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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} av hayvanı başı
yarışmacıya verilen ödül
Hatıra, andaç, yadigâr, bergüzar
(mim.) bir silâh takımını gösteren bina süsü
bir silâh takımını gösteren bina süsü
{i} hatıra, andaç
hayvan başları ile süslemek
{i} zafer hatırası
trophy of war
(Askeri) harp hatırası
trophy case
kupa durumda
trophy wife
Yaşlı bir erkeğin genç ve güzel karısı
trophy wife
kupa karısı
trophy of war
(Askeri) HARP HATIRASI: Düşmandan ele geçirilen ve ele geçiren kimse tarafından muhafazası milletlerarası kanunlar, Federal Kanun veya yürürlükteki Ordu Yönetmelikleri ile yasaklanmayan herhangi bir madde
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Englisch - Englisch
An object taken by a serial killer or rapist as a memento of the crime

The offender is also likely to mentally relive his killings, often with the help of souvenirs or trophies, such as a bracelet or a body part taken from the victim.

Any emblem of success; a status symbol

His trophies included his second wife, his successful children, the third and fourth homes in Palm Beach and Malibu, his three yachts (for the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Mediterranean), his jet, and his mistresses.

An object, usually in the form of a statuette, cup, or shield, awarded for success in a competition or to mark a special achievement

He won the trophy in a running competition.

An object taken as a prize by a hunter or conqueror, especially one that is displayed

The set of antlers which hung on the wall was his prized trophy.

Based on physical appearance rather than on individual merit, especially if regarded as a status symbol
{n} something taken in battle, an ornament
A trophy is something that you keep in order to show that you have done something very difficult. His office was lined with animal heads, trophies of his hunting hobby
Anything taken from an enemy and preserved as a memorial of victory, as arms, flags, standards, etc
something given as a token of victory
The representation of such a memorial, as on a medal; esp
A sign or memorial of a victory raised on the field of battle, or, in case of a naval victory, on the nearest land
A trophy is a prize, for example a silver cup, that is given to the winner of a competition or race
Trophy is used in the names of some competitions and races in which the winner receives a trophy. He finished third in the Tote Gold Trophy
an ornament representing a group of arms and military weapons, offensive and defensive
{i} object honoring a victor such as a statue; any token of honor (for winning a contest, for skill, for bravery, etc.); spoil, prize, anything taken in war or hunting; memorial
something given as a token of victory an award for success in war or hunting
Of, pertaining to, or designating, an acid obtained from atropine and certain other alkaloids, as a white crystalline substance slightly soluble in water
an award for success in war or hunting
Sometimes trophies were erected in the chief city of the conquered people
Any evidence or memorial of victory or conquest; as, every redeemed soul is a trophy of grace
trophy veep
A Vice Presidential candidate selected for his or her youth or attractiveness rather than his or her experience or ability to assume the Office of the Presidency

She was a mayor of town for 8000 for one term, then governor of ALASKA for little more than a year. That constitutes a trophy Veep.

trophy wife
A wife, usually young and attractive, regarded as a status symbol for the husband, usually older and affluent
trophy wives
plural form of trophy wife
trophy wife
A wife who is an attractive young woman; seldom the first wife of an affluent older man; "his trophy wife was an asset to his business"
trophy case
a case in which to display trophies
trophy child
{i} child used to make an impression on others and improve the social standing of the parents
trophy wife
a wife who is an attractive young woman; seldom the first wife of an affluent older man; "his trophy wife was an asset to his business
trophy wife
An attractive, young wife married to a usually older, affluent man
growth, development
Heisman Trophy
Heisman Memorial Trophy a prize given each year to the best college football player in the US. Annual award given to the outstanding college gridiron football player in the U.S. The trophy was instituted in 1935 by New York City's Downtown Athletic Club and was officially named the following year for the club's first athletic director, the player-coach John Heisman. The winner is determined by a poll of sportswriters
Nat-West Trophy
a one-day cricket competition in the UK, in which any team that loses a game leaves the competition, so that in the end there is a final game between the two remaining teams
The mouth parts of an insect, collectively, including the labrum, labium, maxillæ, mandibles, and lingua, with their appendages
plural of trophy