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Not fit; not having the correct requirements

Jack cannot run, making him unfit for the track team.

To make unfit; to render unsuitable, spoil, disqualify

He added that he was fearful Christianity, or rather Christians, had unfitted him for ascending the pure and undefiled throne of thirty pagan Kings before him.

Not fit, not having a good physical demeanor

I've become so unfit after stopping cycling to town.

If you are unfit, your body is not in good condition because you have not been taking regular exercise. Many children are so unfit they are unable to do even basic exercises. fit
{a} improper, unsuitable, unqualified
{v} to make unfit, disqualify, disable
physically unsound or diseased; "has a bad back"; "a bad heart"; "bad teeth"; "an unsound limb"; "unsound teeth"
{f} make unfit, disqualify
If someone is unfit for something, he or she is unable to do it because of injury or illness. He had a third examination and was declared unfit for duty Mr Abel's doctor has said he is unfit to travel
To make unsuitable or incompetent; to deprive of the strength, skill, or proper qualities for anything; to disable; to incapacitate; to disqualify; as, sickness unfits a man for labor; sin unfits us for the society of holy beings
make unfit or unsuitable; "Your income disqualifies you"
disapproval If you say that someone or something is unfit for a particular purpose or job, you are criticizing them because they are not good enough for that purpose or job. Existing houses are becoming totally unfit for human habitation They were utterly unfit to govern America She is an unfit mother. fit
Not fit; unsuitable
{s} incompetent, unsuitable; not in good physical shape
not in good physical or mental condition; out of condition; "fat and very unfit"; "certified as unfit for army service"; "drunk and unfit for service"
below the required standards for a purpose; "an unfit parent"; "unfit for human consumption
below the required standards for a purpose; "an unfit parent"; "unfit for human consumption"
unfit for service
not suitable for service
In an unfit manner; unsuitably, inappropriately, not fitly
{a} not properly, improperly, unsuitably
{n} a want of qualification or propriety
{a} disqualifying, unbecoming
permanently unfit
permanently unsuitable, having permanent health problems that make him unable to serve in the military, person who cannot serve in the military for health reasons
temporarily unfit
in a temporary state of poor health and cannot serve in the army (about a soldier)
in an unfit manner, unsuitably
lacking the power to perform
the condition of not being suitable; "the judges agreed on his unfitness for the appointment"
poor physical condition; being out of shape or out of condition
The characteristic of being unfit
{i} unsuitability, quality of being unfit
Not customized to fit, generic, off the rack
{s} not fitted
That is not fitting for its purpose