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Daha büyük kilise organları insanların duymadığı vücutlarında titreşim olarak hissettiği ses ötesi kullanıyor. - The larger church organs use infrasound, which people do not hear, but feel as vibrations in their bodies.

Bu sihirli kristal, negatif titreşimleri yok etmeye yardım edecek. - This magic crystal will help eliminate negative vibrations.

{i} sarsılma
{i} heyecan
{i} titreme
{i} tereddüd
vibration damper
(Otomotiv) titreşim damperi
vibration frequency
titreşim frekansı
vibration galvanometer
(Bilgisayar) titreşimli miniakım ölçer
vibration test
(Çevre) titreşim testi
vibration test
vibrasyon testi
vibration tests
titreşim testleri
vibration free
vibration analysis
titreşim analizi, titreşim çözümlemesi
vibration frequency
titreşim şıklığı
vibration measurement
titreşim ölçümü
vibration meter
vibration mill
titreşimli öğütücü
vibration test
titreşim deneyi
vibration absorber
titreşim yutucu
vibration absorber
titreşim sindirici
vibration absorber
titreşim giderici
vibration amplifier
(Elektrik, Elektronik) titreşim amplifikatörü
vibration analysis
(Fizik) titreşim çözümlemesi
vibration analysis
(Fizik) titreşim analizi
vibration at idle
(Otomotiv) rölanti esnasında titreşim
vibration circuit
(Elektrik, Elektronik) titreşim devresi
vibration conveyor
titreşimli götürücü
vibration damper
(İnşaat) titreşim yutucu
vibration during braking
(Otomotiv) frenleme esnasında titreşim
vibration eliminator
titreşim giderici
vibration energy
vibrasyon enerjisi
vibration frequency meter
(Elektrik, Elektronik) titreşim frekans metresi
vibration galvanometer
titresimli miniakimolcer
vibration insulation
titreşim yalıtımı
vibration insulators
titreşim takozları
vibration isolator
titreşim yalıtıcısı
vibration magnetometer
titreşim manyetometresi
vibration measurement
vibrasyon ölçümleri
vibration meter
titreşim ölçer
vibration meter
vibration occurs
titreşimin şiddeti
vibration period
titreşim süresi
vibration receptors
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) titreşim alıcıları
vibration sense
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) titreşim hissi
vibration severity
titreşim şiddeti
vibration source
titreşim kaynağı
vibration stopper
(Otomotiv) titreşim stoperi
vibration strength
titreşime dayanırlık
vibration time
vibrasyon süresi
complete vibration
(Fizik) tam titreşim
excessive idle vibration
(Otomotiv) rölantide aşırı iteleme
forced vibration
zorlanmış titreşim
idle vibration
(Otomotiv) rölantide titreme
proper vibration
(Fizik) öztitreşim
proper vibration
doğru titreşim
aileron vibration
kanatçık titreşimi
crankshaft torsional vibration damper
krank mili darbe amortisörü
in plane vibration
düzlemle titreşim
lattice vibration
kafes titreşimi
non degenerate vibration
çakışık olmayan titreşim
out of plane vibration
düzlem dışı titreşim
scissoring vibration
makaslama titreşimi
unharmonic vibration
uyumsuz titreşim
forced vibration
zorla titreşim
free vibration
serbest titreşim
natural vibration
doğal titreşim
noise, vibration, harshness
gürültü, titreşim, sertlik
period of vibration
titreşim süresi
plane of vibration
titreşim düzlemi
reducing vibration
titreşim azaltıcı
torsional vibration
burulma titreşimi
vortex induced vibration
(Mühendislik) Girdap etkili titreşim
acceleration vibration
(Otomotiv) hızlanma titreşimi
accelerator pedal vibration
(Otomotiv) gaz pedalının titremesi
amount of vibration time
vibrasyon süresi
axial vibration
eksenel titreşim
consolidation by vibration
vibrasyonla sıkıştırma
foundation vibration
(İnşaat) temel titreşimi
ground vibration
yer titreşimi
linear vibration
(Çevre) lineer titreşim
mode of vibration
(Nükleer Bilimler) titreşim modu (tipi)
rocking vibration
(Kimya) sallanma titreşimi
secondary vibration
(Çevre) ikincil titreşimler
shock and vibration test
(Gıda) darbe ve titreşim testi
source of the vibration
titreşimin menşei
source of vibration
titreşim kaynağı
source of vibration
sarsma kaynağı
sympathetic vibration
tel titreşimi
turbine vibration
türbin titreşimi
twisting vibration
(Kimya) kıvırma titreşimi
Englisch - Englisch
A single complete vibrating motion
Any periodic process, especially a rapid linear motion of a body about an equilibrium position
An instinctively sensed emotional aura or atmosphere; vibes
The act of vibrating or the condition of being vibrated
a shaky motion; "the shaking of his fingers as he lit his pipe"
{n} a moving with quick return, a shake
{i} act of vibrating; process of being vibrated; single oscillation; atmosphere intuitively sensed, feelings projected by someone (Slang)
(physics) a regular periodic variation in value about a mean
amplitude motion occurring at a given frequency
a continuous shaking movement
Movement of a pendulum or other oscillating element, limited by two consecutive extreme positions The balance of a mechanical watch generally makes five or six vibrations per second (i e 18,000 or 21,600 per hour), but that of a high-frequency watch may make seven, eight or even ten vibrations per second (i e 25,200, 28,800 or 36, 000 per hour)
Succession of light pulsations of the fingers or the hands, in order to open and relax the horse's mouth, and flex his neck
A side-to-side or to-and-fro motion such as that of a particle transmitting a wave
the act of vibrating
Periodic back-and-forth motion (see periodic motion) of the particles of an elastic body or medium. It is usually a result of the displacement of a body from an equilibrium condition, followed by the body's response to the forces that tend to restore equilibrium. Free vibrations occur when a system is disturbed but immediately allowed to move without restraint, as when a weight suspended by a spring is pulled down and then released. Forced vibrations occur when a system is continuously driven by an external agency, as when a child's swing is pushed on each downswing. Because all systems are subject to friction, they are also subject to damping. In the example of free vibration, damping would cause the amplitudes of the spring's vibrations to diminish until eventually the system came to rest. See also resonance
Effect on a saw band caused by improper tracking, velocity, feed force, tension, tooth spacing, pitch, work thickness
A limited reciprocating motion of a particle of an elastic body or medium in alternately opposite directions from its position of equilibrium, when that equilibrium has been disturbed, as when a stretched cord or other body produces musical notes, or particles of air transmit sounds to the ear
Oscillation of a string or sounding board
A specification referring to the ability of the oscillator to withstand, without performance degradation, a repetitive acceleration Usually a specification is given for one or more frequency ranges MIL-PRF-55310D, 4 8 39
Motion of balance from one position of maximum displacement to the next (1/2 Oscillation)
Mechanical oscillation or motion about a reference point of equilibrium
The periodic motion of friable ACBM which may result in the release of asbestos fibers
Rapid movement backwards and forwards around a fixed point
a distinctive emotional atmosphere; sensed intuitively; "it gave me a nostalgic vibe"; "that man gives off bad vibes"
A swing of the balance A watch vibrating 18,000 times an hour beats five time a second See Oscillation
An occilation motion about an equilibrium position produced by a disturbing force
The movement of a pendulum or other oscillating element, limited by two consecutive extreme positions The balance of a mechanical watch generally makes five or six vibrations per second (or 18,000 or 21,600 vibrations per hour); the balance of a high-frequency watch may make seven to 10 vibrations per second (or 25,200 to 36,000 vibrations per hour)
The path of the particle may be in a straight line, in a circular arc, or in any curve whatever
The measurement of the amount of mechanical motion that is continuously reversing (shake/rattle) that the application is subjected to under normal conditions
An instictively sensed emotional aura or atmosphere; vibes
every spirit in the universe has a different vibration that they use as their name - people, animals and objects also have vibrations - when you learn about your psychic ability, you'll learn about vibrations
Vibration is a rapid back and forth motion of a particle or solid
involves gently pressing fingers or hands on a muscle, then vibrating the area rapidly for a few seconds This stroke is soothing to the nervous system
The act of vibrating, or the state of being vibrated, or in vibratory motion; quick motion to and fro; oscillation, as of a pendulum or musical string
rapid motion back and forth
Movement of a pendulum or other oscillating element limited by two consecutive extreme positions The balance of a mechanical watch generally makes five or six vibrations per second (that is, 18,000 or 21,600 per hour), but that of a high-frequency watch may make seven, eight or even ten vibrations per second (that is, 25,200, 28,800 or 36, 000 per hour)
sympathetic vibration
the vibration of a body, at its natural frequency, in response to that of a neighbouring one having that frequency; resonance
sympathetic vibration
(physics) vibration produced by resonance
of or relating to or characterized by vibration
Of or pertaining to vibration
{s} characterized by vibration; of or pertaining to vibration
a distinctive emotional aura experienced instinctively; "that place gave me bad vibrations"
plural of vibration
a distinctive emotional aura experienced instinctively; "that place gave me bad vibrations