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İngilizce - İngilizce
Growing further apart; diverging

Divergent thinking and transformations are, of course, no novel phenomena. They have always occurred in the translation process, but perhaps we have not been fully aware of them, or have not been able to categorise them with sufficient precision until now.

Describing a series which does not converge, i.e., approach a limit
tending in different directions
{a} going farther asunder, departing
A term used in reference to objects that are moving away from one another Characterized by extension, rifting, earthquake activity and normal faulting
Distinctly separate or increasingly different ideas
tending to move apart in different directions
To move in different directions For example, divergent plate margins are lithospheric plates that are moving apart
Divergent things are different from each other. two people who have divergent views on this question
{s} branching off from a common point, going off in different directions from a center
Disagreeing from something given; differing; as, a divergent statement
Causing divergence of rays; as, a divergent lens
The glottis widens from bottom to top
adj moving apart; describes a crustal plate boundary at which plates are moving away from one another, including mid-ocean ridges
diverging from another or from a standard; "a divergent opinion"
Receding farther and farther from each other, as lines radiating from one point; deviating gradually from a given direction; opposed to convergent
a (L divergere, to bend away) separated from one another, having tips further apart than the bases
tending to move apart in different directions diverging from another or from a standard; "a divergent opinion
Extending away from each other by degrees
divergent gill trama
A type of gill trama that has a central strand of hyphae, from which other strands of hyphae diverge at slanted angles
divergent series
An infinite series whose partial sums are divergent
divergent lens
lens that changes the course of rays of light
divergent margin
area where two or more plates are moving away from one another (Plate Tectonics)
divergent thinker
a thinker who moves away from the problem as stated and often has novel ideas and solutions
divergent thinking
thinking that moves away in diverging directions so as to involve a variety of aspects and which sometimes lead to novel ideas and solutions; associated with creativity
in the manner of branching out from a central point