joyce Carol Reed Sir Carol Carol I
to sing joyfully; to warble
Joyful music, as of a song
A song of praise of devotion; as, a Christmas or Easter carol
Any festive religious song that follows the melodies of secular songs rather than sacred hymns
{f} sing; sing Christmas carols; praise and glorify in song
To sing; esp
joyful religious song celebrating the birth of Christ
a joyful song (usually celebrating the birth of Christ) joyful religious song celebrating the birth of Christ sing carols; "They went caroling on Christmas Day
carol singer
a person, often one of a group, who sings carols, especially at Christmas
carol singers
plural form of carol singer
Carol Burnett
born April 26, 1933, San Antonio, Texas, U.S. U.S. comedian and actress. She made her Broadway debut in Once upon a Mattress (1959), then appeared regularly on television in The Garry Moore Show (1959-62). Her gift for parody and her knock-kneed comic grace gained her a wide following. The weekly Carol Burnett Show (1966-77) became one of television's most popular programs and won her five Emmy Awards. She acted in several films, including Pete n' Tillie (1972) and Annie (1982), and returned to Broadway in Moon over Buffalo (1995)
Carol City
An unincorporated community of southeast Florida northwest of Miami Beach. It is mainly residential. Population: 53,331
Carol Stream
A village of northeast Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Population: 31,716
A Christmas Carol
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A Christmas Carol
A novella written in 1843 by Charles Dickens about the ideological, ethical, and emotional transformations of Ebenezer Scrooge that result from visits of ghosts
Christmas carol
a carol (song or hymn) whose lyrics are on the theme of Christmas, or the winter season in general
A carol singer
A Christmas Carol
a short novel by Charles Dickens about an unpleasant old man called Scrooge who hates to spend money. On Christmas Eve several ghosts visit him to warn him about what will happen if he does not change. When he wakes up the next morning, he becomes a happy generous person, especially to his worker Bob Cratchit and Cratchit's sick son, Tiny Tim
Christmas carol
song or poem celebrating the holiday of Christmas
Christmas carol
a Christian song that people sing at Christmas
Joyce Carol Oates
born June 16, 1938, Lockport, N.Y., U.S. U.S. writer. Oates taught at the University of Windsor (1967-78) and Princeton University (from 1978). Beginning with the story collection By the North Gate (1963) and the novel With Shuddering Fall (1964), she wrote prolifically, often portraying people whose intensely experienced lives end in bloodshed and self-destruction owing to forces beyond their control. Her major novels include Them (1969), Do with Me What You Will (1973), Foxfire (1993), and Beasts (2002). Also significant is a parodic gothic series including Bellefleur (1980), A Bloodsmoor Romance (1982), and Mysteries of Winterthurn (1984)
Mae Carol Jemison
born Oct. 17, 1956, Decatur, Ala., U.S. U.S. physician and astronaut. She received an M.D. from Cornell University and then served in the Peace Corps in Africa. In 1988 she was accepted to NASA's astronaut program and became the first black female astronaut. In 1992 she spent more than a week aboard the space shuttle Endeavour. After leaving NASA in 1993, she taught environmental studies at Dartmouth College
Sir Carol Reed
a British film director, whose films include The Third Man (1949), Our Man in Havana (1959), and the musical film Oliver! (1968) (1906-76). born Dec. 30, 1906, London, Eng. died April 25, 1976, London British film director. He made his stage debut as an actor in 1924 and as a director in 1927, staging Edgar Wallace's detective thrillers. He began directing films in 1935, winning praise for The Stars Look Down (1939), Night Train (1940), and the wartime semidocumentary The True Glory (1945). Noted for his technical mastery of the suspense-thriller genre, he had great success with Odd Man Out (1947), The Fallen Idol (1948), and the classic The Third Man (1949). His later films include The Key (1958), Our Man in Havana (1959), and Oliver! (1968, Academy Award). He was the first British film director to be knighted
{i} one who sings carols, one who sings Christmas songs; one who praises
a singer of carols
A song of joy or devotion; a singing, as of carols
present participle of carol
singing joyful religious songs (especially at Christmas)
present participle of carol
plural of carol



    Turkish pronunciation



    /ˈkarəl/ /ˈkærəl/


    [ 'kar-&l ] (noun.) 14th century. From Old French carole, from Italian carola, from Medieval Latin choraula, from Ancient Greek χοραυλής (choravles, “one who accompanies a chorus on the flute”), from χορός (choros, “dance, choir”) + αυλός (avlos, “flute”).


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