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English - Turkish
gözünün ucuyla bakarak
gözunün ucuyla bakan
şaşı gibi
yan yan bakarak
English - English
In a manner with narrowed eyes

It is not to be supposed, however, that in the delivery of such passages I was found at all deficient in the looking asquint—the showing my teeth—the working my knees—the shuffling my feet—or in any of those unmentionable graces which are now justly considered the characteristics of a popular performe.

Looking sideways, as though warily

Eyes asquint, he saw she was driving much too fast.

{a} askaunt, on on side, with one eye
With the eye directed to one side; not in the straight line of vision; obliquely; awry, so as to see distortedly; as, to look asquint
from the corner of one's eye; askance; slyly