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Engaged in warfare, warring
Acting violently towards others
Eager to go to war, warlike
A state or other armed participant in warfare

The U.N. sent a treaty proposal to the belligerents.

Of or pertaining to war
Aggressively hostile, eager to fight
manifesting a warlike spirit
{a} carrying on war, engaged in war
{n} a party engaged in war
adj inclined to or exhibiting assertiveness, hostility, truculence, or combativeness
{s} warlike, aggressive; hostile
Engaged in war, warring
A belligerent person is hostile and aggressive. He was almost back to his belligerent mood of twelve months ago. = aggressive + belligerently bel·lig·er·ent·ly `Why not?' he asked belligerently. + belligerence bel·lig·er·ence He could be accused of passion, but never belligerence. = aggression
{i} country that is engaged in war; member of the military of a warring nation
The nation(s) or individual(s) carrying out hostilities in an armed conflict Or, in short, a warring party
someone who fights (or is fighting)
engaged in war; "belligerent (or warring) nations"; "a fighting war"
engaged in war; "belligerent (or warring) nations"; "a fighting war
characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight; "aggressive acts against another country"; "a belligerent tone"
Pertaining, or tending, to war; of or relating to belligerents; as, a belligerent tone; belligerent rights
country or other group which starts or carries on a war
group or nation which is engaged in a war or military conflict
A nation or state recognized as carrying on war; a person engaged in warfare
Waging war; carrying on war
belligerent occupation
{i} military occupation, occupation by one country's military forces of all or part of the territory of another country
belligerent parties
{i} fighting parties, parties involved in combat, enemies, rivals
combatively, hostilely, aggressively
In a belligerent manner; hostilely
in a belligerent hostile manner; "he pushed her against the wall belligerently"
In a belligerent manner
in a belligerent hostile manner; "he pushed her against the wall belligerently
plural of belligerent
in a state of not being at war, at peace, involved in a cease-fire