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English - Turkish
{s} tarıma elverişli
işlenebilir (toprak)

Ekilebilir arazi mahsul yetiştirilebilen arazi demektir. - Arable land is land that can be used to grow crops.

tarıma uygun
sürülüp işlenebilir
işlenebilir toprak
ekilebilir arazi

Ekilebilir arazi mahsul yetiştirilebilen arazi demektir. - Arable land is land that can be used to grow crops.

tarım arazi
sürülüp ekilebilir,tarıma elverişli
{s} sürülebilir
{s} sürülüp ekilebilir, işlenebilir (toprak)
arable land
tarıma elverişli arazi
arable soil
tarıma elverişli toprak
arable soil
sürülebilir toprak
arable field
arable land
sürülebilir arazi
arable land
işlenebilir toprak
arable land
(Tarım) ekilen topraklar
arable lands
(Ticaret) ekilebilir topraklar
English - English
suitable for cultivation, such as by ploughing
{a} fit for tillage or plowing, plowed
{i} land that can be cultivated, land fit for cultivation; farmland land is cultivated
Suitable for farming Having soil or topographic features suitable for cultivation
A farmer or field growing crops (rather than livestock)
Fit for plowing or tillage; hence, often applied to land which has been plowed or tilled
{s} cultivatable; fit for cultivation
Arable land; plow land
Fit for cultivation, as by plowing
Farming system in which crop plants (e g CEREALS) are raised rather than LIVESTOCK
(of farmland) capable of being farmed productively
Having soil or topographic features suitable for cultivation
Land suitable for farming
Arable farming involves growing crops such as wheat and barley rather than keeping animals or growing fruit and vegetables. Arable land is land that is used for arable farming. relating to growing crops (arabilis, from arare )
arable land
All land generally under rotation whether under temporary crops or used as meadows
arable land
land that is fit for farming
arable land
Land so located that production of cultivated crops is economical and practical
arable land
Land which when farmed in adequate size units for the prevailing climatic and economic setting, and provided with the essential on-farm improvements of removing vegetation, leveling, soil reclamation, drainage, and irrigation related facilities, will generate sufficient income under irrigation to pay all farm production expenses; provide a reasonable return to the farm family's labor, management, and capital; and at least pay the operation, maintenance, and replacement costs of associated irrigation and drainage facilities
arable land
Land that can be cultivated to grow crops
The capacity for land to produce or support vegetation
the suitability of land for cultivation



    Turkish pronunciation



    /ˈerəbəl/ /ˈɛrəbəl/


    [ 'ar-&-b&l ] (adjective.) 15th century. From the Latin adjective arabilis, from arō (“I plow”). Confer the English verb ear (“to plow”).


    ... the land surface of the earth.  The land, the arable land, the land where we can grow ...
    ... to six percent and eat up our arable land, literally or do we double the density and ...

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