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Englisch - Türkisch

Hırsızlar ganimetlerini böldü. - The thieves divided their booty.

çalınmış eşya

Norveç'te yaşanan katliam ve son günlerde İngiltere'deki ayaklanma ve yağma, dünyanın içine sürüklendiği durum itibarı ile dehşet vericidir. - The massacre in Norway and the recent rebellion and the booty in England, are dreadful in consideration of the circumstances that the world drifted into.

(deyim) kadın kalçası (amerikan argo)
booty call
ganimet çağrı
booty call
(Argo) Cinsel ilişki için davet
Englisch - Englisch
A form of prize which, when a ship was captured at sea, could be distributed at once
A woman, considered as sexual partner or sex object

It’s my duty to please that booty.

The buttocks

You got a big ol' booty.

Plunder taken from an enemy in time of war, or seized by piracy
{n} pillage, plunder, spoil, prey, unfair play
Booty is a collection of valuable things stolen from a place, especially by soldiers after a battle. Troops destroyed the capital and confiscated many works of art as war booty. = spoils. valuable things that a group of people, especially an army that has just won a victory, take away or steal from somewhere = loot (butin, from bute )
Possessions seized during wartime and usually considered a prize for the victor
A windfall such as might be obtained by finding treasure, taking goods by piracy, etc Booty is generally divided among the whole crew according to the shares they hold Everyone, however, receives at least one share, and extra shares are often awarded to individuals who have played a major role in the booty's acquisition
Goods stolen on a pirate raid
goods or money obtained illegally
That which is seized by violence or obtained by robbery, especially collective spoil taken in war; plunder; pillage
{i} spoils, plunder, loot, pillage; buttocks (Slang)
booty call
The recipient of such a call — usually used of a person who accepts or typically accepts the caller's invitation
booty call
A telephone call, usually the sole purpose of which is to elicit a spontaneous and/or casual sexual encounter with the person so contacted
booty call
A sexual encounter that ensues from such a call
booty calls
plural form of booty call
booty call
Booty call is also used as a general term for sexual arousal
booty call
(deyim) A call to arrange a sexual rendezvous. Mainly black use. [Orig. U.S./Black]
booty call
A booty call is the act of paging someone specifically to get together sexually
big booty
Big Booty is a party game for three or more participants. Many varieties of the game exist, but in the basic setup all the players get in a circle. Everyone is assigned a number, except for "Big Booty", who leads the game. To start the game, the leader does a hand clapping and thigh patting rhythm that can vary from game to game, the most usual pattern being: clap, pat, clap, pat. Then the leader or all the participants chant on beat, "Big booty, big booty, big booty, oh yeah", or something similar. This is followed by the leader saying, "Big booty, number x" which is in turn followed by the player whose number was x saying, "number x, number y", to which number y responds in a similar manner, until someone makes a mistake. The person who makes a mistake is then out. The game is played until one person remains
A nylon paw covering similar to a sock that protects the dogs' feet in abrasive snow conditions A VelcroTM strap wraps around the top of the boot to secure it
a slipper that is soft and wool (for babies)
footwear for sled dogs made out of a durable fabric such as Gore-tex or leather to protect their paws from ice build-up or injury
cashmere socks to protect the dog's paws from ice and cold so they don't get cuts or bruises Must be free of holes, fit snugly but not too tightly and changed when wet A team can use as many as a thousand during the race
part the booty
share the spoils, divide up the loot