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to act as an understudy (to someone)
to study or know a role to such an extent as to be able to replace the normal performer when required
a performer who understudies; a standby
an actor able to replace a regular performer when required
An actor's or actress's understudy is the person who has learned their part in a play and can act the part if the actor or actress is ill. He was an understudy to Charlie Chaplin on a tour of the USA. understudies an actor who learns a part in a play so that they can act the part if the usual actor is ill. understudied understudying understudies to be an understudy for a particular actor in a play
an actor able to replace a regular performer when required be an understudy or alternate for a role
A performer hired to do a role only if the featured player is unable to perform; used primarily in live theatre
An actor who learns the part of another ready to step into their shoes should they not be able to perform due to illness or other reasons Also Cover
To study, as another actor's part, in order to be his substitute in an emergency; to study another actor's part
{i} actor trained to act in another actor's role as a substitute, person trained to substitute for another
A performer hired to do a role only if the hired featured player is unable to perform Unit Objective: The purpose of the unit in terms of the superobjective of the play This must be expressed as a simple active sentence Unit of Action: A discrete piece of action in the play This is marked by a significant change in action either by the characters concerned, a character leaving, a new character entering or a new scene Unit Set: A set that can serve as several different settings by changing only one or two set pieces, or by adding different set dressing Upstage: The area located at the back of the stage; away from the audience As a verb: when one actor deliberately draws the attention of the audience to himself for purely selfish purposes USL: Upstage left USR: Upstage right
be an understudy or alternate for a role
The Understudy software in its entirety is simply referred to as Understudy Functionally, Understudy has two main parts: the server daemon (spare) and the console GUI (understudy) Once configured, the server software runs automatically on server start-up, and you can access the console GUI at any time
One who studies another's part with a view to assuming it in an emergency
{f} study a role in order to replace the regular actor in that role when necessary (theater), act as an understudy
Simple past tense and past participle of understudy
Insufficiently studied
past of understudy
third-person singular of understudy
plural of understudy
present participle of understudy