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Englisch - Türkisch
büyü yapmak
büyü dini
vudu büyüsü
{i} put
{i} zenci büyücü
{i} zenci büyüsü
(Askeri) VOODOO, SESTEN HIZLI ÇİFT TURBOJET MOTORLU BİR HAVA ÖNLEME UÇAĞI: Bu iki pilot kabinli uçak, gerek nükleer gerekse nükleer olmayan çeşitli havadan havaya füze taşımaktadır. F-101 B olarak anılır
{i} vodu
zenci büyücülüğüne ait
voodooismzenci büyücülüğü
zencilere has bir çeşit büyü
(Askeri) voodoo
voodoo priest
büyücü doktor
voodoo doctor
büyücü doktor
voodoo doctor
zenci büyücü
Türkisch - Türkisch
Haiti ve diğer Karaib adalarına özgü bir tarikat veya bu tarikat mensuplarının yaptıkları büyü
Englisch - Englisch
A religion of the Ewe/Fon of West Africa, practiced chiefly in Benin
Any sort of magical or irrational approach to a problem

I want a real explanation, not this statistical voodoo.

To enchant someone or something using [[#Noun|voodoo]]

He claimed his neighbor had voodooed him.

Any of a group of related religious practices found chiefly in and around the Caribbean, particularly in Haiti and Louisiana
{i} (Computers) high-powered chip set used on advanced 3D graphic accelerator cards (developed by 3Dfx Interactive)
A black religious cult practised in the Caribbean and the southern US, combining elements of Roman Catholic ritual with traditional African rites and characterised by sorcery and spirit possession
bewitch by or as if by a voodoo
African religion which believes in seven gods and uses spells and conjuring for personal gain or to hurt others
a religious cult practiced chiefly in Caribbean countries (especially Haiti); involves witchcraft and animistic deities bewitch by or as if by a voodoo
a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers
Of or pertaining to voodooism, or a voodoo; as, voodoo incantations
Voodoo is a form of religion involving magic which is practised by some people in the West Indies, especially Haiti. magical beliefs and practices used as a form of religion, especially by people in Haiti (voudou, from an language)
One who practices voodooism; a negro sorcerer
– A West Indian religion made up of a combination of African religions and Catholicism; its ceremonies center on rituals developed to please the Iwa (spirits)
{i} form of religious witchcraft of African origin which is common in the West Indies; one who practices voodoo
a religious cult practiced chiefly in Caribbean countries (especially Haiti); involves witchcraft and animistic deities
Alternate spelling of Vodou
voodoo economics
supply-side economics
Voodoo Lily
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) Dracunculus vulgaris is a species of aroid in the genus Dracunculus and is known variously as the Dragon Arum, the Black Arum, the Voodoo Lily, the Snake Lily, the Stink Lily, the Black Dragon, the Black Lily, Dragonwort, and Ragons. In Greece, part of its native range, the plant is called Drakondia, the long spadex being viewed as a small dragon hiding in the spathe
voodoo economics
economic ideas that seem attractive but that do not work effectively over a period of time
Türkisch - Englisch
(Askeri) voodoo