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İngilizce - Türkçe

Biraz kurabiye yapmak için hamur açtı. - I rolled the dough to make some cookies.

Hiç hamur yoğurdun mu? - Have you ever kneaded dough?

{i} argo para, mangır
hamur gibi herhangi bir şey

O çok para kazanıyor. - She's rolling in dough.

Şu arkadaş para içinde yüzüyor. - That dude is rolling in dough.

hamur kıvamında olan
{i} mangır

Hamuru top şeklinde biçimlendir. - Form the dough into a ball.

Tom hamuru yoğuruyor. - Tom is kneading the dough.

dough roller
dough roller
(Aşçı, Gastronomi) Hamur açma makinası
dough scraper
hamur kazıyıcı
dough slicer
hamur dilimleyici
dough maturing machine
(Gıda) hamur ara dinlendirme makinesi
lump of dough
(Gıda) topak hamur
lump of dough
(Gıda) hamur bezesi
cookie dough
kurabiye hamuru
filo dough
no time dough
(Aşçı, Gastronomi) Ünlü mamuller üretiminde fermentasyon kademesi olmadan hazırlanan hamur, çabuk hazırlanan hamur
play dough
oyun hamuru
sack of dough
çuval dolusu para
stretch dough
streç hamur
enveloped in dough
(Gıda) yufka kesesinde
phyllo dough
yufka hamuru
phyllo dough
roll dough thin
yufka açmak
roll out the dough for
baklava açmak
roll out the dough for baklava
baklava açmak
sponge dough
(Gıda) ön hamur
yeast dough
(Gıda) mayalama hamuru
İngilizce - İngilizce

His mortgage payments left him short on dough.

I have a lot of money. - I'm rolling in dough.

A thick, malleable substance made by mixing flour with other ingredients such as water, eggs, and/or butter, that is made into a particular form and then baked

Pizza dough is very stretchy.

To make into dough

The flour was doughed with a suitable quantity of water.

{n} unbaked paste, kneaded flour
(batsek, meaning "swelling," i e , in fermentation) The dough the Israelites had prepared for baking was carried away by them out of Egypt in their kneading-troughs (Ex 12: 34, 39) In the process of baking, the dough had to be turned (Hos 7: 8)
You can refer to money as dough. He worked hard for his dough
Paste of bread; a soft mass of moistened flour or meal, kneaded or unkneaded, but not yet baked; as, to knead dough
a flour mixture stiff enough to knead or roll
A thick, malleable substance made by mixing flour and water that is made into a particular form and then baked
{i} mass of flour or meal combined with other ingredients (generally baked); soft mass resembling dough; money (Slang)
Anything of the consistency of such paste
Normally half of the kernels are showing dent with some thick or dough-like substance in all kernels
Dough is a fairly firm mixture of flour, water, and sometimes also fat and sugar. It can be cooked to make bread, pastry, and biscuits. Roll out the dough into one large circle
A mixture of flour, liquid, and other ingredients Dough is too thick to pour but thick enough to roll out or work with hands
A thick, pliable mixture of flour and liquid ingredients, firm enough to be kneaded or shaped with the hands
informal terms for money
Dough is a mixture of four, liquid, and usually a leavening agent (such as eggs or yeast), which is stiff but pliable The primary difference between dough and batter is the consistency: Dough is thicker and must be molded by hand, while batter is semi-liquid, thus spooned or poured
Flour and liquid mixture that is substantial enough to be worked or kneaded
In meaning 2., dough is used in informal American English, and is considered old-fashioned in informal British English
dough boy
{i} U.S. foot soldier during World War I (Military Slang); boiled or deep-fried lump of dough used as dumpling or served as hot bread
cookie dough
A paste usually formed of flour, sugar, water, eggs, and other ingredients which, when baked, hardens to form a cookie or a number of cookies
cookie dough
A flavor designed to emulate the taste of the paste
rolling in dough
Rich, very prosperous

So far this year Lazrak and DuRoss have sold 85 homes worth $16.2 million, but after expenses, each will barely break the $100,000 mark this year. We're not rolling in dough, Lazrak says.

salt dough map
A three-dimensional relief map, made from salt dough or a similar substance, often by children for educational purposes
salt dough maps
plural form of salt dough map
starter dough
A small amount of "live" dough used in traditional bakery to start the fermentation process necessary for preparing sourdough
bread dough
Any of various doughs for bread
cookie dough
Cookie dough refers to a blend of cookie ingredients which has been mixed into a solid yet malleable form but has not yet been hardened by heat. The dough is often then separated and the portions baked to individual cookies, or eaten as is
play dough
Play dough is a non-toxic compound similar in texture to bread dough that has been sold as a children's toy around the world for over half a century. Its exact makeup is a trade secret, but it is primarily a mixture of wheat flour, water, deodorized kerosene or another petroleum distillate (which provides the smooth texture), salt, a drying agent such as borax (which deters mold), an alum-based hardening agent, and colorings and perfume
cheese dough pockets
small pastry filled with cheese
play dough
a soft coloured substance similar to clay, that children use for making models or shapes
pull dough
stretch dough
sheet of dough
large flat piece of dough
yeast dough
dough that is reduced via yeast