arable land

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land that is fit for farming
Land which when farmed in adequate size units for the prevailing climatic and economic setting, and provided with the essential on-farm improvements of removing vegetation, leveling, soil reclamation, drainage, and irrigation related facilities, will generate sufficient income under irrigation to pay all farm production expenses; provide a reasonable return to the farm family's labor, management, and capital; and at least pay the operation, maintenance, and replacement costs of associated irrigation and drainage facilities
Land so located that production of cultivated crops is economical and practical
All land generally under rotation whether under temporary crops or used as meadows
Land that can be cultivated to grow crops
arable land


    ar·a·ble Land

    Turkish pronunciation

    erıbıl länd


    /ˈerəbəl ˈland/ /ˈɛrəbəl ˈlænd/


    [ 'ar-&-b&l ] (adjective.) 15th century. Middle French or Latin; Middle French, from Latin arabilis, from arare to plow; akin to Old English erian to plow, Greek aroun.


    ... that many cities are smack in the middle of the best arable land because that was where ...
    ... to six percent and eat up our arable land, literally or do we double the density and ...

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