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her ne

Her ne yapmak istiyorsan yap. - Do whatever you want to do.

Her ne istiyorsanız buyrun. - Please help yourself to whatever you like.

{z} 1. her ne, ne: Take whatever you want. Ne istersen al. Whatever happens, don't panic! Ne olursa olsun paniğe kapılma! Whatever's been
ne var ne yoksa
herhangi bir

Hakkında mahcup olacağın herhangi bir şey yok. - You have nothing whatever to be embarrassed about.

Ben daha önce bir blog tuttum. Gerçekten belirli bir konum yoktu; Sadece o gün olan herhangi bir şeyi blogladım. - I've kept a blog before. I didn't really have a set theme; I just blogged about whatever happened that day.


O, söylediğim her şeye inanır. - He believes whatever I say.

Her yokuşun bir de inişi vardır. - Whatever has a beginning also has an end.

her türlü

O sarhoşken, homurdanıyor ve kavga ediyor. O ayıkken, eline ne gelirse atıyor ve hiçbir şey söylemiyor. - When he is drunk, he grumbles and fights. When he is sober, he lies on whatever comes to hand and says nothing.

Ne olursa olsun, hiç kimseye bunun hakkında bir şey anlatmayacağım. - Whatever happens, I won't tell anybody about it.

her çeşit
ne tür olursa
'Her ne ise.', 'Umurumda bile değil.' anlamında söylenir
her ne, ne: Take whatever you want. Ne istersen al. Whatever happens, don't panic! Ne olursa olsun paniğe kapılma! Whatever's been
{s} hangi

Hangi tür yardıma ihtiyacı varsa Tom'a ver. - Give Tom whatever help he needs.

O hangi oyunu oynarsa oynasın her zaman kazanır. - Whatever game he plays, he always wins.

her hangi

Okumak istediğin herhangi bir kitabı alabilirsin. - You may have whatever book you want to read.

Hakkında endişe edeceğin herhangi bir şey yok. - You have nothing whatever to worry about.

her neyse, ne olursa olsun
whatever floats your boat
(deyim) kendini nasıl mutlu hissediyorsan
whatever floats your boat
(deyim) işine nasıl geliyorsa
whatever for
ne için
whatever he likes
neyse o seviyor
whatever it takes
Her ne olursa olsun. Her neye mal olursa olsun
whatever lies between two nodes
her ikisi arasındaki düğüm yatıyor
whatever next
(deyim) Yok daha neler!
whatever the reason
her ne sebeple
whatever will happen
ne olur
whatever you do
ne yaparsan yap
whatever it takes
neye malolursa olsun
whatever the reason might be
her ne sebeple olursa olsun
whatever you have in your mind
aklında ne varsa
or whatever
ya da öyle bir şey
or whatever
ya da her neyse
We´ll eat whatever there is
Ne varsa onu yiyeceğiz
do whatever you want
ne istiyorsun
for what/whatever it´s worth
k. dili işinize yarar mi, bilmiyorum: Here´s what İ heard, for whatever it´s worth. İşinize yarar mi, bilmiyorum, ama duyduğum bu
in whatever way
ne şekilde
We'll eat whatever
Ne varsa onu yiyeceğiz
do whatever you want
ne yapmak istiyorsan yap
for what/whatever it's
{k} işinize yarar mı, bilmiyorum: Here's what I heard, for whatever it's worth. İşinize yarar mı, bilmiyorum, ama duyduğum bu
for whatever reason it is
her ne sebeple olursa olsun
i will do whatever i can
elimden geleni yaparım
i'll have whatever you recommend
(isim) tavsiye ederseniz onu istiyorum
i'll have whatever you recommend
ne tavsiye ederseniz onu istiyorum
or whatever
{k} veya öyle bir şey, veya onun gibi bir şey
say whatever comes uppermost
aklına geleni söylemek
Englisch - Englisch
A holophrastic expression used discourteously to indicate that the speaker does not consider the matter worthy of further discussion

Child: Whatever.

No matter which; for any

Whatever choice you make, there will be consequences.

Anything that

Whatever utility the work may have outside of its stated boundaries will be largely because of such a nonprovincial approach.

Anything; used to indicate that the speaker does not care about options

Do you want Chinese or Mexican for lunch today? — Whatever.

Unexceptional or unimportant; blah

She's like so whatever / You can do so much better.

pron. whichever; any one; any; anything; what
emphasis You use whatever after a noun group in order to emphasize a negative statement. There is no evidence whatever that competition in broadcasting has ever reduced costs I have nothing whatever to say. = whatsoever
{p} this or that, any
this part (between the "www " and the " com") is the name of the company or organization you are trying to reach If you visit www yahoo com, you are going to the website of Yahoo! Inc However, if you go to news yahoo com, you are still going to Yahoo!'s website, just a different part of it
{f} (Slang) disregard or ignore, neglect (e.g.: "Susan really whatevers me")
(by bluejerk; 0 terms defined Last modified 12/1/2001 8: 24: 00 AM )What do you want?
Anything; used to indicate that the speaker does not care which of several options should be chosen
You say or whatever to refer generally to something else of the same kind as the thing or things that you have just mentioned. You may like a Malt whisky that is peatier, or smokier, or sweeter, or whatever
A Fundie dismissal of a valid point made by an opponent May be translated as meaning, "You're right, and I'm bitter about it "
You use whatever to refer to anything or everything of a particular type. Franklin was free to do pretty much whatever he pleased When you're older I think you're better equipped mentally to cope with whatever happens He's good at whatever he does. Whatever is also a determiner. Whatever doubts he might have had about Ingrid were all over now. = any
{s} whichever; any; anything; any amount; so be it
vagueness You use whatever when you are indicating that you do not know the precise identity, meaning, or value of the thing just mentioned. I thought that my upbringing was `normal', whatever that is
Anything soever which; the thing or things of any kind; being this or that; of one nature or another; one thing or another; anything that may be; all that; the whole that; all particulars that; used both substantively and adjectively
emphasis You say whatever you do when giving advice or warning someone about something. Whatever you do, don't look for a pay increase when you know the company is going through some difficulty
You use whatever to say that something is the case in all circumstances. We shall love you whatever happens, Diana People will judge you whatever you do She runs about 15 miles a day every day, whatever the weather
feelings You say `whatever you say' to indicate that you accept what someone has said, even though you do not really believe them or do not think it is a good idea. `We'll go in your car, Billy.' --- `Whatever you say.'
one or some or every or all without specification; "give me any peaches you don't want"; "not any milk is left"; "any child would know that"; "pick any card"; "any day now"; "cars can be rented at almost any airport"; "at twilight or any other time"; "beyond any doubt"; "need any help we can get"; "give me whatever peaches you don't want"; "no milk whatsoever is left"
emphasis You use whatever to ask in an emphatic way about something which you are very surprised about. Whatever can you mean? = what
{s} whatsoever
whatever creams your twinkie
Do what you will, whatever makes you happy

I’m whacked on antidepressants and Diet Coke, and i’m willing to bet my buzz is better.But whatever creams your twinkie.

whatever floats your boat
Do whatever makes you happy or stimulates you
whatever floats your boat
What makes you happy; what stimulates you
whatever it takes
Strong affirmation of willingness

Answer: Whatever it takes.

whatever it takes
Anything that may be required to achieve an objective
whatever next
(deyim) An often humorous expression of indignation when something stupid or annoying happens
whatever betide
whatever will happen
whatever for?
what for?, why?, for what purpose?
whatever happens
no matter what occurs
whatever he likes
anything that he desires, anything that he wishes
whatever the reason
for what reason whatsoever, whatever the cause

Friend #2: w/e, I don't care.

adverb whatever 2
used to emphasize a negative statement = whatsoever
did whatever he could
did all that was possible, did all he was capable of
did whatever he wanted
was subject to no one, listened to no one but himself
do whatever you like
do as you please, do as you wish
does whatever he wants
does whatever he feels like doing, does as he pleases