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Englisch - Türkisch

Ben ilginç bir anıt gördüm. - I have seen an interesting memorial.

Ofis onun için bir anıt düzenledi. - The office held a memorial for him.

{i} önerge
hatırda tutulmuş
{i} bildiri
{i} abide
{i} anma töreni
{s} anısına yapılmış
{s} hatırlatıcı
{i} muhtıra, önerge
herhangi bir şeyi anmak için yapılan şey veya merasim
Memorial Day
anısını kutlama günü
memorial park
memorial day
anma günü

Devrimi anma gününü kutla! - Celebrate the revolution memorial day!

memorial services
anma törenleri
memorial, monumental
anıt, anıtsal
memorial service
anma töreni
unveil a memorial tablet
bir anıt tablet açıklayacak
Englisch - Englisch
Serving as a remembrance of someone or something; commemorative
A structure, such as a monument, intended to celebrate the memory of a person or event
In law: a statement of facts set out in the form of a petition to a person in authority, a court or tribunal, a government, etc
A service of remembrance or commemoration
{a} preserving remembrance, aiding
{n} something to preserve memory, a token, a representation of facts, accompanied with a petition
Gift made to perpetuate the memory of an individual "Memorial" should not be confused with a gift to honor a living person See also: Memorial Fund Topic areas: Fundraising and Financial Sustainability
{i} ceremony or place designed to preserve the memory of people or individuals who have died; monument built in honor of a deceased person or past event
(me·mo·ri·al) NOUN: 1) Something, such as a monument or holiday, intended to celebrate or honor the memory of a person or an event 2) A written statement of facts or a petition presented to a legislative body or an executive
Memory; remembrance
A species of informal state paper, much used in negotiation
A gift to an organization commemorating either the donor or someone else, living or dead, as designated by the donor Organizations often designate memorials and seek support from relatives and friends of the one being memorialized
The term memorial shall include a monument, marker or headstone for family or individual use
a structure erected to commemorate persons or events a written statement of facts submitted in conjunction with a petition to an authority a recognition of meritorious service
A written representation of facts, addressed to the government, or to some branch of it, or to a society, etc
A memorial is a structure built in order to remind people of a famous person or event. Every village had its war memorial
a document filed in the Registry of Deeds on registration of a deed It contains statutory details of the contents of the deed i e the date, the names and descriptions of all parties and all witnesses to the deed and a description of the property affected by the deed It must also be executed and sworn in accordance with the Registration of Deeds Act, 1707 and amending legislation
often accompanied with a petition
A monument that commemorates an event or person
Anything intended to preserve the memory of a person or event; something which serves to keep something else in remembrance; a monument
Contained in memory; as, a memorial possession
Anything meant to help people remember an important event, truth, or person
A memorandum; a record
A measure adopted by either the House or the Senate (a measure adopted by both is a joint memorial) to make a request of or express an opinion to Congress or the President of the United States, or both It is not used to commemorate the dead (See Concurrent Resolution)
(Gr Mnymosyno) A special service held in the Orthodox Church for the repose of the souls of the dead Memorial services are held on the third, ninth and fortieth day; after six months, and after one or three years after death Boiled wheat is used as a symbol of the resurrection of everyone at the Second Coming of Christ
{s} commemorative; of or pertaining to the memory
If you say that something will be a memorial to someone who has died, you mean that it will continue to exist and remind people of them. The museum will serve as a memorial to the millions who passed through Ellis Island. done or made in order to remind people of someone who has died memorial service/ceremony. Memorial Day Memorial University of Newfoundland Vietnam Veterans Memorial
a written statement of facts submitted in conjunction with a petition to an authority
A memorial event, object, or prize is in honour of someone who has died, so that they will be remembered. A memorial service is being held for her at St Paul's Church
a statement of facts presented to a legislative body that is the basis for a petition or request for action; the way in which one organization formally makes a request of another; brought to a synodical women's organization convention by a unit or to a triennial convention by a synodical women's organization
Serving to preserve remembrance; commemorative; as, a memorial building
Mnemonic; assisting the memory
a structure erected to commemorate persons or events
a recognition of meritorious service
Memorial Day
A United States federal holiday that is observed on the final Monday of May
memorial park
A cemetery
memorial service
An informal service honoring a deceased person, especially one that does not adhere to the traditional customs of a funeral

When Grandpa died, instead of a traditional funeral, he wanted a memorial service where people were free to share their memories and socialize.

memorial service
A ceremony to honor a deceased person; a funeral

They had a very moving, emotional memorial service for the two popular teen-aged girls who died in a car accident over the weekend.

memorial services
plural form of memorial service
Memorial Day
yearly holiday to remember soldiers fallen in war
Memorial Day
National observance is marked by the placing of a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery. Flags, insignia, and flowers are placed on the graves of veterans in local cemeteries
Memorial Day
In the United States, Memorial Day is a public holiday when people honour the memory of Americans who have died in wars. Memorial Day is celebrated in most states on the last Monday in May. a US legal holiday, the last Monday in May, when people remember those killed in wars. or Decoration Day U.S. holiday. Originally held (1868) in commemoration of soldiers killed in the American Civil War, its observance later extended to all U.S. war dead. Most states conform to the federal practice of observing it on the last Monday in May, but some retain the traditional day of celebration, May
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Canadian public university in St. John's, founded in 1925. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the sciences, arts and humanities, social sciences, business administration, education, engineering, medicine, and other fields. Campus facilities include centres for research in ocean resources, maritime history, and political economy
memorial assembly
gathering of people in order to honor the memory of a person or event
memorial candle
candle lit in memory of someone who has died
memorial ceremony
official rite held to honor the memory of a person or event
memorial day
It is a legal holiday in most of the States
memorial day
last Monday in May; commemorates the members of the United States armed forces who were killed in war
memorial day
In the Southern States, the Confederate Memorial Day is: May 30 in Virginia; April 26 in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi; May 10 in North Carolina and South Carolina; the second Friday in May in Tennessee; June 3 in Louisiana
memorial day
A day, May 30, appointed for commemorating, by decorating their graves with flowers, by patriotic exercises, etc
memorial day
U S , last Monday in May; commemorates the members of the United States armed forces who were killed in war
memorial day
the dead soldiers and sailors who served the Civil War (1861-65) in the United States; Decoration Day
memorial flame
fire which constantly burns in memory of a person or event
memorial for the fallen
monument placed to honor the memory of soldiers killed in combat
memorial prayer
prayer said to honor the memory of a person or event
memorial rose
A Japanese evergreen rose (Rosa wichuraiana) with creeping branches, shining leaves, and single white flowers
memorial rose
It is often planted in cemeteries
memorial service
memorial ceremony, official rite performed to honor the memory of the dead
memorial site
located devoted to the memory of a person or event
memorial volume
book created to honor the memory of a person or event
A memorial
Armored Corps memorial
monument to the tank unit of the Israeli Defense Force (located outside of Jerusalem in Latrun)
Holocaust Memorial Museum
museum in Washington D.C. (USA) which is dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust
Lincoln Memorial
a marble building in Washington, D.C., which has a large statue (=carved stone figure) of Abraham Lincoln
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
two long walls made of polished black stone which are arranged in a V-shape on the Mall (=park area) in Washington, D.C. The walls have more than 58,000 names carved on them, which is to remind people of all the US soldiers who died in the Vietnam War or never returned from Vietnam. Monument in Washington, D.C., designed by Maya Lin. It consists of two low, black granite walls that meet to form a wide V shape. Engraved on the mirrorlike surface are the names of the more than 58,000 U.S. dead and missing-in-action who served in the Vietnam War, listed by date of casualty. When Lin's abstract design was announced, several veterans groups and others protested; eventually a traditional statue depicting three servicemen with a flag was commissioned, to stand at the entrance to the site. Since its dedication in 1982, the controversial wall has become one of the city's most visited and most affecting tourist attractions
Yad Lebanim memorial
institution established in the memory of fallen Israeli soldiers
Yad Vashem Memorial
{i} Israel's official memorial and museum in Jerusalem commemorating the Holocaust and its victims
delaware memorial bridge
a suspension bridge across the Delaware River
graveside memorial ceremony
memorial ceremony held beside the grave of the deceased
kindle a memorial flame
light a memorial candle
kindle the memorial flame
light a memorial candle, light a candle in memory of -
lincoln memorial
memorial building in Washington containing a large marble statue of Abraham Lincoln
plural of memorial
theodore roosevelt memorial national park
a national park in North Dakota that includes the site of former President Theodore Roosevelt's ranch
unveil a memorial
reveal a memorial, show a memorial to the public
war memorial
a monument in memory of the people who were killed in a war
war memorial
monument dedicated to the memory of soldiers that died in war