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English - English
To criticise, censure
To consider

he had probably committed violence with his hands, had not the parson interposed, saying, For heaven's sake, sir, animadvert that you are in the house of a great lady..

To turn judicial attention (to); to punish or criticise
to pass criticism or censure
{v} to censure, criticise, attend punish
speak one's opinion without fear or hesitation; "John spoke up at the meeting"
express blame or censure or make a harshly critical remark
{f} criticize; comment, observe
A caustically critical reproach
To take notice; to observe; commonly followed by that
To consider or remark by way of criticism or censure; to express censure; with on or upon
To unabashedly express ones opinion
To take cognizance judicially; to inflict punishment