tehir etme

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Present participle of shelve
{a} sloping, slanting, having a declivity
Shelves considered as a mass
{i} shelves, series of horizontal boards used to store or display items; material for shelves; act of arranging on shelves
Collectively, the shelves upon which books and other library materials are stored (From the ALA Glossary) See Also Rack, Range, Stack
Material for shelves; shelves, collectively
The act of fitting up shelves; as, the job of shelving a closet
Sloping gradually; inclining; as, a shelving shore
The setting of the on-axis output of complementary drivers (woofers, mid-range, tweeters) to provide the desired frequency response
An equalizer circuit that is used to cut and boost a signal above or below a specified frequency High and low band equalizers are usually shelving type The 02R equalizer can be configured as shelving or peaking
Acknowledging an offer but not doing anything with it, with the intent of using it later Of course, later never comes
Used for economical storage of small hand-stackable items which are not suited to mechanized handling and storage due to their handling characteristics, activity, or quantity
The act of laying on a shelf, or on the shelf; putting off or aside; as, the shelving of a claim
the physical process of placing processed government documents on the shelf in sudoc number order
Collectively, the shelves upon which books and other library materials are stored
Cantilever: An open shelving system using a rigid back frame from which the shelves are hung Case-type: Shelving constructed as a box with structural side panels from which the shelves are hung Mobile Aisle: Limited access shelving that sits on tracks and is moved to open aisle space where needed Multi-tier: Constructed system used in high ceiling areas where flooring is created as part of the shelving Single-Face: Shelving made to be accessed from one side only, with the other side attached to a wall Double-Face: Two sided (double-depth) shelving that is accessible from either side Full Height: Shelving between 89" and 102" high Counter High: Shelving between 40" and 46" high, used for quick stand-up reference Cap Unit: A shelf unit at a row end (replaces end panel)
Shelving is a set of shelves, or material which is used for making shelves. the shelving on the long, windowless wall
A means of rolling off the high or low frequencies It is similar to a bass or treble control
tehir etmek
tehir etmek
(Kanun) stay
tehir etmek
(Ticaret) retard
tehir etmek
(Havacılık) delay to
tehir etmek
leave over
tehir etmek
carry over
tehir etmek
hang up
tehir etmek
(Hukuk) postpone
tehir etmek
to delay, to defer, to postpone, to put off
tehir etmek
1. to delay; to postpone, defer. 2. law to adjourn (a court session)
tehir etmek
tehir etmek
tehir etmek
tehir etmek
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Tehir etmek
(Osmanlı Dönemi) NES'E
tehir etmek
tehir etme