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English - Turkish
(Mitoloji) Dev palas ile Styx'in kızı. Şiddet anlamına gelen Bia, Nike(Zafer) in kız kardeşidir
bia (river)
güney afrika'da bir nehir
Bureau of Indian Affairs
(Askeri) Kızılderili İşleri Bürosu
Turkish - Turkish
Müslüman olmayanların tapınağı
(Osmanlı Dönemi) (C: Biyâ) Kilise
English - English
She was ordered by Hephaestus to bind Prometheus to a rock as a form of punishment because he stole fire to give to humans She was the daughter of Pallas and Styx
Armed Forces Intelligence
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Biotechnology Industry Association Represents companies engaged in the development of products and services in the areas of agriculture, biomedicine, diagnostics, food, energy and environmental applications
Brick Institute of America
British Insurance Association [UK]
Best Information Algorithm An algorithm, similar to split horizon, used to determine which interfaces to send routing information broadcasts to, and what the broadcasts should contain
Business Improvement Area
Burned-In MAC Address
Boating Industry of America
bioimpedance analysis
Bundaberg Irrigation Area
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
Board of Immigrant Appeals
Bureau of Indian Affairs Part of the Department of the Interior, the BIA mission is to enhance the quality of life, promote economic opportunity, and carry out the responsibility to protect and improve the trust assets of American Indians, Indian tribes, and Alaska natives This is accomplished through the delivery of quality services, maintaining government-to-government relationships within the spirit of Indian self-determination