take apart

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to dismantle something into it's component pieces

I carefully took the clock mechanism apart to clean it.

to soundly defeat someone, or a team

And besides, I was also enjoying the way you took them apart. You know, arguing with them like you did.

to move someone away from others to be able to talk to, or give them something in private

then went close up to him, and took him apart into a dark corner. I say, he began, with a thoughtful brow, haven't I seen you before?.

to criticise someone

For nearly an hour, I took them apart for failing to understand, connect with, empathize with, and listen to the American people.

make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of; break down into components or essential features; "analyze a specimen"; "analyze a sentence"; "analyze a chemical compound"
disassemble, dismantle
take apart into its constituent pieces
If you take apart something such as an argument or an idea, you show what its weaknesses are, usually by analyzing it carefully. They will take that problem apart and analyze it in great detail He proceeds to take apart every preconception anyone might have ever had about him
If you take something apart, you separate it into the different parts that it is made of. When the clock stopped, he took it apart, found what was wrong, and put the whole thing together again. = dismantle
divide into pieces; "our department was dismembered when our funding dried up"; "The Empire was discerped after the war"
take apart


    take a·part

    Türkische aussprache

    teyk ıpärt


    /ˈtāk əˈpärt/ /ˈteɪk əˈpɑːrt/


    [ 'tAk ] (verb.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English tacan, from Old Norse taka; akin to Middle Dutch taken to take.

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