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English - Turkish
topluluk, kalabalık
bir araya toplama; bir araya toplanma
bir araya toplama veya toplanma
(Askeri) MALZEME GRUBU, NAKLİYAT GRUBU: Bir genel işin yapılması maksadıyla planlanmış ve tek madde olarak adlandırılıp dağıtılmış kalemler topluluğu. Malzeme grubu; Birden çok ikmal maddeleri sınıfına dahil ve lojistik sorumlulukları birden çok makama ait kalemlerden meydana gelmiş olabilir. Örneğin; tombaz köprüleri, ekmekçi takımı, ateş idare teçhizatı, tank, avadanlık veya alet çantası
{i} toplanma
monte etme
(Askeri) malzeme grubu
major medical assemblage
(Askeri) KOMPLE SEFERİ SIHHİ MALZEME: Bir denizaşırı sevkiyat (gönderme) kodu ile tanınan sıhhi ikmal maddeleri ve sıhhiye malzemesi topluluğu
major medical assemblage
(Askeri) komple seferi sıhhi malzeme
minor medical assemblage
(Askeri) MÜTEFERRİK SEFERİ SIHHİ MALZEME GRUBU: Denizaşırı sevkiyat kodları tahsis edilmiş, kutu ve sandık gibi sıhhi ikmal maddeleri ve teçhizat topluluğu
species assemblage
(Denizbilim) türler asemblajı
unit assemblage
(Askeri) MALZEME GRUBU: Seyyar bir teşkilata kadro ile tahsis edilen malzemenin, bir birim olarak depo edilen veya dağıtılan kısmı. Örneğin; bir tahliye hastanesi veya alay reviri için lüzumlu malzeme gibi
English - English
assembling (the act of assembling)
A collection of things which have been gathered together or assembled
{n} a collection or joining of things
A group of animals or plants occurring together in a particular location or region
artifacts that are found together and that presumably were used at the same time or for similar or related tasks
A group of artifacts related to each other based upon some recovery from a common archaeological context Assemblage examples are artifacts from a site or feature
The complete inventory of artifacts from a single, defined archaeological unit (such as a stratum or component) (Moratto 1984: 585)
A collection of cultural materials from a sampling area or unit, such as a site, pit, or level
The combining of two or more parcels, usually but not necessarily contiguous, into one ownership or use
A group of artefacts found in close association and deposited together If the assemblage is found repeatedly and is of a single type – such as flint tools – this is known as an industry When a similar assemblage is found in many locations and covers a fairly wide and representative range of human activities, it is called a culture
An assemblage of people or things is a collection of them. He had an assemblage of old junk cars filling the backyard. Three-dimensional construction made from household materials such as rope and newspapers or from any found materials. The term, coined by Jean Dubuffet in the 1950s, has been applied to collage, photomontage, and sculptural assemblage. The Dadaists and Surrealists produced ready-made assemblages and elevated them to art by simply exhibiting them. Later artists who have worked with the technique include Louise Nevelson and Robert Rauschenberg
Sculpture consisting of many objects and materials that have been put together
several things grouped together or considered as a whole
Bringing two or more lots together under one ownership
A group of artifacts with a common context
The act of assembling, or the state of being assembled; association
Putting together two or more lots to form a large parcel
The combining of two or more adjoining lots into one larger tract to increase their total value
A collection of individuals, or of individuals, or of particular things; as, a political assemblage; an assemblage of ideas
Essentially a three-dimensional collage, a work is called assemblagewhen the objects used in the work are assembled or mounted in a three-dimensional manner or are themselves three-dimensional
a set of organisms whose pattern of organization (with respect to competition, predation, mutualism, etc ) is unknown (Giller and Gee 1987: 537) (cf Community)
Forms of modern sculpture and painting utilizing readymades, found objects, and pasted fragments to form an abstract composition Louise Nevelson's boxlike enclosures, each with its own composition of assembled objects, illustrate the style in sculpture Pablo Picasso developed the technique of cutting and pasting natural or manufactured materials to a painted or unpainted surface
An art object that uses three-dimensional found objects An extension of collage, this technique became popular towards the end of the 1950s
a group of persons together in one place
Putting together two or more parcels to increase the total value
It is the blending of several wines, issued from different grape-varieties, independently vinified
the social act of assembling; "they demanded the right of assembly"
{i} gathering of people, assembly of people; collection; accumulation
The combining of two or more adjoining lots into one larger tract to increase total value
The combining of two or more ad- joining lots into one larger tract to increase their total value
a group of artifacts related by provenience and date of excavation
All artifacts excavated at a site or from a specific recovery unit (for example, a burial assemblage)
The making of a sculpture or other three-dimensional art piece from a variety of materials Compare collage, montage
The combining of two or more adjoining lots into a single large lot Often the purpose of bringing a number of lots together under one ownership is to allow a developer/investor to construct a large building or buildings on a single lot By assembling the lots, the single value of the one large lot is often greater than the total single values of each of the smaller lots
A group of artifacts which represent a culture A group of artifacts related to each other based upon some recovery from a common archaeological context Assemblage examples are artifacts from a site or feature
a system of components assembled together for a particular purpose
noun of assemblage
The name of an assembly or gathering of similar things or people
nouns of assemblage
plural form of noun of assemblage
plural of assemblage