listen to the pronunciation of disinherit
İngilizce - İngilizce
To exclude from inheritance; to disown
to deprive of an inheritance
{v} to deprive of inheritance, to cut off
{f} exclude from a will; deprive of an inheritance
To deprive of heritage; to dispossess
prevent deliberately (as by making a will) from inheriting
To cut off from an inheritance or from hereditary succession; to prevent, as an heir, from coming into possession of any property or right, which, by law or custom, would devolve on him in the course of descent
If you disinherit someone such as your son or daughter, you arrange that they will not become the owner of your money and property after your death, usually because they have done something that you do not approve of. He threatened to disinherit her if she refused to obey. to take away from someone, especially your son or daughter, their legal right to receive your money or property after your death inherit, will will
{s} deprived of lawful heritage, deprived of an inheritance
past of disinherit
deprived of your rightful heritage
present participle of disinherit
third-person singular of disinherit