wear off

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to diminish in effect

The effect of the injection will gradually wear off.

to disappear because of being abraded, over-polished, or abused

The silver plating on that cheap silverware will wear off.

deteriorate through use or stress; "The constant friction wore out the cloth"
If a sensation or feeling wears off, it disappears slowly until it no longer exists or has any effect. For many the philosophy was merely a fashion, and the novelty soon wore off Now that the initial shock was wearing off, he was in considerable pain
diminish, as by friction; "Erosion wore away the surface"
vanish, disappear; be ground, be pulverized
wear off

    Türkische aussprache

    wer ôf


    /ˈwer ˈôf/ /ˈwɛr ˈɔːf/


    [ 'war, 'wer ] (verb.) before 12th century. Middle English weren, from Old English werian; akin to Old Norse verja to clothe, invest, spend, Latin vestis clothing, garment, Greek hennynai to clothe.

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