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Türkisch - Türkisch
Erkek peşinde koşan kadın, serüvene düşkün kadın
Englisch - Englisch
To perform a vamp; to perform a repeated, often improvised accompaniment, e.g. under dialogue or awaiting the readiness of a soloist

It is so unkind to joke about it, said the beautiful young lady. What shall I do? If somebody will vamp an accompaniment, I can get on very well without any music. But if I try to play for myself I shall break down..

To stall or delay, as for an audience

She went out there to vamp since the speaker was late arriving.

A volunteer fire fighter

Volunteer firemen are called vamps because they often went to fires on foot, vamp being an old English word for walk. Syosset's first vamps responded quickly to fires and formed bucket brigades to extinguish them.

An activity or speech intended to fill time or stall
A repeated and often improvised accompaniment, usually consisting of one or two measures, often a single chord or simple chord progression, repeated as necessary, e.g., to accommodate dialogue or to anticipate the entrance of a soloist

I would go even further and say that, once Sondheim had ceased to compose classical music with its nonspecific accompaniments, he began to explore how effectively a vamp can flesh out a character for the stage. He had little need to write distinctive vamps for his Williams shows, but already in 1954—before the highly characteristic vamps in West Side Story—we see him growing in his ability to get under a character's skin through his accompaniment.

Something patched up, pieced together, improvised, or refurbished
To patch, repair, or refurbish

'Set me some great task, ye gods! and I will show my spirit.' 'Not so,' says the good Heaven; 'plod and plough, vamp your old coats and hats, weave a shoestring; great affairs and the best wine by and by.'.

To seduce or exploit someone

'People who lose all their charity generally lose all their logic,' remarked Father Brown. 'It's rather ridiculous to complain that she keeps to herself; and then accuse her of vamping the whole male population.'.

(often as vamp up) to put together, improvise, or fabricate

With real though rude art, the harlequin danced slowly backwards out of the door into the garden, which was full of moonlight and stillness. The vamped dress of silver paper and paste, which had been too glaring in the footlights, looked more and more magical and silvery as it danced away under a brilliant moon.

To attach a vamp
To walk

To be sure—I'd quite forgot it in my thoughts of greater things! Well, vamp on to Marlott, will ye, and order that carriage, and maybe I'll drive round and inspect the club..

The top part of a boot or shoe, above the sole and welt and in front of the ankle seam, that covers the instep and toes; the front part of an upper; the analogous part of a stocking

'Yes, I am rather cracked in the vamp,' he said freely, seeing that the eyes of the shepherd's wife fell upon his boots, .

Something added to give an old thing a new appearance; a patch
A flirtatious, seductive woman, especially one who uses sexual desire to exploit men

'Well, her seclusion is considered suspicious. She annoys them by being good-looking and even what is called good style. And all the young men are warned against her as a vamp.'.

{v} to mend up old things, piece, patch
{n} the upper-lether of a shoe
a seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men
To patch, to repair
A short sequence of chords that is repeated over and over again
To play a chord progression repeatedly
To provide, as a shoe, with new upper leather; hence, to piece, as any old thing, with a new part; to repair; to patch; often followed by up
See Vamp, v
piece of leather forming the front part of the upper of a shoe
{i} part of boot or shoe which covers the instep; musical improvisation; reworking of an already existing piece (i.e. book or article); seductive woman who uses her sex appeal in a manipulative way (especially to exploit men) ; vampire
provide (a shoe) with a new vamp; "revamp my old boots"
Any piece added to an old thing to give it a new appearance
The repeating pan of a tune at its end, usually the chorus or part of the chorus
The repeating part of a tune at its end, usually the chorus or part of the chorus
act seductively with (someone) piece (something old) with a new part; "vamp up an old speech"
To advance; to travel
make up; "vamp up an excuse for not attending the meeting
disapproval If you describe a woman as a vamp, you mean that she uses her sexual attractiveness to get what she wants from men. a woman who uses her sexual attractiveness to make men do what she wants (vampire)
{f} improvise in playing music; make a vamp for a shoe; use sex appeal to manipulate and exploit
An improvised musical accompaniment, particularly sequence or chord progression repeated as necessary to fill time
A flirtatious, seductive woman
act seductively with (someone)
Value Analysis of Management Practices
make up; "vamp up an excuse for not attending the meeting"
an improvised musical accompaniment
piece (something old) with a new part; "vamp up an old speech"
The part of a boot or shoe above the sole and welt, and in front of the ankle seam; an upper
The part of a shoe upper from the instep (middle of the foot) forward to the toe See the color-coded sneaker for an illustration
the part of the shoe that cover the top of the foot and toes Either a Russian V-Vamp cut, or a rounded U shape There are variations of both with different brands
To apply a vamp[1]
The repeating pan of a tune at its end, commonly the chorus or part of the chorus
piece of leather forming the front part of the upper of a shoe an improvised musical accompaniment provide (a shoe) with a new vamp; "revamp my old boots"
The complete forepart of a shoe upper
Any activity repeated to fill time or stall
vamp up
To make up; invent
vamp up
To remake
vamp up
To repair; mend
vamp up
vamp: make up; "vamp up an excuse for not attending the meeting"
vamp up
vamp: piece (something old) with a new part; "vamp up an old speech"
past of vamp
present participle of vamp
plural of , vamp
third-person singular of vamp
Türkisch - Englisch
vamp, unscrupulous seductress
foxy woman, siren
foxy woman
{i} vamp
vamp kadın

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    /ˈvamp/ /ˈvæmp/


    [ 'vamp ] (verb.) 1599. {something cobbled together, improvised, repeated, improvised musical figure, activity to fill in time} From Anglo-Norman *vaumpé; from Old French avantpié, from avant (“in front”) + pié (“foot”). See pied (“foot”). * : extended from 'shoe part' sense. * : extended from 'improvised' sense. * : extended from 'repeated musical figure' sense.


    vamps, vamping, vamped

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