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a social function, especially one with large quantities of food
a sudden release of oil and gas from a well
an extreme and unexpected increase in costs, such as in government estimates for a project
a sudden puncturing of a pneumatic tyre / tire
A sporting contest that is decidedly one-sided and whose outcome is no longer in doubt. Often occurs when one team is superior to the other

The game between the two teams was nothing but a blowout.

a gay festivity
An uncontrolled flow of gas, oil or other fluids from a well
The quick sale of all shares in an IPO
A depression in the land surface caused by wind erosion
A depression on the land surface caused by wind erosion
Uncontrolled flow of of oil or gas from a well which occurs when formation pressure exceeds the pressure applied to it by the column of drilling fluid Every modern rig has a set of large control valves, known as blowout preventers, to stop the flow of oil, gas and other well fluids if problems occur during drilling
A blowout in an amount or a price is a sudden increase in it. a blowout in surgery costs
gas, oil or salt water escaping in an uncontrolled manner from a well
A place in a sandy area where wind has blown out a bowl-shaped depression
If you have a blowout while you are driving a car, one of the tyres suddenly bursts. A lorry travelling south had a blow-out and crashed. = puncture
Slang term referring to a party selling a large number of shares into the market without regard for the demand for shares or potential effect on the market price of the security
An uncontrolled flow of pressurized wellbore fluids and/or formation fluids from the wellbore or into lower pressured subsurface zones (underground blowout) A blowout occurs when formation pressure is greater than the pressure applied to it by the column of fluids in the wellbore
Depressions formed by wind in sandy areas where the vegetation has been removed
An uncontrolled flow of gas, oil, or other fluids from a well to the atmosphere A well may blow out when formation pressure exceeds the pressure overburden of a column of drilling fluid
The cleaning of the flues of a boiler from scale, etc
occurs when the ratio of air to water around the propeller gets so high that the propeller is no longer grabbing water, but is trying to propel itself through air (or a relative vacuum) This causes the propeller to lose "bite", and then a chain of events occurs that can range from merely a "loose" steering feeling, to a vicious turn to the right (typically) The speed at which this occurs varies with boat design, gear case design, and propeller design
A hot issue--shares of a new securities offering that are sold very quickly Investors usually do not obtain all the shares they want During a blowout, a corporation is most likely to obtain a higher price for their securities
A hollow or depression of the land surface, which is generally saucer or trough-shaped, formed by wind erosion especially in an area of shifting sand, loose soil, or where vegetation is disturbed or destroyed See also miscellaneous area
a sudden malfunction of a part or apparatus; "the right front tire had a blowout"; "as a result of the blowout we lost all the lights
{i} explosion; investigation, inquiry; banquet, party (Slang)
A sudden, uncontrolled flow of drilling fluid, oil, gas, or water from a wellbore when the formation pressure in a permeable formation exceeds the pressure in the borehole A kick sometimes warns of low pressure in the borehole
A sudden escape of oil or gas from a well, caused by uncontrolled high pressure It usually occurs during drilling
Downing all the pins but one (tap)
A patch of land in the Great Plains states of North America where dry soil is blown away by wind leaving heavier rock and possibly artifacts on the surface
by a blast of steam
a sudden malfunction of a part or apparatus; "the right front tire had a blowout"; "as a result of the blowout we lost all the lights"
A blowout is a large meal, often a celebration with family or friends, at which people may eat too much. Once in a while we had a major blowout
An American slang term used for whenever the diaper doesn't contain all the waste : o Ahhh, the true test of any diaper or cover How well does it contain those otherworldy gigantico poopie blowouts? Some do great, some do not so great, but in my experience almost ALL cloth diapers and covers contain blowouts better than disposable diapers
an easy victory
Knocking down all but one pin
blowout coil
A coil, carrying an electric current, that serves to deflect and thus extinguish an arc formed when the contacts of a switch part to turn off the current
blowout coils
plural form of blowout coil
blowout preventer
a device that sits at the surface interface of an oil well, that prevents a blowout from occurring, by closing the orifice allowing material to flow from the oil reservoir out through the shaft
plural of blowout